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When it comes to speed, ease of use and efficiency of converting PDF files into the EPUB format equivalent, Xilisoft PDF to ePub Converter is here to make all that possible for you. Even with the high-speed conversion capability, there is no compromise at all on the quality of output as it is the catch for other similar functioning tools which consequently means that you do not have to sacrifice anything. For convenience purposes, you are also opened up to the simple drag-and-drop feature that enables you to add files to the program quickly and in a less time-consuming process. Better yet, you do not need to have any extra software or plugins installed in order to run this software as it is standalone in nature.

The most outstanding feature of Xilisoft PDF to ePub Converter is its ability to retain the original formatting and layout to the greatest extent and therefore ensure that the readability is not interfered with but instead made even better. For those of us who may have a load of PDF  files to convert, the batch conversion feature is at your disposal and empowers you with the ability to convert multiple PDF files simultaneously. On the other hand, if you are not looking to convert the whole PDF files, it is possible to select the pages or a page range that you are interested in. Xilisoft PDF to ePub Converter offers you two conversion modes, text or picture mode, depending on the one that augurs the best with you. How exactly do you get around this software? The guide outlined for you below has all the answers you are looking for.

Step by Step Guide

Whether you are after partial or batch conversion, Xilisoft PDF to ePub Converter manages to give you the right features to ensure that you get exactly that. With support for all the available versions of Windows starting from XP SP2, no one will be left out on this train. You do not necessarily need to have very high specs on your computer as this program consumes very little resources to transform PDF files into ePub format. Without further ado, let us now look at the actual process to convert PDF to ePub with Xilisoft PDF to ePub Converter.

Step 1: Install and Launch

Xilisoft PDF to ePub Converter features a pretty small installation package which means getting started should not take that long. Simply download the approximate 15MB installation package and install it on your computer so that you can arrive at the compact graphical user interface below. As you can confirm, every component is straightforward.

launch xilisoft pdf to epub

Step 2: Import PDF File(s)

There are two ways to go about this step depending on the one that is most convenient for you. Label 1 shows where to click when you need to add PDF files via the native file explorer method while Label 2 indicates where you should drop files after dragging them from the source folder. Add as many files as you want here and proceed to the next step.

drop files into the list

When you have added your target file(s), you should be able to find your files on the list with some information regarding the file like the name shown by Label 1, size, the number of pages among others. At the same time, you are given a preview feature under Label 2 that enables you to peruse through the PDF to confirm it is the one you intend to work on using the navigation options provided.

preview the ebook

Step 3: Adjust the Ebook Metadata (Optional)

Since we do not have to specify the output format, we instead show you how to take advantage by editing the information of your output file. Click on the “EPUB Info” as indicated by Label 1 in order to open up the “Edit EPUB Info” window shown by Label 2. Here you adjust parameters like the Author, Publisher, ISBN and more as you see fit. After you are done, click on the “OK” button to save the changes.

change the info of ebook

Step 4: Define the Pages to Convert

This is a crucial step that lets you decide how to go about the conversion process in terms of pages. Basically, you can define whether to convert the whole PDF file, just the current single page or alternatively pick a page range of interest. By default, Xilisoft PDF to ePub Converter sets itself to process the whole document.


Step 5: Specify a Saving Destination and Convert

We are in the final step and a step closer to the converted ePub file. But first, we need to specify where the converted file will go; Label 1 lets either choose to save in the source folder or optionally specify a whole different folder in the “Customize” option. At the same time, you have the option to directly open the output folder by clicking on the “Open” button. Once that is set, it is now the perfect moment to hit the convert button shown by Label 2 in order to start the transformation process.


Xilisoft PDF to ePub Converter is very quick when it comes to the processing of PDF files no matter the number of pages contained in the source file. In fact, you may not even notice like there is anything the software has done unless you open up the destination directory to find the converted ePub file. This is tacit proof of just how quick and efficient Xilisoft PDF to ePub Converter is. This is better when compared to the wait you have to go through before the output is delivered by other similar functioning software.

Looking at the guide above, Xilisoft PDF to ePub Converter gives you a guide that is reliable enough to rid you of any disappointments be it in the quality or the time frame for output delivery. In the instance you do not want to wait for the output to be delivered, you get to enjoy after actions like shutting down, hibernating and even putting the computer into standby mode when you are away. How else can PDF to ePub conversion get better than what Xilisoft PDF to ePub Converter has to offer? You are promised the best results without having to tinker with a plethora of options especially when it comes to picking the output format. With ePub being the only format that you can output to, the hassle of choosing an output format is eliminated.

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