Freemake Video Converter Review & Free Download

What’s Freemake Video Converter?

Freemake is the perfect solution when you need to manage media content like for instance video conversion. This is on top of the ability to perform tasks like screen recording, downloading videos from supported sites, video editing among other handy features. It brings you high levels of freedom especially when it comes to the output as evidenced by the ability to let you pick the directory where you want your files to be saved.

When processing videos you will get the chance to tinker with factors like frame size, resolution, codec, framerate, and even the bitrate while for the audio, parameters like the codec, channels, sample rate, and the bitrate can also be adjusted accordingly. You will also be opened up to detailed information regarding the video files you are working on like the thumbnail, video length together with other video and audio settings. All these drive you towards the kind of output that you have in mind, especially in terms of quality. This review article gets you familiar with the features to expect.

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What Does Freemake Video Converter Offer?

What exactly makes Freemake Video Converter tick? You are now in the right section of this review article to get a comprehensive answer to that. Basically, you will have an in-depth understanding of some of the most outstanding features of this software even before you can get started with it. This includes the rich format and output options, simplicity of use, hardware-acceleration and some extra built-in goodies under the hood. Having said that, let us find out what is in store for us feature-wise in this review article.

Rich Format And Output Support

Freemake Video Converter will help you work on any video, audio, DVD and photo files in a comprehensive way. You will be able to convert each of these into and from the popular formats (MP3, DVD, AVI, MP4, MKV, just to mention a few) or for certain devices like Sony, Xbox, Samsung devices, Android devices among others. You will be able to tinker with the output parameters in order to have an output that has the same quality as the source, for TV, for mobile or even DVD. In case you are not sure what to adjust, you can pick one of the available presets if it meets your goals and then implement it in the conversion process.

Simplicity And Intuitiveness

With Freemake Video Converter, the process to convert videos into other appropriate has been simplified for you in a big way. The user interface is simple and instinctive in a way that any user can get started without breaking a sweat. The layout of buttons, menus, and options is clear and concise enough to not struggle even at a single instance. Actually, you will be able to enjoy the simple drag-and-drop feature when importing files into this tool instead of the tedious and native file browser method although it is also supported. Besides that, working on multiple videos simultaneously is also an experience of a kind especially when you consider that batch conversion is just an implementation away.

Hardware-Accelerated Conversion

Freemake Video Converter minds about the time taken to accomplish tasks and consequently comes in to bring you hardware acceleration for your conversions. This results in an optimal conversion speed that does not take a toll on your resources since a good converting speed that the computer can accommodate is maintained. Better yet, you will be notified whether your device supports this feature all not since not all the processors are supported. Since this app supports two-pass encoding, the process does not take ages anymore when you are opened up yo hardware acceleration. For an even faster process, you can tweak the codec you are using appropriately.

Built-in Video Player And Editor

Contrary to tools that do not offer the option to view files without relying on external software, Freemake Video Converter empowers you with this feature out-of-the-box. You can always preview your video files before and after conversion in a very convenient way. Being able to preview the video files before the conversion will see to it that you are able to confirm that your adjustments in terms of editing are applied as expected while before the conversion will help you work on the right file. At the same time, video editing capabilities are also provided including merging, trimming, rotating in order to arrive at your right form of output.

At the end of the day, you a pretty comprehensive video converter tool that promises nothing else but the best experience. It has proven to be the perfect and ultimate choice when it regards video conversion, recording, video editing among other features. Besides that, it opens you up to direct sharing options after you are done with the conversion to supported websites like YouTube and Facebook without leaving the app. After going through this review it is crystal clear that Freemake Video Converter is really a force to be reckoned with when it comes to video files management. Better yet, it is available for free and does not discriminate no matter the version of Windows you are rocking.

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