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No matter the platform, Windows or Mac, Movavi Video Converter is your go-to software when you need to convert video files. It features a simple and intuitive user interface that brings in the ultimate experience even for a first time user. Combining the intuitiveness with speed gives birth to a masterpiece that delivers the output quickly without any compromise on the original quality.

In this review, we cannot fail to point out that we will also get access to basic video editing features like video stabilization, adding watermarks, trimming among others that will go a long way to tweak the output to your preferences. MKV, MP4, MP3, PNG, AAC, JPG, AVI among others are some of the supported formats that you can exploit. The user support is also very reliable and you can be sure to get help as soon as you request it. On the other hand, you will get to enjoy batch conversion out-of-the-box. This review will now take you through what this video conversion software really boasts of.

How To Use Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter Boasts Of?

Even as a simple app, Movavi Video Converter has proven to be as fit as a fiddle when it comes to media processing and especially video conversion. Looking at the features that it brings to the table, it will be worth every penny that you spend. This review article has identified the following to be the most outstanding features of this top-notch program. Read on to find out more.

Highly Efficient

When we talk about efficiency, Movavi Video Converter has taken it to a different level and you will be surprised to learn that this program looks to convert media files for you at a speed that is comparable to copying a file. You can imagine just how fast that is. On top of that, the process is boosted further by the availability of acceleration of most of the popular hardware like Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD. It does not end there. You are actually also opened up to batch conversion that comes in very handy when you want to convert multiple video files all at the same time. With the lightning-fast process, you can rest assured to save on a great deal of time and effort.

Versatile Video Conversion

Movavi Video Converter has a whooping 180+ supported formats that you can work with. This is actually more than what other tools can offer and hence proves to be pretty comprehensive and accommodating. If you are not looking to convert to a specific format but rather a target device, you will be able to accomplish that without much hassle. This includes the extraction of audio from videos in MP3 format and even pictures from the same video all at a single click. This is besides offering a wide range of presets that cover most of the popular devices with the option to detect your device automatically and applying the correct format accordingly.

Quality Retention

One of the biggest concerns when engaging in media conversion is the quality of output. With that in mind, Movavi Video Converter has been crafted with great attention going to that. And that is why you are able to retain the quality as much as possible notwithstanding whether you are even dealing with HD or Ultra HD videos. At the same time, video compression is also applied so that you can end up with smaller files that take up less space on your storage and more importantly without impacting negatively on the video or audio quality. The built-in settings are also quality-oriented and thus can be used comfortably.

Convert Sample Function

This is a unique feature coming with Movavi Video Converter and you may be familiar with it from other tools where it is referred to as preview. Basically, this feature will give you a sneak peek of how the converted file will look like even before you commence the actual task. Hence, if there were any adjustments that you may have applied, you will be able to confirm whether they have been applied or not even before anything else. These adjustments can include video rotation, de-shaking, adding subtitles, adding watermarks, quality enhancement, trimming just to mention a few. At the end of the day, you will be able to convert a video file with confirmed changes.

Of course, there are many reasons that may pull you to certain software and in this review, you have come to learn firsthand on what to expect from Movavi Video Converter even as a paid app. Whether you are looking to convert to a general format or just a specific device, this is the perfect program to get started with that promises not only efficiency but also the ultimate disappointment-free experience. Compared to other similar functioning tools, it is pretty much more affordable and worth a try.

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