MPEG Streamclip Review & Free Download

MPEG Streamclip may be a minimalistic tool but that does not mean that it is not featureful at all. In fact, it delivers a plethora of features with the main highlights being a video player, converter and editor. To make sure that everyone can get started without much hassle, the interface is very much user-friendly and does not pose a steep learning curve like what other tools do. It has proven to be a very viable alternative if you don’t want to spend any money but still want an almost fully-fledged video converter software.

Coming with batch processing both in terms of video editing and conversion, you can rest assured that the hassle working on multiple video or audio files all at the same time will be a thing of the past. On top of that, you will be amazed to know that this app is very accommodating especially when it comes to the file size. To be specific, MPEG Streamclip can handle files larger than 4GB besides the option to split the same files into segments during the conversion process.

How To Use MPEG Streamclip

What Does MPEG Streamclip Offer?

This video converter goes on and on to offer even more features that really make it tick. It even boasts of the Dropbox integration whereby you can log in without leaving the app and have a direct link up to your account and perform the supported functions conveniently. You can always define where the output should be saved for easier retrieval later beside the access to a video downloader that supports both YouTube and Google. Even as you are free to extract just the audio or video tracks as you find fit, MPEG Streamclip will also offer you the following;

  • Versatile file importing – When it comes to the addition of video files into MPEG Streamclip, there are several sources that you can do it from depending on which one augurs the best with you. To be specific, in this review, you can add files from the local storage, a DVD or even grab a video from the web by copying its URL and bringing it to this app. To make the process even better, you can opt for the simple drag-and-drop option if you are not that of an enthusiast when it comes to the native file explorer method of adding video files.

  • Advanced Video Player – While some other tools will just have a video converter and no way to playback the files unless you seek external software, MPEG Streamclip comes with a built-in video player that makes several functions possible. Besides offering a way to preview the output before you can engage in the actual task to convert video files, it also makes some basic video editing also possible. Some of the editing options include changing the aspect ratio, rotating, trimming, cutting, splitting, joining, going to a specific time or keyframe on top of providing basic playback options and some video information like for instance the total playback time of the file you are working on.

  • Support for both muxed and de-muxed formats – You will be happy to know that MPEG Streamclip can demux both MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files no matter the number of audio tracks they carry without any compromise on the overall quality. At the same time, you will be able to export your target video files into a wide range of video formats including QuickTime, ACI, TS, MOV, DV, MP4, MPEG-4, AVI among others. As for MPEG-2 transport streams, they can be aptly transformed into muxed MPEG-2 files in readiness for burning into DVDs with an appropriate tool.

  • Advanced video processing – When you want to tweak the output video to a notch higher, MPEG Streamclip brings you several ways in which you can enhance the video. This means that, if for instance, you had a shaky video, you will end up with a stabilized one and if the original video was in somewhat a way of poor quality, you will experience an even better quality in the end. Here, a set of tools will be available at your disposal so that you can implement them towards an enhanced output. Some of the options that you are opened up to here include;

A motion-adaptive video deinterlacer

Some interlaced video scaling tools

A chroma deinterlacer


All these features culminate into a great piece of software that will not let you down not even at a single instance. As pointed out in this review article, the user interface is very interactive for you to have a heaven of a time getting around. And the good thing is that it is a multiplatform program with available versions for both Mac and Windows to choose from.

You are guaranteed top and professional quality for your video or audio output that can be in a certain popular format or even meant for specific devices like iPods among others. Consequently, it means that you will be able to open and in addition playback most of the video formats without any struggle whatsoever. MPEG Streamclip is without a doubt one of the best video converter software in the market and is a worthy go-to solution.


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