aTube Catcher Review & Free Download

What’s aTube Catcher?

If there is one software that I can really commend for being comprehensive and fully-fledged to the greatest extent, aTube Catcher wins it all. It is actually a very minimalistic app but what it can achieve will just blow your mind. aTube Catcher will bring you the ultimate satisfaction when it comes to media management. Almost any kind of action you would want to perform regarding media is supported by this top-notch program.

In this review, all the features you get to enjoy will be broken down for you to have a better and comprehensive understanding of what you are getting into. To ensure that you get around easily and locate features without struggle, every feature is laid out as clear and concise as much as possible. Consequently, there is no mixup of features depending on the task at hand. aTube Catcher also happens to be one of the tools that are benevolent in a way to suit even those who may not be able to meet the cost of similar functioning premium tools.

How To Use aTube Catcher

aTube Catcher Boasts Of?

This review article takes a different approach to bring you a comprehensive outline of the plethora of features that you are empowered with by aTube Catcher. As mentioned in the introduction, the various features are arranged in the form of tabs that you can click on to get a hold of everything under it. Following the arrangement of the tabs here is what you get based on the name of the tab;

Download video – In this tab, aTube Catcher is pretty generous in that it lets you directly download video files from video sharing websites like YouTube. The download mode offered here is a bit different from what you have come across before as you are also open to convert the same file into a preferred format. Basically, when you add a file URL, you also get to choose the format you want to save in besides defining the preferred output directory. With batch processing, you can have the utmost 10 active downloads as you continue adding more links. In addition, resizing if the same video files or burning the same files to a DVD is also possible here.

Stream Catcher – As the name suggests, you will be able to record video, SWF and MP3 streams as you surf the web in a convenient way that you may not even notice like the app is running. For this to happen flawlessly, you have to be using a supported web browser like IE, Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. On top of that, you can choose to include an ad filter, pick a saving folder of choice and also apply any necessary conversion when the need arises depending on the target audience.

Screen Record – aTube Catcher also functions as a fully-fledged screen recorder when you need to obtain a video of what is happening in a selected region of the screen or even an app frame. You also get the chance to include audio from supported sources and select a preferred output format from the wide range of options. This means that aTube Catcher may record in its own format but the output will have to be converted to your optimum format. Lots of options are available here including the use of hotkeys, cursor recording among others just like a normal screen recorder software.

Video Converter – This is the main function that most of us will be looking forward to using and aTube Catcher has made sure that almost all formats are supported here including general formats, GIFs or even specific devices. Some of the formats include 3GP, MPG, 3G2, MOV, FLV, AVI, MP4, WMV among others. It is also here that you will be able to choose whether to combine all files into a merged file and even define the maximum number of conversions to carry on at a go. We need not reiterate the option to pick the output directory as this is the norm when using this software. Moreover, you can add as many files as you want in the queue area since batch processing is just an implementation away.

DVD/BluRay Creator – Once you have gone through the necessary converting processes, you may need to burn the output into physical media. When this need comes knocking on your door, you need not look for other external programs as aTube Catcher also comes with this feature built into it. With this feature, you will be able to create playable DVDs or Audio CDs all in a convenient process that involves the simple drag-and-drop option when it comes to the addition of files.

Audio Recorder – This is the final tab on aTube Catcher where you can record just the audio from an input device of choice and save in a format of choice including MP3, Wave, and WMA. At the same time, you will be able to tinker with a variety of options including the channels, sampling, audio bitrate and also the volume level.

All of the above features have been complemented by several other handy traits of aTube Catcher as this review article outlines below.

  • Ease of use – The user interface is interactive enough to make sure that you do not get stuck anywhere when implementing this software. This also means that no matter the level of your skillset, the learning curve is not steep at all
  • Batch processing – This is one of the coveted features that lets you process multiple files at the same time and in turn get tp save greatly on time and effort. aTube Catcher ensures that this feature is open for use at any time.
  • Rich presets – Instead of taking a lot of time tinkering with options, there are ready presets that you can choose from depending on the kind of output you want to have at the end. This especially makes the video conversion process very convenient and effortless.

Considering all the features that you have come to learn in this review article, I believe you have been convinced that aTube Catcher is not just like any other program out there. Actually, very few other apps are able to get close to what this software delivers all in a single package. A feature that this review cannot fail to mention is the option to search for both videos and audio with the built-in search engine. Better yet, it is free for download regardless of the version of Windows you are running on. It has packed more than enough features that make it command a great following of users from all walks of life. Get started today and be opened up to a whole new level of media management.

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