VodBurner for Skype Full Review and Alternatives

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VodBurner is the ultimate call recorder for Skype that will give you that wholesome and comprehensive video production experience. It has absolutely no time limits when it comes to how long you can record an audio or video call and this puts it on top of other similar-functioning Skype recorder for PC that happens to pose various limitations. And when we talk of call recording, it is not any normal recording but rather one that avails exemplary crystal clear recordings that are in no way a hassle to make out the contents.

You will be amazed by how every frame is captured at its maximum resolution and the final video being saved in either the MP4 or WMV formats that are best-suited when sharing. For that top-notch control over the video mixing process, each side of the video call is recorded separately. Past that, you have tons of video editing options to ameliorate the video with before saving or sharing.

Features of Vodburner

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Vodburner for Skype

How to Use Vodburner

For an eventful process to record Skype video calls on WIndows with VodBurner, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Install and launch VodBurner. By default, VodBurner for Windows is meant to start automatically after installation but in case it does not, launch it from the Start menu.

Step 2: Start your video call on Skype so that VodBurner can automatically commence the process to record the Skype video call. If it does not start automatically, simply click on the “Record” button on the interface.

Step 3: End the video call on Skype so that VodBurner can also stop recording. When you do so, VodBurner for Windows will prompt you to get into the video editing process where you will be able to refine the video before the final saving.

VodBurner for Windows is not complex at all and will work the magic for you anytime you need to record video calls on Skype. Another feature highlight of this call recorder for Skype is the ability to record more than one camera simultaneously besides the chance to select zoomed or letterbox views when the need arises.

On top of that, you can choose between recording one specific side only or both sides though it is advisable to let the other party know that you are recording them. With this comprehensive step by step tutorial, it is time to make Skype call recording less daunting.

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