TinyTake Full Review and Alternatives

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TinyTake is an app by MangoApps that delivers robust features and still manages to remain a simple screen recording software on Mac and Windows platforms.

Just like most of the other screen capture tools out there, it can record the full screen or even a user-defined area besides featuring annotations. As a result, you need not be an expert media editor since TinyTake has got your back to eliminate some of the instances that you would require a video editor later.

TinyTake has also invested well in the sharing part considering that your finished videos can be sent directly as emails, or to some video hosting websites like YouTube, and still, you have the option to save the output locally.

Besides video recording, this app from MangoApps also allows users to capture screenshots including the webcam, and apply necessary annotations. You are also opened up to both a free and premium plan for this app depending on how much you want to accomplish.

It takes a different approach to the paid version as you can subscribe depending on how long you have projected to use the app like a day, a week, a month, or a year. Mind you, you have to register first before gaining access to the features but it is an easy task to accomplish. A quick summary of the main pros and cons of this tool gives us the following.

TinyTake – Free Download

Product NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
TinyTakeWindows 7/8/8.1/10Full VersionFree Download
TalkHelper Screen RecorderWindows 7/8/8.1/10 Full VersionFree Download

Pros & Cons of TinyTake


      • Ease of use – The process involves a matter of 3 steps that you undertake on a simple and instinctive user interface.
      • Free cloud storage – Cloud storage, starting from 2GB, lets you save your files online and when you need to share files, you just need to grab the link and send it to the target party.
      • Well-thought premium plans – TinyTake has a big plus here as it is way more sensible than what other premium apps have to offer in terms of pricing.
      • Annotations – Instead of just video recording and taking screenshots, you have annotations to help drive your point home better.


      • Somewhat limited free version – With the free version, you will not have access to annotations, editing options, and the recording will be capped at 5 minutes top.

How to Use TinyTake

TinyTake In-depth Look

Whether you are on Mac or Windows, this is the tool you need to capture and annotate both video and snapshots with the ultimate convenience. It is one of the fastest apps in the industry that you can obtain for free and record a video length of up to 120 minutes.

You will just go through a mere 3 steps to accomplish the task at hand; capture the screen, annotate it accordingly, and then share it with the target audience. There is even more in store for you when we break down these steps for you below.

1). Screen Capture


This is the first step you go through and TinyTake has quite a lot of ways you can record the screen here. By offering you multiple options here, you are assured of getting to accomplish exactly what you are looking forward to. When capturing the screen, you get to incorporate audio too both from the microphone (narrations) or the system and have hotkeys to make the process even more convenient. What can you capture with this software? Here is your answer.

      • Full-screen capture – Record the entire screen with everything that is happening on it like a game.
      • Specific area capture – Define your region of choice that you want to be recorded. Simply drag the mouse cursor to specify the exact region.
      • Window capture – With this, you can record a single application window even when you have other windows open on the screen.
      • Webcam capture – This is useful to grab footage using the webcam and go a long way to help you achieve personalization through picture-in-picture mode.
      • Screenshot capture – You are free to take snapshots from the main capture window or from the webcam.

2). Edit and Annotate


Now that you have recorded the screen or taken a screenshot, it is a good time now to edit and annotate it for refinement before eventual sharing.

When it comes to annotation capabilities, you get to zoom in/out, add text, lines, blur, apply colors, and include various shapes depending on how you want the output to be. Highlights can be added effortlessly to markup areas of focus in your video or screenshot.

Working with these editing features is pretty simple especially considering that they are applied through the much-coveted drag-and-drop feature hence saving you both the time and effort. Once you are satisfied with the output, it is time to jump to the next step and find out what is in store for you,

3). One-click Sharing


Any output generated by this screen recorder can be handled in various ways when it comes to sharing. Of course, you can choose to save the video or screenshot locally on the hard disk even before you consider further action.

TinyTake has come to provide you with the ultimate convenience when it comes to sharing as you are about to find out. At the click of a button, your files will be up for sharing via email, copied to the clipboard, or direct printing.

Better yet, sharing multiple files at the same time is also possible thanks to the bulk sharing feature included. In case the output file is overly large, TinyTake will apply compression into the file so that it is just the right size for sharing.

Unlike some other apps, this software can share folders although they are first zipped automatically before being uploaded to cloud storage after which every file will have an individual public URL – this means one can download just the specific file they need.


TinyTake is a very screen recorder that will surely not disappoint you in regards to what it offers you. It is also worth noting that this app comes with a built-in file viewer that supports several standard formats like videos, audio, images, and PDF files. Price-wise, you can grab the free version that is for personal endeavors, limited to 5-minute recordings, ad-laden among other limitations, or go for the premium Standard, Plus, and Jumbo plans that call for an annual subscription of $29.95/Yr, $59.95/Yr, and $99.95/Yr respectively.

The premium plans will come in handy to eliminate the limitations that are posed by the free version. Whether it is software tutorial creation, recording a presentation, or taking snapshots, TinyTake is an ideal program to consider.

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