Any Video Converter Review & Free Download

What’s Any Video Converter?

Just as the name suggests, this piece of video converter software will convert any kind of video file that you can think of to your preferred target output format. It also goes the extra mile to provide downloading options when you need to grab video content from hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo and more. It is the ultimate choice if you are looking to save on both time and effort when it comes to media management especially video conversion.

Amazingly, Any Video Converter is capable of handling videos of high resolutions even modern 4K format. It promises no kind of adverts, malware or spyware whatsoever for that overall clean experience when you get started. Apart from delivering 100% lossless output quality, there are other goodies that make this program tick. This review article delves into all that to give you insight into the features that really stand out with Any Video Converter.

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What Does Any Video Converter Offer?

Definitely, for a program to be considered to be one of the best, it must bring with it very handy and critical features that result in a comprehensive process. As evidenced by the great following commanded by this software, you can be sure that it is a worthy choice that you will not regret settling for. It is now time to get knowledge of the much-coveted features that you are opened up to. Let us get started.

Rich Format Support

As we pointed out earlier in the introduction, Any Video Converter lives to its name and is pretty comprehensive in regard to input and output format support. Even when certain manufacturers have their own preferred formats for their devices, this program comes in to help you convert that to another format of choice.

At the same time, you will also be able to convert video files to a wide range of formats and even to specific devices depending on your preference. To be specific, this tool boasts of more than 100 input and better yet more than 160 output formats. It is very unlikely to miss out on any kind of video conversion that you may be after. This review also recognizes the hardware acceleration feature that comes bundled in this tool. With it, video encoding is faster but at the same time ensures that the quality is not compromised.

Video Downloader And Editor

It is not all the time that you find a video converter software that also happens to be a fully-fledged downloader and video editor at the same time. Any Video Converter has broken those boundaries to bring you these features all in one program. Actually, downloading videos and converting them to your format of choice has never been this easy. Even before you can undertake the actual conversion, you are empowered to edit the video in order to tweak it to your preference. For instance, you can add a watermark or custom text as a way of personalizing the output. Besides that, video trimming, joining, and clipping features are also at your disposal.

Real-time Preview

Imagine going through with video conversion only to find out that the output is not like you wished it to be? Any Video Converter gets rid of this hurdle for you by providing you with a real-time preview of the changes that you apply so that you can confirm them even before you kickstart the conversion process. In turn, you will get a convenient and less-tedious process at the end of the day. This preview is made possible by the built-in media player that this app boasts of. You can kiss goodbye to redoing a conversion due to missed adjustments when you have a preview option at your disposal.

Without a doubt, this is a very useful video converter that does not prove cumbersome to get around thanks to being crafted with a simple and intuitive user interface. Unless you want to go for the paid version of Any Video Converter, the free version is pretty comprehensive enough to provide the kind of experience that you are looking for.

It is also prudent to let you know that video ripping and burning are also very much supported by Any Video Converter and consequently there is no need to consult external tools. Besides that, the available output customization capabilities like setting the video quality and size will lead you to your dream output.

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