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What’s DVDFab?

With over 15 years since its inception into the market, DVDFab has transitioned from being a simple DVD copier to now support the latest advancements in the disk media technology including 4K, Blu-ray and UHD Blu-rays. This is besides providing video conversion capabilities when duty calls. If you are meeting DVDFab for the first time, it will offer you a 30-day trial period before you can make up your mind whether to upgrade to the premium version on your Mac or Windows platform. Gunning trust from millions of users, this review recognizes the fact that this program has really made a remarkable reputation for itself.

Consequently, when you are in need of disk management options, DVDFab is the ultimate choice. To understand just how fabulous this software is, this review article takes you on a journey to discover what exactly you are opened up to. It is a pretty feature-laden app when it comes to disk media management among other handy features that you will come to get acquainted with.

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What does DVDFab Offer?

Your mind will be blown when you realize just how much this app has to offer. To be specific, you will get to enjoy video conversion, DVD ripping, and copying, Blu-ray ripping and copying, removing protection from DVDs besides the ability to transfer converted files directly to specific devices and featuring a built-in video editor. To understand each of these features even further, this review article breaks them down for you as follows.

Video Conversion

This top software will come in handy when you need to convert DVDs to any video format you have in mind into a general format or even for specific devices like handhelds. You will not only convert videos to videos, but also be empowered with the feature to extract just the audio from the target video file. A wide range of conversion modes is availed to you especially if you are after a video format that is specific to a certain device like iPhone, Xbox 360, PSP, Android devices among others. You can be sure that any input or output format you bring in will be supported for processing without any quality loss. It is also here that you will get the chance to optimize videos for the web.

DVD/Blu-ray Ripping

In case you have a DVD or Blu-ray at hand, you can only transform it into another format by applying the ripping feature. Basically, a rip simply converts the physical media format into the equivalent portable format like MKV, MP4, AVI, MP3 among others that can then be transferred conveniently in softcopy. You will get the chance to rip into general formats or even to specific devices with the help of the built-in presets in the instance you are not sure exactly how to adjust various settings. The output format range is pretty huge and you can rest assured that you will not lack to find the output format you want at the end of the process. By ripping, your videos are opened up to use on an even wider range of devices and platforms.

DVD/Blu-ray Copying

Basically, this feature will help you create copies of the available disk media in form of more similar disks or even as an ISO on your local storage. various modes are provided here depending on your specifics of how you want the output to be like. It is during this process that you will be able to copy a whole DVD or Blu-ray, merge multiple discs, split a DVD-9 into smaller DVD-5s or optionally customize the disc to feature the content that you decide upon. On top of that, you will not only be able to copy and convert DVD format to Blu-ray but also accomplish the vice versa without breaking a sweat.

Built-in Video Editing

This is actually a feature that complements the video conversion feature. In what way? During the conversion process, you may need to apply some extra tweaks in order for the output to meet your standards. For instance, you can adjust various video parameters like the bitrate, resolution, sample rate, framerate among others with the aim to enhance the video quality. At the same time, you can tinker with the audio stream besides adding subtitles when the need arises. In simple words, this is a feature that will lead you to that preferred output quality and format.

Simple And Interactive User Interface

The kind of experience you have when navigating a program really determines how much you will be back to the same software the next time. DVDFab ensures that you keep coming back since it delivers an intuitive user interface that does not pose a steep learning curve at all. In fact, you need not go through manual since every button is clear and concise enough to an almost self-explanatory level. Consequently, it means that getting accustomed to this program will neither be tedious nor time-consuming. You will be properly accommodated when you need to use the app no matter whether you are an advanced user or a novice. For instance, importing video files is pretty simple especially when you exploit the drag-and-drop option.

Without a doubt, DVDFab is the ultimate media management tool that you can run to and enjoy a comprehensive experience. To add on to the features above, batch converting multiple video files at the same time is also supported besides hardware acceleration with multithreading that sees to it that you enjoy faster conversions without impacting negatively on the original quality. The process has been simplified for you even further by the available profiles that you can choose from. This review has confirmed that DVDFab will not disappoint you in any way even when it comes to Blu-ray decryption. It is an overly impressive program without any compromises whatsoever.

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