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While managing various video and audio file formats in terms of conversion, you will need the right and best tool to handle all that for you in the most comprehensive way. iSkysoft Video Converter has proven to be fit for the job, especially considering that it has over 150 output formats. Some of the supported formats include MKV, ASF, WMV, MOV, MP4, AVI among others besides audio formats like MP3. It is able to work on single video files, multiple files, and even a whole folder when duty calls all thanks to batch conversion.

With queue management options, you will be able to set the priority of the files to be converted and set different output formats. For web users, there is a browser plug-in that you can set up in order to enjoy a direct and convenient conversion process. Better yet, the process is pretty fast but at the same time without any compromise on the quality. In this review, you will have a chance to really align yourself with this tool by getting a comprehensive understanding of what exactly to expect when you get started.

How To Use iSkysoft Video ConverterĀ 

What Does iSkysoft Video Converter Offer?

This program has gone out of its comfort zone to bring you very handy features for use in the process to convert video files. Coming with a simple and overly interactive user interface, you will get to enjoy output customizability, rich video editing, batch conversion, task management, and video or audio download features. Being the main aim of this review article, here is a break down of these features so that you can really have a deeper understanding of what each entails.


The user-friendliness of iSkysoft cannot be disputed as it is one of a kind. If English is not your preferred interface language, you will have the chance to localize the tool to one of the supported languages and have a better experience getting around. Adding files is pretty simple via the native file browser method or conveniently use the much-coveted drag-and-drop option. In addition, when you import files into this program, you will have some information regarding the file including the source format, video, and audio codec. At the same time, you will get the chance to decide where the output goes besides getting a popup that will notify you that the conversion has been completed.

Output Customization

iSkysoft Video Converter brings you various ways through which you can customize the output. The good thing is that both the audio and video parameters can be customized to your liking. You are opened up to a plethora of built-in presets that you can implement as they are or customize accordingly. To be specific you can adjust the video encoder, the resolution, frame rate, and bitrate while for the audio, the encoder, channels, sample rate, and bitrate can be tinkered with to fit into your needs and ultimately influence the kind of output you have in the end. Through this, you will not only get to define the output quality but also the size of the resulting video and audio files.

Basic Video Editor and Batch Converter

These features have almost become the norm for most of the video converters out there, especially when you need to tweak the output even further. Among the various editing options that are availed to you include video trimming, cropping with aspect ratio consideration, rotating, and flipping. On the other, you have a chance of enhancing the resultant video by playing with the volume, brightness, contrast, saturation and deinterlacing as per your preferences. A watermark of choice can also be added and also include subtitles with appropriate customizations when the need arises. Other than that, working on multiple files at the same time has also been made even simpler with the implementation of the batch conversion feature.

Video and Audio Downloader

This is an added advantage that you get when you get started with iSkysoft Video Converter software. Besides video conversion capabilities, downloading videos and audio from popular video hosting websites with YouTube being the most common one. You will be able to add any valid video URL and get to download it instantly beside the option to directly download the MP3 version of the same file. To speed up the download process, you can activate the turbo mode at the click of a button switch. Better yet, iSkysoft goes the extra mile to let you specify the video quality to download and also include subtitles during the download process. With this option, it means that you will not need to look for external tools to grab the videos and audio for you.

System and Task Management

Basically, in this section, you will have the chance to set the number of CPUs to be used by this software for processing. This comes in handy if you are low on computer resources and you need to perform other tasks as the video conversion goes on. It is here that you will also enjoy GPU acceleration if you are on an Intel, AMD or Nvidia graphics card that sees to it that you experience high-speed video conversion without messing up with the quality. You will also be able to decide on the number of simultaneous tasks that can run comfortably on your computer besides picking on your preferred DVD load mode; main movie or all the movies.

After going through this review article, you must have realized that you have a special tool at your disposal. You will be happy to know that it supports all versions of the Windows operating system to ensure that no one is left out. By promising a simple and interactive user interface, the learning curve is not steep at all and thus getting started is not mind-boggling at all. It has proven to be a fully-fledged video conversion software that will get the job done for you without the need to hassle for alternative solutions. And the best thing about all this is that the quality will not be compromised during the process that you undertake. Get started today with iSkysoft Video Converter.

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