8 Best Free AVI to MP4 Converters for Windows/Mac

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AVI is a video format mostly used by Microsoft but one of the perks of this format is that is can result in very large file sizes however much good the quality may be. With the emergence of video file formats that promise high-quality videos while at the same time maintaining small file sizes, the AVI format has become less and less popular.

On top of that, it is not a universal standard format that is compatible with every device out there. Consequently, there comes a need to convert the AVI file into another format suitable for convenient sharing and playback. MP4 is one of the most suitable video file formats that can be played on any device that you can think of besides maintaining a high-quality video at smaller file size.

It goes without saying that getting an MP4 file from an AVI is definitely not a walk in the park unless you employ a good conversion software. With the MP4 file format being on everyone’s lips, you will need the best AVI to MP4 converter program in order to have a sharable file with no quality loss.

In this article, you will get to train your sights on the available AVI to MP4 converter programs, both online and offline versions, that you can get started with. Without further ado, let us get to know the various solutions you are opened up to.

8 Great Freeware to Convert AVI Files to MP4 Format in Windows & Mac – Free Download

Software NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
  • 1. TalkHelper AVI To MP4 Converter
  • Windows/MacFull VersionFree Download
  • 2. DVDFab AVI To MP4 Converter
  • Windows/MacFull VersionFree Download
  • 3. Handbrake
  • Windows/MacFull VersionFree Download
  • 4. Freemake Video Converter
  • WindowsFree DemoFree Download
  • 5. Wondershare UniConverter
  • Windows/MacFree TrialFree Download
  • 6. Any Video Converter
  • WindowsFree DemoFree Download
  • 7. Aiseesoft Free Video Converter
  • WindowsFree TrialFree Download
  • 8. Movavi AVI To MP4 Converter
  • WindowsFree TrialFree Download

    1. TalkHelper AVI To MP4 Converter (Recommended)


    For a reliable and utterly convenient process to convert AVI to MP4, you need to settle on a program that will give nothing less than that and the tool perfect for the job is none other than the TalkHelper Video Converter. You will essentially get all the features required to make the most out of the AVI to MP4 video conversion process and in the end to have no qualms at all considering the amazing output that you will be opened up to.

    For those of us who are not really fans of the native method of importing video files for conversion, you can just drag and drop the target video files conveniently fast and at the same time facilitate a batch conversion. You also get to pick where the output goes in the instance you do not feel like rocking the default settings.

    Talking of reliability, the video quality after the conversion will not be compromised but instead will try as much as possible to match the original quality. How else does it get better than this?

    Download DVDFab

    2. DVDFab AVI To MP4 Converter


    DVDFab features as one of the most comprehensive multimedia backup solutions and in this article, you get to learn the features it has to offer as AVI to MP4 converter program. In regard to AVI to MP4 conversion, you can download the offline version for a free 30-day trial period for you to have a feel of all features before you can upgrade.

    This app boasts of the fact that it can convert AVI to MP4 no matter the file size without any errors whatsoever and in the end deliver amazing high-quality video. You should not have trouble getting around the interface as it had been crafted to be as interactive as possible. The AVI files can be imported natively into this program via the file browser method or for convenience use the drag-and-drop feature.

    On top of offering audio and video customizations, you are opened up to a preview feature that will help you confirm your adjustments before you can finally convert. Minimal video editing capabilities are available and you get the chance to decide where the output should be saved for convenient retrieval later on.

    Download DVDFab

    3. Handbrake


    With two-pass video processing, Handbrake has proven to be one of the best AVI to MP4 converter software that is available for free download on both Windows PC and Mac platform. The user interface may look scary for the first time but once you are familiar with it, navigation becomes very easy. In fact, if you are not sure of the audio and video option to tinker with, you can apply one of the available presets based on the kind of MP4 file you are looking forward to after the AVI to MP4 conversion process.

    Better yet, you are opened up to presets that let you output MP4 files that are optimized for specificities like Android, Apple, Chromecast, the web, and even general format. For those of us who are into details, you can either adjust basic or advanced options for both audio and video in order to have a tweaked video at the end.

    Even before you can take part in the actual task to convert AVI to MP4, you have a preview option to find out whether your adjustments have been applied. You will just love how this open-source program works magic to maintain a high quality and deliver the output pretty quickly.

    Download Handbrake

    4. Freemake Video Converter


    Working with this AVI to MP4 converter app will be a breeze thanks to the simple and instinctive user interface that features clear and concise buttons. You also have access to a step-by-step guide in order to stretch this software to its full potential in regard to the task to convert AVI to MP4.

    It will deliver pretty excellent speeds during the AVI to MP4 compression process with the output MP4 files being delivered to you within just moments although the ETA will largely depend on the size on the input AVI file. You can opt to convert single files individually or optionally go for the batch conversion mode that saves greatly on both time and effort.

    It makes it to this list of the best AVI to MP4 converter software especially since it comes with a video editor that will help you tweak the video further when the need arises instead of just jumping right into the conversion process. Other than that, you can download this app for Windows PC as an offline version program that will ensure that the quality of the video will not be messed up with.

    Download Freemake

    5. Wondershare UniConverter

    Wondershare UniConverter

    Whether you are up for the free or premium version of this online or offline app, you can be assured of an experience of a kind on Mac and Windows PC. You will just be amazed by how many file formats it supports apart from our target mode of AVI to MP4. Besides being overly comprehensive, it also performs in speeds that cannot be reached by most of the other similar software and the good thing is that even at such high processing speeds, the output still remains of high quality.

    You are opened up to rich video editing options like adding watermark, trimming, adding effects, cropping among other options like compressing the video when you want to have a smaller file that is best-suited for sharing.

    You will also not need an external tool when you want to add or fix metadata, transfer or even burn the output as this program has all that under one roof. The processing of multiple files simultaneously is also support in order to realize great saves on both the time and effort.

    Download UniConverter

    6. Any Video Converter


    This is an exemplary tool to convert AVI to MP4 that has been crafted to deliver the best experience. Coming with a very user-friendly interface, this free offline download app does not need any prior experience with AVI to MP4 converter programs. You will get started easily without any mishaps to convert all AVI file the general MP4 files or even specific formats that support Sony PSP, iPod video among other devices.

    With the added advantage of batch conversion, it has managed to feature as one of the best AVI to MP4 converter software besides support for both Xvid and DivX AVI formats. On the other hand, you are also opened up to options whereby you can adjust various video and audio parameters in order to have a customized MP4 file of your liking in the need.

    It does not end there as you also have the option to have a real-time preview of the output video before the actual transformation as a way of ensuring all changes are reflected. It will work at stunningly high speeds and at the same time ensure the original video quality is maintained as much as possible.

    Download Any Video Converter

    7. Aiseesoft Free Video Converter


    Aiseesoft boasts of some special features and has in turn proven to be one of the best AVI to MP4 converter app. With this program, AVI to MP4 conversion is taken a notch higher with the availability of an option to enhance the video quality by upscaling the AVI file resolution and removing background noise before exporting in a new MP4 file.

    Not all of us love tinkering with settings and that is why this AVI to MP4 converter delivers a plethora of optimized presets that you can choose from. Some of these are optimized to output MP4 files for specific digital devices including Apple, Android, TVs, gaming consoles among others. Just like most of the other tools, it supports dragging and dropping of files besides opening you up to some light video editing options.

    Amazingly, you have the option to add an intro and outro to the AVI file before converting it into the MP4 equivalent. Overall, it is a pretty easy software to use that does not pose any steep learning curves and will work at high speeds with support for multithreading to make sure that you do not need to wait for ages for the high-quality output to be delivered.

    Download Aiseesoft Video Converter

    8. Movavi AVI To MP4 Converter


    Movavi promises nothing less than lightning-fast AVI to MP4 conversion with no limits no matter the size or the number of the input AVI files. The good thing about this efficiency is that the output MP4 files maintain the high-quality trait of the input AVI file and that goes for even 4K videos.

    AVI files can be large but this program comes in to offer video compression that goes a long way to the realization of smaller MP4 video files that take up less space. As much as it serves as an AVI to MP4 converter, it has an added advantage of features some video editing capabilities so that the final video is tweaked and enhanced a bit but it all depends on the adjustments that you want to make before you undertake the actual task to convert AVI to MP4.

    Actually, you can even personalize the final MP4 file with your own watermark. In addition, it supports the much-coveted drag-and-drop option when you want to add AVI files on the simple and intuitive clean user interface. As a special feature, you can have a converted sample to preview how the overall video will look like before the actual conversion process besides picking the output directory.

    Download Movavi AVI To MP4 Converter

    And just like that, you are able to identify yourself with the best AVI to MP4 converter software. Depending on the app that you have preferred, you can be sure to have a smooth and seamless conversion process. Save on your disk space and share video files in a more convenient format by transforming your AVI files into the MP4 file equivalent. It is now time to grab the tool that has proven to augur the best with you and get started.

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