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What’s AnyMP4 Video Converter?

AnyMP4 is a fully-fledged video converter software that will take video conversion to a whole new level for you. It is not simple to use but also works in an efficient way to ensure that the output is delivered within the shortest time possible. This is achievable, especially when you are running on a supported processor as this software comes with GPU hardware acceleration under its arms.

This is on top of letting you choose the number of CPUs to be used for the conversion besides selecting the optimum number of simultaneous conversion processes. This tool will help you encode almost any video file format into not only MP4 but also other wide range of formats like AVI and Appleā€™s MOV format. Above all, it will make sure that the video and sound quality are maintained at all costs to eliminate any instance of compromise. By retaining the quality, the output is capable of passing the right information as intended without the target audience struggling to make out what is in the video. This article aims at bringing you the features that make this program tick.

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What Does AnyMP4 Video Converter Offer?

AnyMP4 Video Converter is pretty feature-laden and will prove to be a comprehensive program to get started with. Actually, it will bring you lots of conveniences when you need to add files, enhance videos, clip the output on top of video editing capabilities. When these features are combined in one package, you do not need to find another software to accomplish the same. Having said that, in this review, let us have a deeper look into the features that you will be accustomed to once you get started.

Rich Video Conversion Profiles

This a feature that you will come to really love about this app. With the profiles, you will be able to get rid of the tedious process of tinkering with options some of which you are not even sure how they work. It comes in handy when you want to output to a general format or even during specifics like when you need output that is playable on TVs, PSP, PS4, Android smartphones, PowerPoint, blackberry among others. Better yet, these profiles are also very customizable. For videos, you can adjust parameters like the encoder, resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, and video bitrate. On the other hand, you can adjust the audio encoder, sample rate, channels, and bitrate depending on how best you want the output to be.

Output Enhancement

When you are converting a low-resolution file, you get the chance to make it look a bit better when you employ AnyMP4 Video Converter. To be specific, you will be able to upscale the resolution in a way that the video is pretty much viewable when compared to the original one. Apart from that, you are opened up to brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation optimization besides denoising and de-shaking the target video. The audio is also not left out as you can optimize the volume to the preferred level. At the end of the day, you will have a video file that you can comfortably share without fear of unviewable content.

Output Personalization

In this review article, we have identified that the level of control over the output is one of a kind. While some tools will include intrusive and unwanted watermarks on the output, AnyMP4 Video Converter takes a different kind of approach to let you include your own preferred watermark be it in text or picture form. On top of that, you can apply some extra tweaking to the watermark by adjusting the positioning and the transparency in a way that does not block the actual content. With that, you can rest assured that the personalization will be as you wish.

Built-in Editor and Preview

AnyMP4 Video Converter boasts of a timeline where you can edit the video and audio to meet your preferences. It is here that you will be able to trim, clip, crop, flip, rotate and apply necessary effects. You will also have the chance to apply the split-screen feature in case you want to play more than one video file side by side. When it comes to cropping you can opt to keep the aspect ratio as the dimensions change besides adjusting the margins and zoom level. To confirm that these changes are reflected, there is a preview option that also lets you take snapshots when the need arises.

Batch Conversion

This is a very much coveted feature that allows one to convert multiple files all at the same time. AnyMP4 Video Converter has not been left behind on this wave as it even goes the extra mile of supporting the simple drag-and-drop option to facilitate the process. This means that you can import video files into this tool without having to use the tedious and time-consuming file explorer method. With batch conversion, working on multiple video files or even a whole folder is just like a knife through butter when you give this program a run. You can now get yourself out of the prison of converting multiple files one after another.

There is no need to add anything more as this tool has already proven to be very powerful enough to handle all your video conversion tasks. It will not only process media files for you but will also give you the freedom of picking where the output goes. You also get the chance to perform automated tasks after the conversion like the option to automatically shut down the computer or open the output directory once the process is complete. Therefore, saying that this is a reliable video conversion software is not misguided at all when you look at the plethora of features delivered. Do not afford video conversion frustrations when such a program is here for you to employ.

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