WPS PDF To Word Converter

The brand WPS is already famous for the office suit tool WPS Office. So, it won’t come across to you as a strange name. One thing that characterizes the brand is the simplicity of their apps. Whether they carry that positive vibe over to their PDF converter app is what we are about to find out here. Join me as I review the WPS’s converting app as one of best PDF to word converter.

Product NameSupported OSPriceDownload Link
TalkHelper PDF ConverterWindows 7/8/8.1/10$29.95Free Download
WPS PDF to Word ConverterWindows XP/Vista/7/8/10$39.95Free Download

WPS PDF To Word Converter: An Overview

WPS PDF converter is a lot similar to the office suit that bears the same name: it is largely lightweight (40.34 MB) and a good option if you cannot afford the over expensive ones out there. It has a very fast conversion time frame and transmits all the necessary details of a converted file to the version chosen.

That is for the speed and download weight. Now, let’s look at the interface.

As is a tradition for me, the user interface rakes in a big score when reviewing any converter. From the look of things, I will say that the WPS PDF converter gets a fairly pass mark for its interface design.

WPS PDF To Word Converter UI

This is a very direct and straight-forward interface that points to what you need to do and how to achieve that. Without a doubt, it won’t pose a confusion any type of user: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

To make a conversion, all you need to do is either drag the PDF file to be converted into the designated spot on the app or just click the “+” sign. That almost summarizes all the details needed to get a PDF File converted on this app.

WPS PDF To Word Converter: How It Works

Just like IceCream PDF converter, WPS features a rather limiting conversion ability. But much unlike IceCream, this software only converts to Word. You should not be surprised because the name expressly spelled that out. Without argument or sweet-talking, this is a sizeable shortcoming for the app.

After upload, you are taken to a processing page where you get to decide how you want the file to be converted. Although it only converts to Words, there are a bit of option that can be selected within the Word sphere.

Save As Type Options


The options available include RTF, Native DOC, MS Word-Doc and MS Word-Docx. So you can convert into any of the Word options available there.

Further to this, you have the option of either splitting your PDF file during conversion or merging it all into a one-page document. This feature is similar to what other mid-ranged converters offers too, so, it does not add any feathers to the cap of WPS. If anything, I expected more from it because of the software company’s size in the word processing sector.

Page Merge and Page Split Options

So, when using the WPS converter, you can either use it to convert PDF Files to Word, or upload a PDF file into it to be split into separate pages or better still, to upload separate PDF files to be merged into one file.

The simplicity of this software is only second to the rather lean feature it has to offer. At a cost of US$29.95 for the premium converter, it is safe to say that it is worth the money spent when considering that it does more than just convert PDF to Word file. It can also split and merge your files.

On a final note, I was impressed by the quality of output conversion that WPS delivers. It is safe to say that it gives a better result than Free Online OCR and IceCream converter. This counts very highly for WPS and I suspect that the quality of output may be the result of the experience that the software company brings to the table in Word Processing.

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