Pamela for Skype Full Review and Alternatives


“Pamela for Skype” is a Skype call recording software that boasts of several traits including reliability, ease of use, and better yet, is available free. When it comes to recording, it caters to both your audio and video calls meaning that you will be able to hit two birds with one stone. It is a pretty feature-laden piece of software with lots of customizations that you can make good use of. Some of these features include video recording, automatic call recording, mono/stereo recording, answering machine, birthday reminders, chat management options among others.

On top of that, you need not worry about it taking up too much space on your computer as it is also a very minimalistic program that will take just a matter of moments to set up. Apart from getting you acquainted with Pamela for Skype, we have gone the extra mile to outline for you the steps that you need to follow to realize a successful process to record calls on Skype. The good thing is that all versions of Windows are supported and as such, no one will be left out.

Features of Pamela for Skype

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Pamela for Skype

How to Use Pamela for Skype

Getting started with this Skype recorder is pretty easy and here is the step by step tutorial that you need to follow.

Step 1: Head over to the Pamela for Skype website, download the installation package and set it up on your computer ready to record Skype calls. Launch it when done.

Step 2: Start a Skype video call and Pamela will start recording automatically by default. If it does not start, from the Pamela for Skype toolbar, click on the small record icon to achieve the same. Also, choose whether you want video or audio to be recorded or both.

Step 3: Stop the call on Skype or simply click on the “Stop” button in Pamela to end the call recording process. You will then be able to find the recording in the relevant list on Pamela.

For more control over the call recording process and output, Pamela for Skype lets you define several parameters like the frame rate, the size of the recording, and the audio quality but keep in mind that all these will affect the size of the file that you get at the end.

In summary, you have a simple and instinctive Skype call recorder at your disposal that will kick the ball out of the park for you in a pretty reliable and convenient way.

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