AVS Video Converter Review & Free Download

With support for all the key video formats out there, AVS Video Converter has proven to be a software worth its salt. It happens to be a multiplatform software that ensures that no one is left out no matter on Windows, Linux or Mac. When you employ this app, you will have a great time enjoying high-quality video files no matter the device you are on. As much as most of the features are exclusive to the paid versions of this video conversion program, you get a free trial period that gives you a taste of the features before you can upgrade.

Compared to other similar functioning software, this tool is much more affordable and worth the very last penny. Besides working on the normal video files, you are also opened up to creating DVD or Blu-ray videos through conversion to or from these formats besides getting access to an assortment of video editing options. Basically, you will be able to cut, add menus, apply effects, splitting clips into chapters besides the option to burn the resulting Blu-ray or DVD discs without relying on external software.

How To Use AVS Video Converter

What Does AVS Video Converter Offer?

In this review article, there are those main features that have been identified to make this app be outstanding software. In fact, you will be able to handle high definition camera video files without much hassle and even apply some basic editing like adding subtitles, menus before outputting to a video format of choice. This review article has done some extra work to bring you the following major features that AVS Video Converter boasts of. This software lets you enjoy;

  • Boosted video conversion – When it comes to video conversion, a speed higher than the normal conversion mode is always coveted as it saves on both time and effort. To make this possible AVS Video Converter supports hardware-accelerated processing of video files depending on whether you are on a supported GPU. To be specific, Intel and NVIDIA are the supported GPUs. At the same time, you will be able to handle videos with large bitrates and also decode the same in a very efficient way.

  • A wide range of supported devices and formats – AVS Video Converter will not only let you convert video files to other popular formats but also goes the extra mile to let you convert to specific devices for that convenient playback. Whether it is a TV, an Android device, an Apple device, or even a gaming console, this program will handle the videos for you conveniently regardless of how high the file is. In fact, there are built-in presets for each of these devices that you can choose from and avoid the need to tinker with lots of settings. The good thing is that there is no compromise at all when it comes to quality retention.

  • Convert and share directly – When you want to convert video files for the web, AVS Video Converter is at your beck and call to ensure that the necessary adjustments and requirements for the web are met. Actually, you will be able to convert the input video files into F4V, FLV, MP4, among others and at the same time embed the video formats on HTML web pages. Some of the supported websites that you directly upload video files onto them include the popular YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dropbox just to mention a few. During that process, you will not need to leave the app and as a result, bring about convenience on a whole new level.

  • Multilingual – AVS Video Converter supports several languages for the user interface in order to facilitate an easy process to get around this software. In this review, it has been confirmed that the localization of this tool can be done very easily. This is realized because once you have chosen your most preferred language, you will be able to understand the same interface much better, locate features easily and as a result, accomplish the task at hand without much hassle. You will be happy to know that some of the most popular languages are supported by this app.

  • Command-line mode – If a graphical user interface is not your most favorite way of accessing software, AVS Video Converter features a command-driven mode that is really helpful especially when you are out to automate most of the process to convert video files. You will have a chance to access templates that you can easily implement without the need to click or interact with any menus and options. Moreover, the video conversion process is also faster compared to the graphical interface mode besides the option to batch convert files without any limitations whatsoever.

Deducing from this review article, AVS Video Converter is definitely a pretty versatile app that promises to give you the best when it comes to video conversion. As one of the best video converter software, it brings you a convenient and comprehensive process that is not a waste of time not even in one instance. Being a platform-independent program, anyone can get started without any limitations. At the end of the day, you have at your disposal a simple and interactive tool that will ensure you get the output fast enough and at the same time preserve the original quality as much as possible. This is none other than AVS Video Converter.

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