VideoLan Movie Creator Review & Free Download

Even after bringing you a fully-fledged media player, VideoLan has also gone the extra mile to ensure that it has not been left out in having a bite of video editing by delivering the VideoLan Movie Creator software. If you find the name to be a mouthful, you can simply call it VLMC and is a tool that comes very handy when you need to make videos out of raw footage. Actually, you are able to join as many videos and audio as you want and ultimately get to export them in the MPG, AVI among other formats.

VideoLan Movie Creator opens you up to non-linear video editing that consequently brings in that feeling of flexibility when you need to edit to the precision of a frame beside the ability to spice up the video with your preferred audio track. It is a pretty simple and instinctive video editor program especially when you consider that it features a wizard-based process when setting up your project prior to the actual video editing process. This means that a beginner will be able to get started with VideoLan Movie Creator without any hassle unlike when presented with other complex apps.

This software boasts of a dual window interface where you can view the source assets and another one where you preview how your project is coming about. When it comes to the output, you have the freedom to pick a preferred resolution, framerate, quality, and codecs to use. On top of this introduction section, you also have the chance to get acquainted with how to accomplish video editing using this top-notch program.

How to Edit Videos Using VideoLan Movie Creator

VLMC is not platform dependent at all which means you can work from Windows, Mac, and Linux without worrying about prevalent compatibility issues. You also get to download it for free thanks to it being a fully open-source program. During the editing process, you can choose to enable the autosave option so that you can be on the safe side in the instance of a power loss. At the end of this step by step guide, you will become accustomed to editing video files with the ultimate convenience and ease without spending not even a single penny. Let us now dive into the process and explore what VideoLan Movie Creator has in store for you.

Create a Project

The first time you start VideoLan Movie Creator, it will present you with a wizard that will guide the process to create a video editing project. If you have a pending project that you had saved earlier, you will also be able to open it here. Since we are getting started we will pick the “Create a new project” option under Label 1 before hitting the “Next” button labeled 2.


Just follow the next prompts like giving a name to your project on top of the location where you prefer to save it. At the same time, you will be allowed to finetune the project by opting in on your preferred project dimensions, resolution, frame rate in addition to audio parameters as shown below. Do not forget to hit the “Finish” button at the bottom when you are done.


To confirm that you are on the right track, you should be presented with the interface below after you have clicked on the finish button referenced above.


Import Assets and Trim

Accomplishing this step is quite easy as VideoLan Movie Creator ensures that you do not have to take ages to do it. An extra feature you get here is the ability to trim your media assets even before you can add them to the library. On the main interface, hit the “Import” button shown below to open the relevant interface.


Use the window labeled 1 to navigate to where your target video or audio file is located and then double-click on it to add it to the media list as shown by Label 2. Label 3 gives you the preview window where you are also able to trim or cut the video by moving the play head labeled 4 to your chosen points and then hitting the appropriate start and end marker under Label 5. When you do so, you should have markers like the ones shown by Labels 6 and 7 respectively. Once that is done, simply hit the scissor-like icon labeled 8 to complete the task at hand. In the instance you need to adjust the volume of the clip, you just need to drag the slider labeled 9. When you are satisfied with the changes, hit the “OK” button at the bottom.


Drag and Drop Assets in the Timeline

On the non-linear timeline, it is time to drag and drop the media assets so that you can ready yourself for further actions. Easy peasy here as shown below but make sure to drop each asset on the right track. Label 1 shows the video while Label 2 indicates where you should place the audio.


Apply Video FX

VideoLan Movie Creator does not have so many features like other video editors but it boasts of a pretty wide list of video effects that you can take advantage of. When you have placed your video on the timeline, you will observe the “FX” button on the left-hand side like the one labeled 1. By clicking on it, you will open up the “Effect stack” dialog box where you get to pick your target FX from the drop-down menu under Label 2. Once you have picked the effect, click on the plus icon labeled 3 to add it in the list labeled 4. Next, click on the added effect in order to have a chance to refine the parameters under Label 5. Hit the icon labeled 6 to apply the adjustments while the icons under Label 7 will help rearrange and delete any effect if need be. Ultimately, click on the “OK” button labeled 8 to exit the interface. You should also be able to notice the effect name with a blue background on the timeline.


Joining or Merging Videos

VideoLan Movie Creator lets you do this without much hassle. For instance, here we have already added part one of our clip as can be seen on the timeline. To append the next part, import it and then drag it just after the current clip as shown below. This means that when rendered, both will form a single video file.


Preview and Export

The “Project Preview” window should not pass your eyes as it is the one that helps ensure that the changes you are making get reflected. Therefore, even after you are done editing individual clips, use it to preview the full project in order to ensure that all the adjustments you have made come out just as you wanted. On VideoLan Movie Creator, this handy window is none other than the one labeled 1 below that has playback control buttons. Once you are satisfied with the changes you have made, you can either export the final video file to either a local file or directly to YouTube by clicking on the buttons labeled 2 and 3 respectively depending on the one that augurs the best with you.


Getting to export the final video file means that you have managed to go through a successful video editing process using VideoLan Movie Creator. As much as there are not many features to exploit, the little that it has is enough to get you through a basic video editing process and at the end of the day have results that are worth sharing with your target audience especially when you make good use of the cornucopia of filters. Now that you are familiar with getting around VideoLan Movie Creator, you can now practice even more on your own and make the best out of what it has to offer.

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