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Snapz Prox

At one point or the other, you may need to take lots of screenshots on your Mac OS X whether to capture something you have loved or when you have to showcase to friends. Snapz Pro X will empower you with what you need as it is a superior screenshot and screencasting utility program crafted by Ambrosia Software. It is more of a screenshot app as much as it can still record the screen in the form of a video. In this review, we will find out that actually, Snapz Pro X comes out as a very powerful and flexible tool.

We take a different approach in this review whereby we will look at the pros and cons of this screencasting tool for Mac OSx. At the end of the review, it will be clear which side carries the day.


  • Snapshot Taking

Different from other software, Snapz Pro X is very powerful when it comes to taking screenshots. The process has been polished to ensure that you do not have to go through lots of trouble to take the first screenshot.

Whether it is the full screen, an application window or even a specific region, this wonderful software will let you capture each in a very simple and easy way.

  • Screen Recording

Apart from screenshots, Snapz Pro X also empowers you with screen recording tools. Instead of just sharing screenshots, you are able to record a continuous motion picture for the content that you need to capture and share to friends or upload to any platform of your preference. This software is able to support both Retina and non-Retina display screen capture.

Similar to taking screenshots, screencasting can be the whole screen, application windows and even specific portions of the screen. An added feature here is the option to capture application windows with a nifty option that brings alpha masking. Alpha masking basically brings about transparency whereby you opt whether to capture window shadows or not.

  • Output Live Preview

In previous reviews, I have not come across a screen recorder software that comes with this feature. Snapz Pro X rules here on this as it is evident. With this feature, that screenshot you capture will be previewed even before you save to ensure that it fits your preferences. In case it needs some modifications, you will be provided with the necessary editing tools for that.

On the other hand, for screen records, you get a real-time preview of how the output will be to the details of a framerate. This is a great feature as it will give very helpful information about the video and depending on the preview, you will decide whether to do it afresh or continue the recording.

  • Hotkeys

Taking screenshots has been made easier due to the implementations of shortcuts. At the click of a button, you are able to take a screenshot and this comes in handy if you have to take many of them. It would be tedious having to interact with menus every time you need to capture a snapshot.

  • Watermarks

Contrary to other software that adds a manufacturer logo on the captures you make without the option of removing them, Snapz Pro X gives you total freedom here. Add any watermark of your choice to your captures on the go. The watermarks play an important role in personalizing the captures. You are also free to add any appropriate copyright warnings.

  • Editing

In this review, we have talked about one being able to preview the output before saving. It is during this process that you can make necessary adjustments to the output. Some of the editing tools provided here include cropping, scaling, changing the depth of color and dithering which make your screenshot come out as you prefer.

  • Saving

After you have taken the screenshot or even taken a video, Snapz Pro X allows you to save the file locally to your Mac OS X after which you can share. Snapshots can be saved in an array of formats including BMP, PICT, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, and even Photoshop files. This is a rich range of choice to choose from even bigger than other similar software reviewed.

When it comes to screen recording, not much is given here as you can only save the output as a QuickTime Movie. If you may want other formats for the video, a converter will be required.

  • Training

Software that gives tutorials on how to go about the different process is a fan favorite for many users. Snapz Pro X has not been left out when it comes to making sure that the users have guides on navigating the application.

This means that even for a first time user, they will be able to be up and running without much hassle. The availability of training makes the learning curve less steep to a great extent. You just need to navigate to the tutorial of interest and you will have answers and how-tos.


There is not much here apart from the evident lag between when you open the software and when it actually opens ready for use. If you are used to quick launching apps, you will be able to notice the slowness. Another con is that you are in no way capable of using compressed audio formats like MP3 or AAC which are very popular when it comes to dealing with audio.

Lastly but not least, Snapz Pro X is not updated that regularly as you would expect with how technology is advancing with each new day. How frequent an app is updated guarantees a user of new features and improvements with a new version. Personally, I am a great fan of favorite software that does not go for a long time without getting an update even if it is mere bug fixes.


This review has been able to draw a clear line that proves Snapz Pro X is, in fact, powerful in what it has to offer. The Pros side has carried the day. This app will help you achieve your screencasting goals easily. Does this Snapz Pro X review convince you to give it a try on your Mac OS X?

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