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This is a very good choice solution for those looking to realize successful and reliable video editing without having to dig deep into their pockets. VSDC Free Video Editor comes loaded with a plethora of features all of which are geared towards you coming up with masterpieces by giving you the chance to challenge your creativity. Its multimedia support level is pretty rich especially for popular codecs and formats for audio and video besides the ability to add images. This is on top of a cornucopia of video effects that you can take advantage of to spice up your projects including color correction, filters, and objects transformation.

At the same time, VSDC Free Video Editor lets you come up with your own effects by giving you the chance to combine the same effects with filters to your preference. With audio forming an important part of video clips, VSDC Free Video Editor allows you to play with the audio as you like in terms of applying effects and filters that cut across volume correction, equalizer, sound normalization, reverberation, echo among others.

At the end of the day, you are assured that the audio will be precise. Boasting of a non-linear editor, VSDC Free Video Editor lets you create as many objects as you wish in random locations and points while at the same time not forgetting the much-coveted masking feature. Find out below how to get started.

How to Use VSDC Free Video Editor

This video editing software is very powerful especially since it has support for resolutions of up to 4K. This means you will be able to maintain small video files that are of the highest quality possible. With subpixel accuracy, you can rest assured that objects will be positioned at the right and hot frame in the most convenient way. To apply motion tracking and other features like Instagram-like filters, you need to be conversant with how to go about the process. Luckily for you, this article goes the extra mile to bring you the guide below to help you get around easily. Here is how to about the video editing process using VSDC Free Video Editor.

Step 1: Create a New Project or Directly Add Media Files

VSDC Free Video Editor gives you two ways to get started as can be seen below. Label 1 shows the option to create a new project where you need to define various parameters in the pop-up window. The other option labeled 2 sees to it that you get down to the video editing process by getting to add media assets directly but still you need to define the project settings too or just rock the defaults so no escaping that. Click on the “Finish” button to start.


Step 2: Split and Trim

Depending on where the plat head is on the timeline, you have a chance to split and even cut out any portion of the video clip with the ultimate ease. Therefore, move the play head labeled 1 to your preferred point and then hit the razor blade-like icon labeled 2 in order to split the video at that position. Once the video is split, expand the “Trim” drop-down menu and choose either to trim the first or last portion. You should be left with one portion when you do this.


Step 3: Apply Video FX

This is an easy peasy task that simply involves you right-clicking on the portion of the video that you have already split in order to apply an effect. In the resulting side menu, pick the “Quick styles” category or any other that you are interested in and then finally choose the specific effect you want from the resulting window like the one labeled 3. The moment you click on it, the effect will immediately be applied to that video segment. This is where you will get the chance to color grade and color correct your footage in case the footage was taken in poor lighting conditions and thus an outstanding feature of VSDC Free Video Editor.


Step 4: Apply Slow Motion

VSDC Free Video Editor is here to spice up your videos even more by letting you apply slow motion to various sections of your clip in order to give that professional touch to it. Using the split feature covered earlier, make the actual segment be on its own by splitting at the right points. Next, click on that specific video segment as shown by Label 1 and the properties windows will be displayed on the right-hand side. On this window, look for the “Speed” option as shown by Label 2 and adjust the value from 100 going downwards depending on the speed you want. Of course, use the window labeled 3 to preview whether the speed is just as you need it.


Step 5: Video Stabilization

VSDC Free Video Editor is generous enough to bring you this special feature that comes in handy to make shaky video footage to be smoothly playable like for instance the case of footage obtained from a GoPro. Video stabilization can be pretty time-consuming and therefore is advisable to cut out portions that need stabilization and just process those specific ones. To access this feature, click on the “Tools” tab labeled 1 and in the resulting options, pick the first “Video stabilization” option which on clicking will open up a window with all the necessary tools. Mind you, this is a feature exclusive to the paid version of this video editor program.


Step 6: Normalize Audio and Apply Other Effects

There are moments when the audio in our video is not coming out in the best way possible. This calls for amplitude normalization that seeks to correct this kind of problem. Therefore, select the audio from the timeline as shown by Label 1 after which you need to expand the “Audio effects” in the editor ribbon at the top as shown by Label 2. On the “Amplitude” side menu, you will be able to see the option labeled 3 that will open up the necessary window for you.


It is from the window below that you will be able to adjust the percentage of the normalization level as shown below on top of the extra options that you can tinker with as you deem necessary. Hit the “OK” button when you are done in order to save the level that you are satisfied with. You realize that there are other effects you can take advantage of including filters and even the chance to reverse audio depending on the kind of effect you want to achieve in relation to the video.


Once you are done with the editing process, VSDC Free Video Editor opens you up to a rich output process as can be seen below. You can output to your preferred destination as shown by Label 1 and couple that with a format of choice under Label 2. Pick a destination folder and even a preset profile under Label 3 which you can also refine further depending on how you want the output to be. From there, you are now ready to render the final video clip with VSDC Free Video Editor.

And just like that, you have managed to apply basic video editing on top of some extra outstanding options that go a long way to make your video have that extra touch of professionalism. VSDC Free Video Editor gives you a simple and intuitive user interface to work with which means that it is a good choice for any wannabe professional or even a first-timer user who does not want to dig too deep into their pockets for a video editing software. With this tutorial, you are definitely set yourself on a path to edit video clips like a pro. It is time to make use of it even more and push it to its limits.

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