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TinyTake for Windows

Tinytake from MangoApps is a screen capture software that also doubles as a video recorder. From the moment I installed the software, I found that it has a different approach to how we interact with screencasting software. Why do I say this?

Launching Tinytake after successful installation, I expected to be taken to the main operating screen to start my screen recording task but instead was presented with a login window requiring my email, password, and domain. This means that you need to have an account with Tinytake and more so have a working internet connection. This was the first time to come across a good screen recorder that works this way.

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To make sure you do not get any internet connection issues, Tinytake includes customizable proxy settings. This comes in handy when you do not have a direct connection but rather one that utilizes proxies. Having a good connection is vital to the uninterrupted working of this software especially from the initial stage where you have to login or signup. Tinytake has got you covered on this stage as you can easily create an account if you do not have one.

TinyTake – Free Download

Product NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
TinyTakeWindows 7/8/8.1/10Full VersionFree Download
TalkHelper Screen RecorderWindows 7/8/8.1/10 Full VersionFree Download

Get Started with TinyTake

Once you have been able to sign in or sign up with Tinytake, you will be ready for your first screen capture task. This software is actually very superior in what it can capture. First and foremost is the ability to record the Windows PC screen be it as a specific region, an application window and most of all the entirety of the screen when need be. Besides recording the screen as a video, you have the option of taking snapshots of what is on the screen and save as images.

In addition, Tinytake lets you capture footage from video devices. A good example of a video device is your Windows PC webcam. You will be able to record the video at a presentable quality after which you can include the video in another video or just share it as it is depending on the goal at hand. In case you have more than one video devices connected to your PC, Tinytake lets you decide on the one to use with an option to preview whether the device is working as expected. Moreover, you can still take screenshots with the webcam without any limitations.

Audio is an important part when dealing with videos. You may have different audio devices on your computer but Tinytake gives you freedom to choose your preferred device. For instance, in the case you have to use the microphone, you get extra control on the volume level by adjusting to optimum and best level for your video. Audio can be included in the video in the form of narration or just sound coming from software in the Windows PC system being used.

Why Choose TinyTake

We all like shortcuts on the PC that enable us to work faster and more conveniently. Tinytake has got you covered when it comes to this. Besides providing an option to use hotkeys, you also get to customize the hotkeys to fit your needs and much more convenience. You can also opt to use all hotkeys or just enable a few that you need.

Why Choose TinyTake

It gets even better with Tinytake when it comes to the editing tools that a user is provided with. Annotation is one of the editing tools that stands out greatly. With this app, editing is very easy whether it involves videos and images taken with Tinytake or even local media files that may not have been made with this software. In very easy steps you are able to open a file, annotate it in every way possible and within no time you are ready to share the file.

The annotation is even made easier with a drag and drop feature hence no need to waste time interacting with menus and options. Other tools include a highlighter that is very useful when drawing the attention of the viewer, blur effect for parts of the video or screenshot that you do not want to be seen. The blur effect can be used to hide instances where sensitive information is used on the screen as the case of email, passwords or even credit card numbers. Add effects, draw shapes, texts and colors all at the click of a button.


Once you have your video or screenshot ready, Tinytake has a one-click sharing option ready for you. You can store the file locally or better yet save to clipboard to paste it at a location of choice. Optionally, Tinytake provides integration of cloud services where you can save the files directly online then generate a link that can be shared on any platform on choice.

Another feature that this software boasts of is the Youtube integration. With a click of a button, you can directly share your video on Youtube without much hassle. Better yet, you get an option to set a default privacy setting for all your videos meaning you do not need to set it every time. The privacy options for Youtube available with Tinytake are private, public and unlisted.

An interesting feature of Tinytake is the quick share option. To support this, a drag-and-drop feature to quickly upload any files from your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC is provided. Even if it is a hierarchy of folders with files, this software automatically compresses all of them then uploads to the cloud. Even if they will be multiple files, each file will have its own public, shareable link.

An inbuilt file viewer is not a feature of all screen recorders but Tinytake rules here. You do not necessarily need to open files outside this software as the inbuilt file viewer can handle various file formats. You will be able to open documents, play any audio or video, open compressed files without having to leave the app. What’s more? Tinytake empowers you with a streaming feature for videos even before you can download them to your computer.

Tinytake definitely has special features to explore and play with when placed head-to-head with some other software in the same category. The special features make Tinytake outstanding especially for the cloud feature and inbuilt file viewer. A screen recorder giving you an online gallery is amazing considering you will save a lot on the local storage. With Tinytake screen recorder, you will worry less when it comes to storage space.

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