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It is not all the time that you have to convert a video file into another video or audio format. Sometimes, you may want to share media in the form of animation with GIF as the target format. Of course not all video converters out there are capable of this and unless you get the right one, making animations from videos will definitely be a hassle. Luckily, Any GIF Animator is here for you to deliver an easy and convenient process. It features a simple and overly intuitive user interface so that even the user with a low skill set can get started without coming about any hurdles.

Any GIF Animator also happens to be benevolent with no single penny being spent to gain access to the nifty and handy features it brings under its arms. Even after you have completed the process to transform a video into GIF, you need not look further for a GIF viewer as one is already built into this awesome program. This review article has also confirmed that the moment you initiate the actual task, the output is delivered very efficiently in just a matter of moments.

Any GIF Animator Boasts Of?

Any GIF Animator happens to be pretty diversified when it comes to the various features it delivers at your disposal. No matter the user group you are in this software will get you started regardless of the version of Windows you are rocking. So, what exactly makes Any GIF Animator tick that much to command attention? Here is a deeper look into the top-notch features that you are opened up to.

Versatile Input Options

When it comes to importing video files for conversion into GIF format, Any GIF Animator supports quite a number of input sources that include the local storage, DVDs, downloading from YouTube, creating videos from scratch using the webcam, images and even SWF video files. Apart from YouTube, other video-hosting sites are also supported with the populöar ones being DailyMotion, Vimeo among others. To get the most out of this feature, you just need to grab the video URL and import it into this app and Any GIF Animator will handle the rest for you in terms of downloading. By importing a series of images into this app, you will have kickstarted a journey towards a GIF file that you can share comfortably.

Basic GIF Options

As a software user, you will always be delighted to know that there are ways you can tinker with certain options that will lead you to a tailored output. Any GIF Animator has not been left behind in this and consequently delivers several GIF settings. Specifically, you will be able to decide on the frame rate to work with, the size of the GIF in terms of pixels and the maximum length of the GIF with seconds being the unit measure. With that control, you will be able to arrive at the kind of GIF you have in mind based on the parameters provided. On top of that, you get the chance to pick your preferred GIF dither method, choose whether to loop the animation, make the area outside the frame transparent besides the option to apply alternate direct and backward animation depending on your preferences.

Built-in GIF Editor and Player

To ensure that the video you are working on is converted into a GIF in a near-perfect way, there are some editing options that you are opened up to. These include adjustments to various effects like the lightness, saturation, contrast, darkness and even the option to output in grayscale. In case of any mishap during the changes, there is a one-click button to reset all the options so that you can start all over again. You are also given the freedom to include a text overlay of choice on the GIF, with positioning customizations,  as a way of personalizing the output. This review cannot forget the clipping and cropping options that are vital when you need to remove unwanted areas of the file. All these changes can always be double-checked and previewed all thanks to the built-in video player.

Output Categorization

In the instance you are working on multiple video files with the aim to convert them into equivalent GIFs, proper naming of the output will go a long way to facilitate the easier retrieval of the output later on from the saving directory. This is exactly what Any GIF Animator lets you accomplish and on top of that brings something extra on the side. To be specific, you are also able to categorize your GIFs in various categories depending on the kind of content they carry. This process comes after the conversion has already been done and this is the step that precedes the final save and publishing option. At the end of the day, you get to enjoy a tool that not only converts your video files into GIFs but also ensures that your work is organized professionally.

Generating GIF animations from video or image files has never been this easy and aptly convenient. Better yet, the assortment of supported sources is wide in a way that you can import a video or an image regardless of where it is located. This review article cannot do justice without recognizing just how this utility software is intuitive and comprehensive in what it sets out to accomplish. Therefore, it is a reliable go-to solution that will deliver nothing less than the best in any video/image to GIF conversion.

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