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Zamzar is a trusty conversion tool that lives on the web. Contrary to other similar functioning tools that are ads-laden, Zamzar delivers a well-arranged and clean interface with the aim of delivering the best experience for any user in regard to converting PDF files to JPG images.

PDF files always require an external application or plugin in order to open them but when they are converted to images, they can be viewed without much struggle. The JPG may not be as secure and editable as a PDF but it takes less storage space on the computer and in addition, is best for simple and convenient content sharing.

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This Zamzar review has identified the following outstanding traits;

  • Can be accessed from any computer or mobile device regardless of where you are in the world.
  • As Zamzar lives on the web, you get to save on storage space and other computer resources.

Zamzar Free Download

Software NameSupported OSOffline VersionFree Download
Zamzar PDF To JPG ConverterWindows 7/8/10Free DemoFree Download
TalkHelper PDF ConverterWindows 7/8/8.1/10Full VersionFree Download

Getting Started


The process is very simple as you just need to open your browser and navigate to the Zamzar website. It is from here that you have to complete a set of four steps that will see that you get to convert your PDF file to JPG image format and have the converted file back to you. This Zamzar review will go through each of the steps to find out what exactly each entails.

  1. Select Files – Basically, Zamzar lets you navigate to the directory where you have saved the PDF that needs to be converted to JPG. Alternatively, you can implement a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to add files for conversion in an even easier way. In case you have the target files saved somewhere on the cloud, you can simply add them to Zamzar via their URLs.
  2. Choose Format to Convert to – Since we already know the task at hand, we just need to select the target output format which is JPG. We are guided by the goal that our PDFs need to be converted to JPG.

  1. Enter Your Email Adress – Once you have added the files and selected output as JPG, it is time to input your email address which forms recipient for files converted. As indicated earlier by this Zamzar review, this tool resides on the web so converted can only get back to us via our emails. Caution is given to double check the email so as to make sure the converted files do not get sent to the wrong recipient. For those of us who do not like sharing our personal emails, disposable email addresses are advised.

Enter Your Email Adress

  1. It is Time! – Once you have all the above ready, the final process is just a click away. All that remains is to initiate the conversion process, sit back and relax and wait for the output. Zamzar guarantees conversion in less than 10 minutes.

Depending on the PDF file size, the upload can take some time and even some more for the actual conversion process to complete. It gets better, a link is sent to the email you gave for you to download the converted JPG image format. This process may seem long comes with its own goodies; save on storage space and use little resources especially for RAM and CPU which would have been used to run fully-fledged converter apps on the local computer.

Please note that Zamzar only stores the converted file for only 24 hours after which it is deleted from the servers. That means you should grab the converted file and save locally to avoid repeating the conversion process. And that is basically it for the Zamzar review.

What is your opinion about Zamzar as an online conversion tool for PDfs to JPGs? Does it live up to expectations?

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