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some pdf to html converter

Some PDF To HTML Converter is a very superior PDF to HTML conversion tool that brings you handy tools. It is an important tool since HTML files are very simple to be indexed by search engines as compared to PDF files.

Instead of having to retype the content on the PDF file which is a tedious exercise, Some PDF to HTML converter is here to get rid of all that hassle for you. You will enjoy a simple, clean and intuitive user interface to ensure great convenience and competence. The features you have at your disposal are countable to make sure you get just the preferred output.

This Some PDF to HTML Converter review will dive deeper to get a whole picture on the features to expect when you get started. Having said that, let us take off with this review article.

Getting Started

Some PDF to HTML Converter is free and comes as a very small installation package. This means that downloading and installing should not take ages. Better yet, even a first-time user will not find the process cumbersome at all. Once you have installed Some PDF to HTML Converter, you will be open to the following options.

Preserve Content As It Was

Some PDF to HTML Converter will offer a very handy and powerful feature that ensures you preserve the original layout, bookmarks, links, vector drawings, images and most of all the original general layout of your PDF file. You will have every single component of your PDF in HTML format without compromising on anything hence make everything available on the internet, index and fully searchable.

General Output Options

Some PDF to HTML Converter provides several options for you to control the conversion process. Here, you will be able to decide whether to convert all pages of your PDF file to HTML or just select specific pages. You are also free to specify a range of pages as you would wish.

In addition, you can implement page zoom and also choose whether to enable hyperlinks as they were in the PDF or not. When you are done converting, you may want to preview how the output is directly from the app. In that case, you can just enable the option to open results once the conversion is done. The output HTML file will be opened externally via your default browser.

HTML Options

Some PDF to HTML Converter is very feature-laden when it comes to what you can modify here. Since an HTML file must have a title, you can use the default title or customize it to your liking if need be.

You can also specify keywords and the background color to use. When it comes to links, you can style each of them by specifying the normal link color, visited link color and the active links color. An easy to use color picture is provided to make sure the process is as convenient as possible.

On the other hands, you have been empowered with 3 HTML frame structures to choose from. One of them consists of a page index, page contents, and navigation. The second one has bookmarks, page contents, and navigation in its structure. Lastly, we have a content-only structure that does not have any frames.

Bookmarks form a special part of our HTML documents and Some PDF to HTML Converter has given you control over their background and font styles. Choose the color and font style combination in a very simple way using the color picker and drop down menu. In regard to navigation, you can opt to have your content aligned to the left, right or center and on top of that edit the background color for the same.

Images Options

Images carry a lot of information and having them outputted in the right way is very necessary. Some PDF to HTML Converter has gone an extra mile on not only allowing you to choose whether to include images or not but also deciding on the output format to use.

This application will let you convert images to a range of formats including PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF. Besides that, you will be able to determine the color space to use and also the quality as a percentage value.

When you explore all these features covered by this review, you will definitely convert your PDF file into the best HTML output possible. Implement the available hotkeys for convenience and quick completion of tasks instead of interacting with clicks and menus. Give Some PDF to HTML Converter a try and you will not be disappointed with the results. That is all for this Some PDF to HTML Converter review article. What is your opinion?

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