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Vokoscreen is a free and open source screen recorder for the Linux platform. With it, you will be able to record gameplay, walkthroughs, tutorials, video conferences and any other type of content on your desktop that you feel should be captured and shared.

Since Linux does not come with a fully-fledged screen recording feature except for the screenshot option, you will need a third-party app like Vokoscreen to enrich you with necessary tools to help you capture the screen. In case you are a developer, you can contribute to the development by accessing the source code on Github.

This Vokoscreen review cannot fail to recognize the simple and intuitive user interface that comes with this app. Action buttons like start, stop and pause and available on all screens of the software interface meaning you never have to hassle looking for them. The main aim of this article is to give a detailed review of the features that Vokoscreen delivers to you from the moment you decide to get started with it.

With this review article, you will be able to make a well-informed decision in case you want to explore Vokoscreen screencasting tool for Linux distributions like Ubuntu. Let us dive in straight to the review.

Recording the Screen

Any application will not be termed will never be termed as a screen recorder if at all it cannot perform the basic function of capturing the screen for starters. Vokoscreen will let you record in a range of options including full-screen recording, window capture and even a specific area on the screen.

Window capture comes in handy when you need to capture a specific application without including other items displayed on the screen like when you need to walk someone through a signup process in a browser. On top of that, you will be able to select the display to capture from when you have more than one screen connected to your computer. Just select the target screen and accompanying resolution.

Recording the Screen

On top of that, there is a magnification feature coming with this app but enables you to emphasize certain parts of your recording to make sure the viewer is able to understand better.

For example, you can magnify an area that contains a button of interest so that the viewer follows exactly what is required in a more convenient way. Furthermore, to make the most out of the video screen recording in terms of video quality, you are able to decide on the frame rate to work with, the file format to save in and ultimately the preferred video codec

Webcam Capture

Webcam Capture

Vokoscreen has the capability of recording footage from a webcam connected to your Linux system. For desktop stations, you will need an external webcam but if you are using a laptop, you can comfortably implement the built-in webcam.

With the webcam, you can record yourself giving a talk, your body reaction or any other activity that would need you to use this feature. In the instance you have more than one webcam devices connected to your Linux system, Vokoscreen will let you select the preferred one from an easily accessible dropdown list.

Audio Capture

Audio Capture

Even from previous reviews, we have all come to know the importance of including audio in our recordings. As a recap, audio capture lets you include verbal reactions, narrations and voiceovers to your video without the need for external tools. Vokoscreen is not left behind as it can capture audio from the internal devices like the webcam microphone or from a connected audio capture device.

The recorded audio will be automatically mixed with the screen recording. Better yet, you get to choose the audio codec to work with for the best quality of in the final output.

Show Keys and Mouse Clicks

When you need a screencast to be as informative as possible, it is advisable to include small but handy extras. Vokoscreen allows you to do this by giving you options to show pressed keys and when the mouse is clicked. The viewer will not have to speculate on the keys to use or where to perform clicks. It will be very easy for anyone to see highlighted clicks and keys popping up on the screen when pressed.

Make your next screencast very informative with this feature that is delivered to you for free. Another thing regarding the mouse is that you can choose to show the cursor or not when you are screencasting depending on the task at hand.


At times, you may be caught unawares by the screencasting starting even without you knowing. Vokoscreen is here to that hassle for you by including a customizable countdown feature that will conveniently count down the moment you hit the start button. One the countdown spirals down it automatically means the screen capture process has started. You can set the length of time you prefer for the count which you know will be enough for you.

Output Management

Output Management

Definitely, your recordings have to be saved somewhere on your Linux computer after you are done with the capture process. Vokoscreen gives you total freedom when it comes to managing the saving directory. Choose your most convenient folder to save your screencasts in but make sure you have necessary write permissions in that specific folder lest you are denied access.

Also, you can choose the default player to open your recorded screen videos by default like for instance VLC. At the same time, you are able to select the default recorder to use with FFmpeg being the advised one to use with Vokoscreen recorder.

User Interface Management

It would not be a great experience when you get a screen recorder interface intruding on what you need to capture. Luckily, for Vokoscreen screen capture tool, you are able to hide the main interface in two ways.

One is that you can minimize the app to the system tray and the second enable an option whereby the screen recorder app is minimized automatically when the recording process starts. This means that you will be able to record any part of your screen without worrying about where to hide the main window of Vokoscreen.

Explore all these options by getting started with Vokoscreen on your Linux distribution of choice.

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