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If you are looking to escape all that restriction of editing videos on just a single platform or device, WeVideo is what satisfies this need. As an online video editor, you are able to rid yourself of the need to go through cumbersome software installation processes in a great way. At the same time, you are able to work from just any device or platform as long as you have a modern web browser app coupled with a good internet connection.

Actually, its flexibility, ease of use, and efficiency will blow your mind. No matter your level of experience in video editing, WeVideo lets you have a hold on professional features like the green screen and at the same time gets to work with myriads of video formats suitable for any kind of audience. As much as you are working online, you never have to suffer from long wait times for the uploads and therefore spend less time editing your videos. To spice up your video, WeVideo delivers a rich set of free built-in stock media content including images, videos, and music tracks that you can rest assured will not infringe any copyrights out there.

Better yet, you are opened up to cloud-based storage which means you never have to worry about running out of storage space when you are editing videos with WeVideo. As devices get sophisticated with each new day, WeVideo will let you start your video editing process on one device, jump to another, and even a completely different platform but at the end of the day still continue working on the same video.

How to Edit Video Online with WeVideo

Boasting over 30 million video editing enthusiasts, WeVideo has really made a name for itself in this industry making it stand out among the many go-to solutions out there in the market. This article goes past just introducing the features to you but also a step higher to teach you how to take on the video editing process with WeVideo. One thing to note here is that you have to create an account with WeVideo in order to access the video editing page and accompanying features. Luckily, that process is not complex at all and you should be done in just a matter of moments. Once you have signed up and managed to get to open the main interface, you are ready to take on the video editing process.

Step 1: Define the Video Aspect Ratio

By defining this, you will be able to output the final video in the right aspect ratio making the viewer not struggle with the orientation. This is the first step that you get to do before you can unlock the main interface. Taking reference from your clip, pick the right aspect ratio in the area labeled 1 and then hit the button labeled 2 to effect the adjustment.


Step 2: Add Media Files, Place on Timeline, and Cut

Adding media assets to this program is very convenient as you can simply drag-and-drop files in the indicated window or optionally use the native way of adding files. At the same time, you have a chance to create media from scratch by either screen recording or capturing your own narration. Just make sure you are on the “Media” tab labeled 1, import files under Label 2, or capture your own using the options under Label 3. You can also import from online platforms like Google Drive, Facebook, Box, Instagram, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Flickr.


WeVideo lets you add your media assets onto the timeline even before the upload process is done and therefore rid you of the need to wait as mentioned earlier in the introduction. Labels 1 and 2 show you where to place the video and audio on the timeline. On the other hand, if you are looking to cut/split the audio or video clip, move the play head labeled 3 to the exact frame and hit the cut icon labeled 4.


Step 3: Title the Video

For the viewer to have a better understanding of your video, it is necessary to incorporate appropriate titles that go a long way to guide the viewer on the topic of interest. This online video editor boasts of several categories of text titles including motion, in season, static, and callouts. Simply click on the “Text” tab labeled 1 in order to open the mentioned categories shown by Labed 2. Pick your category of choice, select a preferred text type, and drag it onto the timeline depending on where you want it to appear in the clip as shown by Label 3. To edit the template to have your own title words, double-click the template on the timeline to open the interface where you can make adjustments.


Step 4: Transition Clips

If by any chance you did split your clip or even added two clips back to back, there is a need to spice up the intersection point to make the video eye-catching. This is the moment where transitions come in handy and WeVideo has got you covered here. Heading over to the “Transitions” tab labeled 1 will open you up to the standard and additional categories shown under Label 2 after which, depending on the category you choose, you will be able to pick a preferred transition and drag it onto the splitting point as shown by Label 3. When you see a green bar at the intersection point, it means you are placing the transition in the right place.


Step 5: Add a Background

In the instance, you are working on a small clip in terms of resolution and you do not want to enlarge it lest the quality becomes even poorer, you can take advantage of the backgrounds that WeVideo delivers to you. With the background, you will be able to place the clip on top but at the same time ensure that the background does not contrast much with your clip. Luckily for you, there are a lot of backgrounds to choose from as shown below. The trick is that the background has to form the first video track before you add other tracks.


With the editing process coming to an end, it is time to render the final video that you can then apply further actions to later. Simply hit the “Finish” button on the top-right corner area, give an appropriate name to the video, and complete the process. It shouldn’t take ages before the output is with you.

And just like that, you have managed to go through a successful process to edit videos using the reliable WeVideo tool. It is wise to note that when using the free version of this program, you will not escape the watermark placed on your video though you can get rid of this by upgrading to the paid version. With this mode of video editing, downloading and installing the software will be a thing of the past on top of opening up yourself to working from just any device or platform you feel like without the need to set up the project afresh every time. Bottom line is, WeVideo is definitely a force to reckon with.

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