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UniPDF, just as the name suggests, provides a set of tools that help convert PDF to a wide range of formats including Microsoft Word, images, webpages, among others. While other tools convert to and from PDF format, this software lays its focus on solely converting PDFs into other formats.

With 100% free availability, UniPDF has built a pretty solid rapport with users due to its minimalistic standalone nature and the ultimate simplicity that suits novice users. Even better, whenever you convert PDF to Word or any other format, anticipate that all the layout and formatting will be retained in the output file.

No matter the version of Windows you are rocking, you are guaranteed comprehensiveness and reliability akin to none other. This review article will dig deeper to realize all the features you are bound to encounter when you quest to convert PDF files. Before we do that, here are some UniPDF pros and cons;

Pros & Cons of UniPDF

  • Features batch mode
  • Guarantees format and layout retention
  • Multilingual
  • Offers both partial and full conversion
  • Overly simple and minimalistic
  • Delivers high-quality output
  • Only converts PDF files to other formats

How to Use UniPDF

Key Features in UniPDF

UniPDF concentrates on PDF conversion, and to be specific, converting PDFs into other formats. In the subsequent section, we will look at the various conversion modes offered as they build up the key features that this Windows app has to offer. Let’s dig in!

Convert PDF to Word


When looking for a quick way to edit PDFs, it is advisable to convert the files into an editable format like Microsoft Word. UniPDF helps you to achieve this by letting you convert PDF in either of the supported two formats, RTF or DOC. The best thing about this process is that the original layout and formatting are retained, therefore ridding you of the need to apply post-conversion editing actions to correct errors.

Convert PDF to Text

We all know that having to retype a PDF document to obtain content can prove to be quite a hassle. But that goes away the moment you bring UniPDF into the equation.

Amazingly, UniPDF can convert PDF files into plain TXT format that you can then copy and paste into another editable document. The text is retracted with high levels of accuracy too to make sure there are no errors at all. This way, you end up saving a ton of time and effort that would have been consumed retyping.

Convert PDF to Image

One of the quickest ways to share information with the target audience without the need for sophisticated PDF software like Adobe Acrobat is by converting PDF files into their image format equivalent. Images can be opened conveniently on any device without special software and UniPDF has a good share of supported image formats you can convert into.

The supported image formats include JPG, BMP, TIF. PNG, GIF, PCX, and TGA. More importantly, you can tweak the image resolution and color bits before conversion to deliver just the kind of image quality you intended.

Convert PDF to HTML

UniPDF is an avid program that recognizes the need to share information no matter the platform or operating system the target audience is using.

This is why you are provided with PDF to HTML conversion tool that simply transforms a PDF file into a webpage format that can be rendered on a web browser. The best part about this is that the PDF information can be viewed directly from the web without the need for viewing software or even downloading the file.



UniPDF provides the above conversion tools but does not stop there. We mentioned that you can save a great deal of time and effort using the incorporated batch processing mode; multiple PDFs can be converted simultaneously.

To give you more control over the conversion process, UniPDF lets you select pages, page ranges, or all the pages to convert depending on the required information. Also, you can pick the language you like among the supported ones to localize the program.


UniPDF is available in a free edition version that comes with limitations. These limitations can however be overcome through obtaining UniPDF Pro by either purchasing the Expert edition (limited to 3 PCs max) at $29.97 or the Business edition (unlimited PCs) at $99.97.


UniPDF is a solid piece of software that takes on PDF conversion with vim and vigor. Whether you are converting PDFs into Word, Image, Text, or HTML format, you have the right tool for the job, UniPDF. It is minimalistic, offers batch conversion, delivers high-quality results, and is way more affordable compared to Adobe Acrobat.

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