10 Best Skype Call Recorders for Windows


Skype call recording is the process of capturing the sound, picture, and video data during a Skype call either for later playback or archiving purposes. This is a feature that has gained a lot of traction among Skype enthusiasts as it has proven very handy in various scenarios.

Skype call recording is widely used by individuals, podcasters, interviewers, managers, among others to record Skype audio and video calls in normal calls, podcasts, interviews, conference calls, and other activities that involve Skype. The built-in, native cloud-based call recording feature introduced in the new versions of Skype for desktop, mobile, and web clients is a big milestone but still lacks a lot of features.

A Skype recorder is a third-party program that offers a ton of features and great convenience in Skype call recording. To understand just how powerful this tool is, here is a breakdown of the features that the built-in Skype recording function lacks but can be found in third-party call recorder software.

  • Stereo audio recording – Basically, stereo audio guarantees high quality of the voice recording upon playback. During a Skype call, this is implemented by recording each participant on separate channels (left or right), dramatically improving the sound quality due to the resulting higher audio recording fidelity.
  • Save video feeds into separate files – A good Skype recorder captures video of each participant in a separate file if the videos will be used for completely different purposes. For instance, during a conference call, it becomes overly easy to isolate what each participant contributed to the discussion to identify their opinion.
  • Pause/Resume recording – This is a very important feature of a good Skype recorder as it gives you control to interrupt the recording process and continue later without the need to do the entire process afresh. For instance, you may be conducting an interview via Skype, and there comes the need to take a break; simply pause the recording and then resume once the break is over.
  • Managing massive call recordings – The powerful Skype recorder can handle multiple call recordings without breaking down or posing limits. A perfect use-case scenario is where a company has to conduct and record multiple interviews via Skype and be able to review all of them easily within the software.

10 Great Skype Recorder Software for Windows PC

Product NameRecord audio callsRecord video callsSupport Skype clientsDownload Link
  • 1. TalkHelper Call Recorder For Skype
  • supportedsupportedSkype, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams Download
  • 2. Movavi Screen Recorder
  • supportedsupportedSkypeDownload
  • 3. Pamela For Skype
  • supported-Skype, Skype for BusinessDownload
  • 4. MP3 Skype Recorder
  • supportedsupportedSkype, Skype for BusinessDownload
  • 5. Evaer Skype Recorder
  • supported-SkypeDownload
  • 6. iFree Skype Recorder
  • supported-SkypeDownload
  • 7. Athtek Skype Recorder
  • supportedsupportedSkypeDownload
  • 8. DVDVideosoft Free Skype Video Recorder
  • supported-SkypeDownload
  • 9. Amolto Call Recorder
  • supported-SkypeDownload
  • 10. CallGraph Skype Recorder
  • supportedsupportedSkype, Skype for Business, Microsoft TeamsDownload

    1). TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype (Recommended)

    TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype

    Featuring a simple, clean, and intuitive interface, TalkHelper call recorder for Skype brings you all the user-friendliness that you have been looking for. It is a very reliable Skype video recorder that also has a dedicated mode to just record the audio. Reliable in that it detects and automatically starts recording the Skype calls even without the need for your input.

    Better yet, you will never miss any voicemails since TalkHelper call recorder captures that too. It has been considered a must-have add-on for both the Skype for Business and desktop versions besides having comprehensive support for the Windows platform. Unlike other apps out there, audio is recorded in stereo format and in separate channels to distinguish the parties involved.

    No matter the mode you are on, normal, full scream, or floating window mode, every video frame will be captured and saved for you. TalkHelper is definitely the best Skype recorder when you also consider that it gets updated to always support the latest versions of Skype.

    Download TalkHelper for Skype

    2). Movavi Screen Recorder


    Movavi Screen Recorder is a lightweight utility that enables you to capture everything that happens on your desktop. It includes several modes, namely screen recording, webcam recording, and audio grabbing. You can record your screen with sound and overlay webcam video or record sound and webcam without capturing the desktop. You can also enable the recording of the cursor and keystrokes.

    Movavi Screen Recorder also has the feature that lets you schedule recording tasks – so you can record the Skype calls you’ve planned automatically, as long as both applications are launched.

    The program automatically fits the size of the selected window, including Skype.  For the recording to go smoothly, make sure you’ve turned on grabbing the system and microphone audio. The corresponding buttons will be highlighted with green color if your devices are enabled.

    Movavi Screen Recorder also allows you to take snapshots during the call and save them in JPEG, PNG, or BMP. You can export the resulting file in  MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, WEBM, GIF, and MP3. Plus, you can trim the recording before you save it, so it doesn’t have unwanted parts.

    Download Movavi Screen Recorder

    3). Pamela for Skype

    Pamela for Skype

    Pamela is a free Skype video and audio recording software that boasts of both reliability and ease of use. You will not only record Skype calls but also the chats when the need arises and this makes it have an extra feature above other similar functioning tools.

    Pamela for Skype also supports the scheduling of call recordings besides letting you record audio in either mono on stereo format depending on your preferences.

    You will also love just how much control and customization that this program offers in regard to call recording and chat history management. To ensure that you do not miss to capture any Skype audio or video call, you get the chance to make the most out of the automated call recording feature that functions without the need for your interaction – you never need to manually start the recording process again. Considering that all these features are delivered at your disposal, agree with me that this is definitely a good choice.

    Download pamela for skype

    4). MP3 Skype Recorder

    mp3 Skype recorder

    From the name, MP3 Skype recorder just works to make sure that any audio in a Skype call is captured for you in the most pristine quality. No matter the area of use, commercial or non-commercial, all the features are available to you for free. Depending on your preferred mode, both the manual and automatic modes to record Skype calls are supported.

    To make things better, it lives up to its name by compacting the MP3 Skype calls in a way that they do not consume a lot of space on your Windows PC. This is also one of the top programs that you can bank on to track simultaneous Skype calls and still save them separately for you.

    MP3 Skype recorder provides an easy way to integrate with the Skype conference recording meaning that you do not have to hassle in any way to make the call recording process flawless. To make sure that any user can get started, it features an overlay easy and instinctive user interface.

    Download mp3 skype recorder

    5). Evaer Skype Recorder


    Evaer Skype Recorder provides you with several modes that you can use to record Skype video calls including PiP, separate files, side-by-side, remote-webcam-only, local-webcam-only, and get to save in either the MP4 or AVI format. Both the video and audio calls can be recorded automatically for you and this means that there is no chance of missing an important call. Evaer also boasts of a special feature where you can preview the video as the Skype video recording process continues.

    Regarding the Skype video call recording, you get the chance to tinker with several parameters like the video codec, resolution, framerate, and aspect ratio. The type of call is detected automatically and saved in one format among MP4, AVI, and MP3. On top of that, you get the chance to save MP3 audio files separate from the video calls not forgetting that you can choose how to record the audio – local, remote, or both sides. For more control over the audio, you get to choose between the stereo or mono mode.

    Download evaer

    6). iFree Skype Recorder


    iFree Skype Recorder is considered a pretty powerful program but that does not in any way prevent it from being easy to use and free to obtain. It is a reliable Skype call recorder especially when your greatest interest lies in the audio. Before anything else, it is prudent to recognize that this app is delivered to you for free and does not pose any limitations at all. You are free to pick which side to record, remote or local depending on your preference and at the same time choose between recording Skype calls in stereo or mono mode.

    iFree Skype Recorder is compatible with all the available versions of Skype and saves Skype calls in the popular MP3 format. Apart from Skype, this software can also capture other sounds coming from your Windows PC when you deem that necessary. Once you get to record a Skype call, you need not hassle looking for a playback software since it comes with a built-in MP3 player to help you in this matter. Its ease of use makes it a good choice to record Skype calls.

    Download ifree skype recorder

    7). Athtek Skype Recorder

    Athtek Skype Recorder

    Athtek Skype Recorder is one of the most advanced, video, and audio Skype call recording software that will deliver nothing less than the highest quality. Athtek Skype Recorder is a recommended software that happens to provide a free trial period to evaluate the features. Both sides of the conversation can be recorded in MP3, WMA, FLAC, or OGG format while the video is saved in AVI format.

    For control purposes, it features a hidden mode that gives you the chance to record all Skype calls on your Windows PC without anyone noticing and in so doing get to exercise parental control. This is made possible by the automated Skype call recording feature that this Skype call recorder brags of. To sweeten the pot, Athtek Skype Recorder can be implemented in both commercial and personal setups without any limitations whatsoever. It sets itself apart from other Skype recorder tools by being able to record both sides separately and in the best quality possible.

    Download Athtek Skype Recorder

    8). DVDVideosoft Free Skype Video Recorder

    Dvdvideosoft free Skype Video Recorder

    With DVDVideosoft’s free Skype video recorder, you are opened up to a minimalistic experience that does not pose any limitations at all. You are going to enjoy high-quality video and audio recording all on a user-friendly interface. As one of the best Skype recorder software, it opens you up to several recording modes including picture-in-picture, video only from the other party, or only audio from both sides. The PiP mode comes in very handy when you are planning to capture Skype audio and video from both sides.

    At the same time, you have total control over the recording process especially considering that you have the pause-recording feature which other tools do not get to have. For the convenience of viewing and playback, videos are saved in MP4 format while the Skype audio calls are saved in the MP3 format. It is actually a pretty good choice that will also open you up to the live broadcast recording feature that many programs covet.

    Download DVDVideosoft Free Skype Video Recorder

    9). Amolto Call Recorder

    amolto call recorder

    Amolto Call Recorder promises to provide you with unlimited Skype call recording time and without any loss in the output quality. It is ideally best-suited for any user who is after the efficiency required in the process to record Skype calls. Complexity is not a term in this tool’s vocabulary especially when you take into account just how easy to use it is.

    While most of us have been accustomed to the manual method of recording Skype calls, this app will make the process even easier by bringing you an automated mode that basically starts the recording process every time a call starts. Both the video and audio can be recorded and as mentioned above, you will not encounter any limitations. At the end of the say, this is an ideal choice that will get the job done without much hassle.

    Download Amolto Call Recorder

    10). CallGraph Skype Recorder


    If you happen to take part in podcasts and interviews over Skype, CallGraph Skype Recorder is the ideal choice to record Skype calls for you most reliably. Depending on your preference, P2P, incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded to your satisfaction. To be specific, the audio calls can be recorded in either the MP3 or WAV format that is playable on any media device out there. It is also free to use for both personal or commercial endeavors without any costs, restrictions, or even limitations.

    CallGraph Skype Recorder has been optimized for Skype audio calls and therefore records that in the highest quality possible. Better yet, you are free to pick where you want your recordings to be saved, unlike other tools that predefine the directory for you. Lest you forget, both manual and automatic modes are supposed and can be used when deemed necessary besides a nifty silent mode. This is definitely one of the best Skype recorder software.

    Download CallGraph Skype Recorder


    A Skype recorder is without a doubt a critical part of your Skype call recording endeavors. It has a good share of perks, as identified in the introduction, that make the overall experience way better compared to the Skype built-in recording function or the normal screen recorder programs. All you have to do now is pick the one tool that augurs the best with you and smooth sail to satisfactory Skype call recording.

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