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Solid Converter PDF



Solid Converter PDF is the real deal when it boils down to converting PDFs into fully editable documents. Besides, you are also empowered with the option to create PDFs out of other documents, not forgetting the built-in PDF viewer to help you preview or open PDF files before further actions.

This program has taken on the PDF processing task in a more different way than what most tools offer and this makes it stand out. One thing that will be clear the moment you get started is just how much control you have over the output.

This review has identified that you are presented with the familiar Microsoft Office-like interface that contributes to ease of use especially when navigating. Before we dive into the various features at your disposal, here are a quick look at the Solid Converter PDF pros and cons;

Pros & Cons of Solid Converter PDF

  • Built-in OCR
  • Allows editing of document metadata
  • Features a built-in PDF viewer
  • Supports document compression/optimization
  • Offer encryption options
  • Supports batch processing
  • Multi-lingual
  • A shorter trial period compared to similar software
  • Poor user support

How to Use Solid Converter PDF

Key Features in Solid Converter PDF

Solid Converter PDF boasts a ton of features that make the processing of PDFs feel just like a walk in the park. This section of the review aims at getting you acquainted with the various features at your disposal so that you know exactly what to expect the moment you come across this free download software.

Convert PDFs

Using this feature, one can convert PDFs into other formats like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, text, or HTML. Depending on the kind of conversion you are undertaking, you are opened up to different options;

  • PDF to Word – This is usually the most common conversion mode as you quickly get an editable document within moments. Here you can opt to go for a Flowing Mode that keeps everything intact, Continuous Mode that only keeps formatting, text, and graphics intact, or the Exact Mode that uses text boxes to recover exactly how the source doc looks like. Other options help with table detection, managing header, and footers, and dealing with text annotations.


  • PDF to Excel – Here, you can choose to include non-table content in the output file and even combine multiple tables from different pages to form a single Microsoft Excel sheet. Even with tabular content, Solid Converter PDF will still get you the output in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets just like you wanted.


  • PDF to HTML – The outstanding options here are that you can choose between Continuous or Exact conversion, include or remove images, determine the image format to use, and specify the image width to use. Also, Solid Converter PDF lets you define the navigation that fits your requirements. Past these options, you are also able to extract images, text, and data from PDFs with the ultimate ease and convenience.


Create PDFs


This process involves the transformation of other documents or files into the PDF format equivalent. To be specific, using this PDF creator, you can make PDF files out of formats like GIF, TIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, RTF, and TXT.

The amazing thing is that Solid Converter PDF goes with the WYSIWYG slogan to ensure that the output matches the source formatting and layout as much as possible. This means that text, images, tables, and any other content will remain intact.

During the PDF creation process, you also get a special feature whereby you get to edit the document metadata to match your requirements. To be specific, you can tweak the Author, Title, Subject, and Keywords; these come in handy in proper document organization and management.

Besides, Solid Converter PDF is also capable of retaining non-printing information like comments and bookmarks in the final PDF. Not forgetting that multiple files/documents can be merged into a single PDF at the click of a button.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)


Solid Converter PDF helps with the extraction of text data from scanned or image-based PDFs using the much-coveted, built-in OCR feature. This feature rids you of the need to retype content from scans or images, consequently saving both time and effort.

This program delivers high levels of accuracy to save you time that would have been used to correct errors like spelling mistakes. The best thing here is that you can just leave the OCR in automatic mode or pick your preferred language from the list provided. Some extra options here include;

  • Setting the level of text recognition for non-standard encoding (every character, problematic characters only, or none).
  • Choosing the level of OCR on text-like images (all pages, scanned only, or none).
  • Providing ways to deal with invisible text in a PDF.

Secure Documents


The security of documents is always a matter of concern but Solid Converter brings the necessary tools that give you peace of mind. You are open to different levels of document encryption besides setting passwords to either restrict document opening or restrict allowed permissions like editing, copying, and printing.

Through this, you can rest assured that no information or data will fall into the hands of unauthorized parties. The included 256 AES Encryption takes the security of your documents to another level.

Optimize PDFs


Ever wanted to upload a PDF on a certain website but found the size to be way more than was allowed? Of course, this can be frustrating but Solid Converter has the perfect solution.

Basically, this software helps you compress the PDF to reduce the file size while keeping a considerable level of output quality. Therefore, you can upload or share the PDF without the need to delete content to optimize the file size.


Solid Converter PDF gives you a free 15-day trial period for you to evaluate the features, though the output is watermarked. For that full and unlimited experience of all the features, you can grab any of the licenses below depending on the number of users. Notice that the prices are discounted further depending on the number of users.

Solid Converter PDF License


1 User


2-4 Users


5-9 Users


10-14 Users


15-19 Users


20+ Users



Solid Converter PDF brings you very competitive features and goes ahead to tweak some of these features even further to deliver a special kind of experience.

Each process has an extra touch to it so that you can bend the output in ways that other similar programs do not come close. Converting, viewing, creating, securing, OCR, optimizing, among other features have been refined towards a convenient and rewarding PDF process for you. And with the discounted pricing, purchasing multi-user licenses is highly recommended.

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