8 Best iOS Screen Recorder App For iPhone / iPad (Without Jailbreak)

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At one point or the other, you may need to record the screen of your iOS device whether iPhone or iPad in order to share some information to a target audience. However, these devices do not have a built-in screen recording feature meaning you have to use third-party apps to achieve this. Some of these apps will work independently while others require extra tools.

For you who are running at least iOS version 11, Apple decided to include a built-in screen capture option although it may not as powerful as other fully fledged screen recording apps.

This article will review some of the best and top screen capture apps for the iPhone/iPad. Get to know what you expect from each and in the end, make a verdict of which one to go for. At least for the screen recording apps featured here, they work out of the box without the need jailbreak your device.

In terms of cost, most are also available as free packages so the extra features are the one to break ties in regard to what you can achieve with each app. Read on and find out the rich world of iOS screen recorder tools that are helpful to you that needs to capture the iPhone/iPad screen and don’t know what to use.

8 Great Screen Recording Apps for iPhone & iPad

App NameSupported DevicesFree Or PaidDownload Link
  • 1. TechSmith Capture
  • iPhone 5s or later
    iPad mini 2 or later
    iPod touch (5th generation)
    Free Trial / 14 daysFree Download
  • 2. ScreenFlow
  • iPhone 5, 6, 7 or laterFree DemoFree Download
  • 3. AirShou Screen Recorder
  • iOS 9 or later / iPadFull VersionFree Download
  • 4. DU Recorder
  • iOS 11.0 or laterFull VersionFree Download
  • 5. Record It!
  • iPhone 5+ /iPad mini 2Free DemoFree Download
  • 6. iOS Built-in Screen Recorder
  • All iPhone / iPadFull VersionFree Download
  • 7. BB Rec Screen Recorder
  • All iPhone / iPadFree TrialFree Download
  • 8. Vidyo Screen Recorder
  • All iPhone, iPad, iPodFull VersionFree Download

    1. TechSmith Capture

    TechSmith Capture

    TechSmith brings you one of the best iOS screen recorder tools for the iPhone/iPad. They brought you the iMac screencast tool and now support devices running at least iOS 11. The first thing notable with this app is the way a first-time user is guided on how to go about the screen recording process.

    This app is able to record both the screen and also the audio when the need arises. Audio is captured using the microphone that can be helpful when you need to add narrations, verbal reactions, and voiceovers. To make sure you are actually ready before the recording process starts, a short countdown is provided to alert you. This screen capture app gives the user a well-organized library where you can find all your recordings and apply appropriate actions as need including reviewing, instant sharing and even deleting the unwanted ones.

    Recordings can be shared directly from your device to Camtasia or Snagit via WiFi transfer without the need for an internet connection. All that is needed is the interacting devices be connected to the same hotspot. The organized library we have touched on facilitates the instant review and sharing of video recordings. Once you are satisfied with the output, you will be sharing it to a destination of choice conveniently without leaving the app.

    download TechSmith Capture

    2. ScreenFlow


    ScreenFlow is an application for the Mac which can be used to record the iPhone/iPod screen. As we pointed out in the introduction, there are third-party applications that require extras to work. This is one of those apps as you will always need a connecting cable and a Mac computer. In the application settings, you just need to choose the device screen from which you are recording the screen; this will be shown on a dropdown.

    In case you need to include audio, just tick to include microphone capture or any other audio capture device that you may be using. Using this app is relatively easy and straightforward due to the simple and instinctive user interface. The learning curve is not steep at all for first-time users. An advanced video editor is provided to facilitate professionalism without leaving the app.

    Some of the editing options include cutting, dragging certain parts, adding callouts, adjusting transparency among others. Once you have had the recording ready, you can directly publish the screencasts to popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Facebook, Dropbox, and Wistia. Despite being feature-laden, the biggest setback with this tool is that it does not come free of charge like other apps.

    download ScreenFlow

    3. AirShou Screen Recorder


    AirShou is a top screen recording app for the iPhone or iPad that is brought to you free of charge and with no jailbreak needed for it to work. It comes with a simple and intuitive user interface so that even a new user does not go through much hassle. In terms of support, AirShou supports devices running iOS 9 and above.

    This app will give you high-quality screencasts of up to 1080p at 60 frames per second with an option to capture footage from the camera. It is also the only app I have seen providing an option to set a specific file name even before the actual screen recording starts. Besides that, you will be able to choose the most appropriate orientation for your capture session. As for the audio, AirShou lets you capture it using the built-in microphone beside internal audio capture option whose unique and high-quality stereo property is likened to no other.

    For those of us who are gamers, this app is able to detect installed games and you just need to choose the game from the app then start recording. This app is able to handle games and intensive apps due to its lightweight nature coupled by being powerful.

    download AirShou Screen Recorder

    4. DU Recorder


    DU Recorder is a popular and reliable iOS screen recorder tool that doubles as a live stream creator. With it, you will be able to record or stream live any content of choice including gameplay, live shows, and even sports among others. Whether you are just recording the screen or live streaming, DU gives you total control on the quality you would like to work with. Share content, of the best quality, with this app hassle free.

    When you need to capture audio together with the video, you just need to enable the option and DU will handle the rest. On top of this, a built-in video editor is provided to make sure the final video meets your standards and requirements. Some of the included tools include trimming, cutting, adding audio tracks, cropping, adding text annotations among others.

    All these options are accessible without leaving the app. However, DU does not provide all features free as there are premium features that require you to part with some cash. Some of the premium features include watermark removal, use of custom pause pictures, speed modification, cropping, RTMP broadcast, VIP feedback channel for live streams and more. Even if you do not purchase DU, the free version is powerful enough to get you started.

    download DU Recorder

    5. Record It!


    With support from iOS 11, Record it! Will enable you to record that gameplay, app review, walk-throughs, demos and any other content of choice. At the click of a button, you will be up running with your screen capture task. As you record the screen you can include reactions using the FaceCam which can be useful for instance when making YouTube videos. Better yet, you will be able to personalize the reactions by setting shape, position, and size with support for Camera Roll videos.

    This app has the capability of recording audio only too that can be used as commentary for previously recorded videos. It gets even better. Record it! features a built-in video editor that brings a range of useful tools out of the box. You will get access to trimming, video filters, adjustable playback speed, option to change canvas, change the background color and also rotate videos as the need may arise.

    This app also features a well-organized library where you can access all recordings in one place. From here, you will be able to share files easily and conveniently. In terms of sharing, you can do that directly to YouTube, camera roll or to other apps via email and AirDrop. Please note that, for the free version, video sharing is limited to 3 minutes and the limitation can be eliminated by upgrading to Pro version.

    download Record It!

    6. iOS Built-in Screen Recorder

    ios_built-in screen recorder

    Just like you are able to capture the screen on the iMac with the built-in QuickTime Player, iOS devices including the iPhone and iPad also carry an in-built screencast feature. However, it is good to note that this feature is only available for devices running the recent version of iOS; 11 or 12. Apple decided to bring this feature to devices out of the box to satisfy market needs for the users.

    It may not be the best iOS screen recorder tool but will for starters help you capture the screen in the best way it is capable of. Contrary to other third-party apps that give recording settings, the iOS built-in screen recorder will not let you tinker with frame rate, resolution or bitrate. To ensure you have no clutter when screencasting, you can activate DND mode to avoid interruptions and disturbances from things like calls and notifications.

    Audio is an important part of videos and this tool will enable you to capture sound using the microphone. Not forgetting a countdown that comes just before the screen capture starts to make sure that you are not caught off guard. To know you are capturing the screen, a pulsating red icon appears at the top of the screen and it is the same one that you press when you need to end the recording process.

    download iOS Built-in Screen Recorder

    7. BB Rec Screen Recorder

    BB Rec Screen Recorder

    BB Rec is one of the top screen recording apps for the iOS mobiles devices, iPhone/iPad. From the instance of its debut into the market, it gained fame among users all due to the awesome features it comes with. As a core function, this app will be able to record the screen in the best quality possible depending on the kind of content you want to deliver to the viewer.

    On top of that, you will also be able to capture footage from either the front or back camera and better yet be able to live stream any content of choice. Achieving the best video quality is possible with the available customizable frame rate and resolution. Using the highest combinations of these two components allows you to achieve even full-HD videos.

    Better still, length of non-stop screen recording is not that limited as you can record continuously for up to 2.5hrs. Depending on the content you are capturing, you can orientate captures as need be whether it is landscape for a racing game or portrait for an app review. BB Rec also offers in-built quick share options on your iPhone or iPad to help you deliver videos to the target audience even more conveniently.

    download BB Rec Screen Recorder

    8. Vidyo Screen Recorder

    Vidyo Screen Recorder

    Looking for a good and top screen capture app for your iPhone or iPad? Vidyo is here to give you the best screen recording experience on your iOS device. Being one of the best iOS screen recorders, Vidyo is able to record not only the device screen but also the cameras whether the front-facing or back camera. In order to get the best out of this app when screencasting, you are able to adjust the video resolution and frame rate to your preference.

    You will have 360p, 540p, 720p and 1080p as the resolutions while 10fps, 15fps,30fps, and 60fps will be the option you have for the frame rate. Another handy feature coming with this top iOS app is the ability to capture internal audio and also audio from capture devices like the microphone. The internal sound can be from gameplay while the microphone can be used to capture narrations.

    A background audio recording feature makes it seems like the device is muted but behind the scenes, audio is being captured in the best quality possible. To tweak the footage even further after recording, Vidyo avails to the use some video editing tools like trimming, playing with audio rate and play speed. You can save changes to the original file or as a new file.

    download Vidyo Screen Recorder

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