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Soda PDF is a pretty versatile and diverse PDF software that delivers all the nifty tools necessary to convert, edit, compress, merge, and secure documents. While most programs will achieve all this with noticeable complexity, Soda PDF gives you the ultimate simplicity with tasks taking just a matter of a few clicks. It also goes by the name Soda PDF Anywhere considering that it can be used as an online or desktop version without any form of restrictions on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

To further the idea of convenience, you are opened up to popular cloud services like SharePoint, Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive. The performance that Soda PDF has displayed during our tests is tacit proof of just how efficient this program can be. Let us now have a quick look at the various pros and cons.

Pros & Cons of Soda PDF

  • Supports batch processing
  • Way more affordable compared to Adobe Acrobat
  • Offers a built-in OCR
  • Offers PDF editing options
  • Delivers form-filling capabilities
  • Offers PDF optimization/compression options
  • Multiplatform
  • Can be used online or offline
  • The trial version requires registration

How to Use Soda PDF

Key Features in Soda PDF

Now that you are familiar with Soda PDF Anywhere, it is time to dig deeper and realize the highlight features that guarantee you smooth sailing when handling PDF files. Let’s get started;

PDF Converter


As a core function, Soda PDF lets you create PDF from other documents and also lets you convert PDFs into other file types. To be specific, you can make PDFs out of blank files, a clipboard, a URL, a scanner, or Office file types including Word, PowerPOint, Excel, and more. The vice versa is also possible and you get to convert PDFs into an array of popular formats like PDF/A, TXT, RTF, HTML, Image, and Microsoft Office file types.

In both of these processes, very diligent results are obtained especially considering that the original layout and formatting are retained to the highest level. Also, the conversion process is made less time-consuming through batch processing.

PDF Reader


As a PDF reader, Soda PDF will not only let you view PDFs plainly but also goes the extra mile to bring you customization to the experience. Depending on the kind of convenience you are looking for you can choose to view PDF pages side-by-side, in 3D, in fullscreen, or in a continuous flow mode.

Even better, if your content does not fit properly on the screen, you use the fit page or fit width features to help you view all the content on a page at once. During the viewing process, you have some extra options that help you rotate pages, take screenshots, adjust zoom levels, not forgetting the ruler and grid options.

Edit PDFs


PDF editing is a much-coveted feature that most tools fail to deliver as expected by Soda PDF does so just like a walk in the park. There are various ways that this software lets you tinker with the document, all with an aim to tailor the final document to your needs. For instance, you can add text/paragraphs, insert images, add links, add/remove page marks, and apply spell checking to ensure that the final PDF file reflects the content in your preferred way. By getting total control over the document at hand via fully-fledged editing options, document customization becomes limitless.

Merge PDFs


You can agree with me that it is always a hassle dealing with individual multiple PDFs that share related content. Luckily for us, the hassle is eliminated by Soda PDF Anywhere as it offers to combine two or more PDFs to form a single and manageable PDF file. This process helps save a ton of time and effort all the related information is centralized in a single file.

It is prudent to note that during the merging process, the original quality of individual documents is carried over into the final file. And when the need arises, it is also possible to split PDFs into individual pages, especially when the aim is to extract specific data from a multipage file.



A software like Soda PDF that boasts a built-in OCR feature is considered pretty powerful as it can handle data extraction from scanned or image-based PDFs without breaking a single sweat. Our PDF converter here provides a really powerful OCR tool that ensures that the highest levels of accuracy are achieved.

This results in output that requires no instances of correction from you. In other words, you need not retype scanned content when Soda PDF 360 can accurately extract all the content for you easily. You can OCR a native PDF file, a scan, or even an external image, and save it in your preferred format. For convenience, you can OCR a single line, a region, a paragraph, a single page, or even a page range.

More Tools


Apart from the features outlined above, Soda PDFs gives you access to other extra tools that help you;

  • Sign and secure PDFs
  • Compress and optimize PDF files
  • Collaborate on documents by adding comments
  • Achieve convenient form filling
  • Turn clipboard content into PDF
  • Insert, delete, resize, extract, replace, crop, and, reverse PDF pages
  • Perform batch processing
  • Add Bates Numbering
  • Watermark documents
  • Adjust the document header and footer content

This is a clear indication that Soda PDF has, even more, features at your disposal to set you on a path of total satisfaction.

Soda PDF Pricing

Depending on the features you are looking for, Soda PDF presents several pricing plans so that you can pick the one that fits your budget after the free trial period is over. The pricing method is pretty straightforward too, with no hidden charges, and even better, you get 2 months free before your first purchase – not many tools come close to this. Here is a breakdown of the Soda PDF 360 pricing;

Soda PDF 360 Plan

Monthly Billing

Yearly Billing








$20.00/Month per License



Soda PDF is without a doubt a reliable PDF tool that has a good share of perks ranging from PDF conversion, editing, viewing, signing, merging, among other options. It is presented to you with accommodative pricing which suits both personal and professional needs. And considering that it can be used in both online and desktop settings, it proves to be the right candidate for almost all your PDF tasks.

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