Prism Video Converter Review & Free Download

If you are looking for a reliable, minimalist and comprehensive video converter program for use on your Windows or Mac platform, Prism Video Converter from NCH Software is the most satisfactory choice. It has actually been considered a universal video converter app due to its rich support for most of the popular media file formats. It is available as a free version for non-commercial use and also a paid version when you want to satisfy commercial purposes. The download and installation process will not take ages to complete so that you get down to the video conversion process in a matter of moments thanks to the tool’s minimalism.

The process to convert video files will also be pretty fast but you can rest assured on nothing but the best quality at the end of the task at hand. You will get to output to general formats and when the need arises, get to support specific devices like the iPod, Android smartphones, PSP, iPhone among others besides choosing a preferred output folder. This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the features offered by Prism Video Convert and the subsequent section of this review article seeks to get you acquainted with all the top-notch features.

How To Use Prism Video Converter 

What Does Prism Video Converter Offer?

Prism Video Converter boasts of being a universal video converter software and this review seeks to find out how exactly it lives to this trait. Actually, it is perceived as a small app but you will come to learn and appreciate just how powerful it is. This review article digs deep into the most outstanding features that you are opened up when you give this software a go. It is now the perfect moment to get started on these features that are the real dealbreaker.

Easy To Use

As mentioned earlier in the introduction, Prism Video Converter is very minimalistic to a great extent when compared to similar functioning software. Consequently, the interface is very clear and concise even for a new user to get started without any issues. The simplicity of use has even been taken a notch higher when it comes to the addition of video files for conversion which can aptly be done via the convenient drag-and-drop option. When you employ this feature, the process becomes less tedious and time-consuming in a very big way and at the same time comes in handy in the process to batch convert video files. Actually, the video conversion has been simplified for you with just 3 steps being all that you need to undertake.

Rich Conversion Options

Prism Video Converter is pretty accommodating especially when it comes to the rich list of supported formats. Just to mention a few, you will comfortably convert ASF, AVI, WMV, VOB, MP4, AMV among others that feature a DirectShow-based codec. You will not only be able to convert a single file but also apply batch conversion when the need arises and specifically when faced by multiple video files. Another unique feature is that you can convert video files in an ISO file after you have mounted it without the need to extract it first. Better yet, converting DVDs has also been made to be just like a walk in the park since all you need to do is open the DVD, pick your target format and then kickstart the conversion process.

Basic Video Editing

Prism Video converter will not offer much here but it is better than none. Here, you will be able to apply your preferred text or image watermark, resize the video by cropping or trimming and at the same time adjust the video resolution and framerate while keeping in mind the aspect ratio. You will also be able to add other effects to the video like filters, rotation, flipping and adjusting various image parameters including brightness, contrast, and gamma that lead you to an enhanced video output. It is also prudent to point out that filters and opacity can be adjusted for the image watermark besides font, color, size, background color, and alignment adjustments for the text captions.

Advanced Options

In this section of the review, a plethora of features have been identified and cut across various ways of output management. Here, you will get the chance to set a specific file size for the output, reduce the video size by shrinking it, change the video resolution besides adjusting the frame rate to use. It does not end there. You can tinker with the encoder options and also have a chance to apply compression to the resulting video file. Actually, the compression will result in a smaller file and at the same time not compromise on the overall quality. Prism Video Converter will be able to handle HD video files without breaking a sweat and also give you a high-quality output at the end of the process. The option to convert video files for specific devices and video-hosting websites like YouTube cannot be overlooked.

Preview Feature

Whenever you make any edits, apply effects or tinker with certain settings, having a way to check whether all has been reflected before the actual conversion process is very vital. In this review, we have identified that this program comes with a preview feature for you to take advantage of. With it, you can say goodbye to the need to reconvert files just because something was not reflected as expected and get to save greatly on time and effort. This feature is possible due to the built-in video player feature that will also help you confirm that you are processing the right file. At the end of the day, you will have a feel of the output even before you undertake the real process all thanks to Prism Video Converter.

Prism Video Converter may be tiny but does not fall short of being a perfect go-to video converter app. With the multitude of supported formats, you can be sure to convert almost any kind of video file. It may not offer much like a fully-fledged video editor but the much it is capable of proves to be good enough for the right kind of output. The great video conversion speeds you get to enjoy with this tool are just mind-blowing and the good thing is that the quality is not messed up with at all no matter the size of the input video file. How else does it get better than this?

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