Skype Call Recorder for business

TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype is a well-designed, reliable utility to record your Skype calls in high quality on Windows. Besides, it allows you to save and manage your Skype voicemails and video messages easily, that's why it has been a Must-have Skype addon for Personal and/or Business use. It offers 7 days FREE trial with NO functional limitations.

Version: 2.9.0 | Filesize: 6.36MB

Released: April. 5, 2017

Supported Skype versions: From 6.16 to 7.34

Supported platforms: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32bit or 64bit)

High Quality of Skype video and audio call recording

With TalkHelper call recorder for Skype, you are able to record Skype video calls as well as screen shares smoothly and professionally, stores in AVI files with XVID codec supported.

Unlike other Skype recorders which are actually screen saver, TalkHelper records *inside* into Skype, makes sure every video frame during a Skype video call can be captured and saved, no matter the video is in a normal window, full screen or a floating window.

Skype audio calls can be saved in MP3 or WAV format with stereo or mono option supported.
Talkhelper's high-quality, HD recording is perfect for video podcasts and interviews with Skype.

record skype video calls in high quality and HD
save skype voicemail and video message

Save Skype video messages and voicemails easily

With TalkHelper, saving Skype video messages and voicemails becomes a simple mission, with one click, Skype voicemails and video messages will be saved in media files on your local disk, you are able to review/playback them via media player anytime.

Always support the latest version of Skype

TalkHelper Team has been working closely with the Skype development team, we make sure our product always works with the latest version of Skype (currently the newest Skype version is v7.34), as well as all of other Skype versions on Windows systems.

Skype recorder supports Skype 7
easy to use Skype free video recorder

Very easy to use and high stability

Functions of Skype call recording and voicemail downloading are automatically enabled, all you need to do is keeping TalkHelper running, as soon as a call on your Skype is established, TalkHelper automatically detects and records it for you, no matter it's an incoming call, outgoing call, or conference call with or without video enabled. Also, you are able to pause/resume call recording with one click on TalkHelper. It's just that simple.

What our clients say

I tried a dozen of Skype call recorders, TalkHelper is the only one that worked, and it worked really well. The quality of video recording of Skype calls is excellent, that's really important for my business!

— Michael Simmons (Northwest Church)

I have to say that people in TalkHelper really care about their customers and their product. I have not been disappointed with the product here.

— Remy Meyer (InfoHub, Inc.)

Thank you so much for providing the Skype call recorder! It's really easy to use, though.. Keep up the great works!

— Richard Pullan (English Teacher & Freelance Writer)

Wow, I like it very much. I’m a big fan of TalkHelper — makes recording video Skype calls really easy!

— Robin Good ( Cywest Communications, Inc.)