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Considering its cost, I can only say I’m a little disappointed in more things about the Wondershare PDF Converter than I am impressed by it. This might come across as rather presumptuous, but I will give you the breakdown in a bit and allow you to make the judgment for yourself. Meanwhile, on the general, the app can be pitched as a medium scale converter that has the capacity to deliver good grade conversion.

For all it is worth, you can count on it to deliver just about the same as some apps in its category or level will deliver and it does so at a far more reduced cost. Without a doubt, this scores a good point for Wondershare and it deserves some accolade. Enough said, let’s get to unbox this one from the best PDF converting program list and see what makes it unique to others around.

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Product NameSupported OSPriceDownload Link
TalkHelper PDF ConverterWindows 7/8/8.1/10$29.95Free Download
WonderShare PDF Converter Windows 7/8/8.1/10$79.95Free Download

The Features

WonderShare PDF Converter

The user interface of the program is quite simple and direct to the point. At a glance, you know what to use to achieve what. Although it could have been better with a more robust view that shows all the intricacies of the app, there isn’t so much to be displayed since there is just so much to offer.

Going by the standard of what is obtainable right now, I expect that Wondershare will come up with a more sophisticated program, but that is not the case. What I saw was an app with rather slim features – just like Icecream PDF converter. This does not surprise me much as it has been clearly pointed out that Wondershare is solely a converting software.

I must quickly point out here that both the free and paid versions of this software can only convert from PDF to a handful of other file formats. This is one major setback in the features rendered by Wondershare.

Taken, it can convert across a wide array of file types (PDF to Excel, HTML, ePub, Office etc. It can even work with OCR features) however, there is the limit of non-transference to PDF. This is a major setback on its part because when compared to other apps that come at almost the same cost, they can convert from and to PDF. Not having this function is clearly a setback when it comes to comparing features.

Another key feature is that it is quite fast in its conversion process and output some efficient files. Basically, when I turned off the OCR function, the conversion speed increase largely while the general output is also better than when I used the OCR. I cannot directly explain why this is so, however, I know for certain that I will always opt for conversion on Windershare with the OCR off.

Breakdown Analysis Of Wondershare PDF Converter

One of the very important thing that makes a program top-notch and outstanding is the output that it delivers. Having mentioned it briefly in the opening part of this review, I will visit it again here. What I am talking about here is the quality of output by the Wondershare converter.

First is the conversion of PDF to PPT. When I converted the file and saved it to PPT (with OCR turned on of course) the texts on the main pages came out well, but everything rendered as pictures with texts came out with gross distortion and was totally scattered and meaningless.

OCR used

So, you can see for yourself that there is a huge difference in the result from using OCR and when it was not used.

Moving on to the speed of conversion, I noticed that (like Icecream PDF converter) this app also take a while to finish conversion process for a relatively low-volume file. When I put this to test with a 35 paged PDF file, putting on the OCR feature, it took well above 3 minutes to get this file converted. This is a lot of time compared to the seconds it took to convert the same file on Nitro PDF.

select pages for conversion

On the flip side, I found out that the pro version can conveniently work with multiple or even large volume of files. I am talking as much as 200 files! This is a good one as it takes much work off your hands if you need to go ahead with some other things.

Also, it has the ability to scan through pages and convert specific pages. This is a cool one because it can allow you focus on the exact pages you want to work on as opposed to converting the whole file when you only need to use a few pages.


Putting everything together, I can only say that the Wondershare PDF converter is at best good for small and medium scale conversion tasks. If you are looking to use this for industrial purpose, you have to be ready to give more time to get things done. Also, you will need to decide if you can give priority to converting more text-based files than image and graph-based ones.

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