Xilisoft HD Video Converter Review & Free Download

Featuring advanced High-Definition video conversion capabilities, Xilisoft HD Video Converter will give you a conversion experience that you can really boast of when compared to other similar functioning tools. This article comes in to get you a quick overview of the features to expect and then provide you with a guide on how to go about video conversion with Xilisoft HD Video Converter. This program promises very high conversion speeds but not at the expense of the output quality. It will automatically detect your multiple cores and distribute the work appropriately.

This is besides offering a very rich general and device-specific output options. At the same time, Xilisoft HD Video Converter is very flexible when it comes to the various options that you can tinker with including the output size, video, and audio profiles, simultaneous output for a single file, besides the option to convert specific video segments and even splitting when the need arises. You also get the chance to run this app in the background as you carry on other tasks and apply convenient after-conversion actions like exiting the software, hibernating, shutting down or even putting your computer into standby. For a process that is not tedious or time-consuming, you are opened up to batch conversion options and on top of that enjoy the convenience of a multilingual software. Enough with the introduction, let us now get to know how to get the best out of this powerful video conversion solution.

How To Use Xilisoft HD Video Converter?

Xilisoft HD Video Converter comes with a very simple and intuitive user interface that even if you are not that experienced, getting accustomed to it is just like a walk in the park. Missing out on all the goodies that this software would be a real misfortune. To ensure that you do not miss out on the awesome features of Xilisoft HD Video Converter, we have gone out of our way to bring you a comprehensive guide on how to use this top-notch program. The guide has been simplified to the extent that even a novice user should not encounter a steep learning curve at all. Without further ado, let us dive right into the step by step guide on getting started with Xilisoft HD Video Converter.

Step 1: Download, Install and Launch

get started

Xilisoft HD Video Converter is a pretty minimalistic software that does not go past 50MB in terms of the installation package size. This means that you should not take long to download or even install the program on your computer. Once the installation process is complete, launch the app to get the interface below.

Step 2: Add Files

With the program up and running, it is time to import the files that you need to be converted. Xilisoft HD Video Converter lets you do that by simply adding the files natively by browsing for them using the file explorer. As indicated, when you click on the drop-down menu numbered 1, you will get the chance to add a file or files, a folder or even load an Audio CD as shown in the area marked 2. For convenience, you can just drag and drop files in the marked area.

add files


Once you have added the file(s), they will appear on the file list section as below

item list

By default, the files you have added will be automatically selected for you in readiness for the next step. This comes in very handy if you are in a quest for batch processing. You can change the selection too depending on how you want to do it. You will also enjoy some details about the files you are working on like the output size, profile, and duration.

Step 3: Define Output Settings

Basically, in this step, you will be required to define the profile to use coupled with an output format of choice. In the previous step, all the files were selected for you by default. If you are looking to apply different output settings for each file, you will just tick each file on its own and define the profile to use. For the files we have added, hit the “Profile” drop-down menu and pick the appropriate choices whether device-wise or format-wise.

output settings

Being guided by the labels, 1 is where you open the list of supported profiles which will be displayed as shown in 2. If you are looking to convert to a general format, pick a profile from section 3a and if you want to convert to a specific device, navigate to the device tab labeled 3b. Depending on the tab you pick, it will be expanded to the right as shown by 4 so that you can pick the specific format to work with.


You also get the chance to refine the output further even after choosing the profile. Xilisoft HD Video Converter lets you do this like in the area labeled 1 above. Here you will be able to decide on the file name for the case of a single file, the video size in terms of resolution, the video quality level and last but not the least, the audio quality level. As a way to confirm that your changes are reflected as expected, you can confirm the changes in the preview section labeled 2.

Step 4: Choose an Output Directory

It is always advisable to pick a preferred directory so that you can have a heaven of time retrieving the output later on. In that case, just below the profile settings, you will find the output destination options. The current output directory will be shown like in the area labeled 1 but you can adjust that by clicking on the “Browse” drop-down menu labeled 2 so that you can navigate to a preferred directory or opt to save the output in the source directory as shown by option 3 below.


If you want to directly convert to a certain device like iPad, iPhone, iPod, iTunes or PSP, you can accomplish exactly that by picking one among the options provided below.

ouput devices

Once you have picked your preferred directory, you are ready for the next step.

Step 5: Start the Conversion

After you have everything ready in the previous steps, here comes the easiest task that just requires you to hit the right button in order to commence the actual video conversion process. By hitting the “Start” button shown below, you will have kickstarted the process and all you have to do now is just to be patient for the output to be delivered.


With the process running, you will be able to monitor the progress per file and even the overall progress as well as shown below. Label 1 indicated the individual file progress while Label 2 has a lot more details of the overall progress for the files combined.

conversion progress

The “Pause” and “Stop” buttons are always a click away if the need arises to pause or stop the conversion. Since Xilisoft HD Video Converter supports multithreading, you will enjoy the simultaneous conversion of more than one file at a go. You will also get real-time feedback on the CPU usage besides being opened up to hardware-accelerated conversions via the GPU; NVIDIA and AMD are supported here.

When the converting process is done, you will be able to find the output in the directory you defined before you commenced the actual task to convert video files. Xilisoft HD Video Converter provides you with a one-click button that can navigate you directly to the saving folder. You can find this button in the “Destination” section settings with the name “Open”. This step marks the end of the whole process and as you have come to learn, Xilisoft HD Video Converter does not come with a complicated process at all.


By following the guidelines outlined, you will be able to have a very seamless process when it comes to converting video files. The plethora of features provided is more than enough to help you get to the kind of output you have in mind. Whether you are on a Mac or Windows PC, this program will kick the ball out of the park for you in a very easy and comprehensive way. The interface should not intimidate you in any way while you have this simple guide to follow. Xilisoft HD Video Converter offers a secure download process free from virus and even before you can decide to get the paid version, you will have a whole 30 days of a free trial period. You will also be happy to know that the paid versions are very affordable when put side by side with other similar solutions. It is now time to give a go to the guide and put Xilisoft HD Video Converter to the ultimate test of the features it boasts of.

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