Snagit Full Review and Alternatives

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Snagit, a TechSmith craft since 1990, is an all-in-one screenshot software that brings the ultimate convenience to capture any content on the screen for tutorials, visual documentation, training materials, and more. To be specific, it makes it overly easy to screenshot the entire screen, a user-specified area, infinitely scrolling pages, wide panoramic scrolls, just to mention a few.

As a result, there are infinite ways of taking your snapshots to the next level. On top of taking screenshots, this Mac and Windows app also goes further to let you in on a basic screen recorder when compared with the fully-fledged Camtasia Studio.

As a screen recorder, this software lets you grab the screen, the webcam (including PiP mode), audio recording, ability to create GIFs from a captured MP4 footage, and in addition to that offers some video editing options to help refine the final output before sharing. A nifty feature here too is that it is possible to take screenshots as the screen recording process continues uninterrupted. Overall, this tool is rich in image editing options but falls short in that much-coveted comprehensive video editing experience – it is mainly a screen capture tool.

A quick jump into the pros and cons of this software yields the following;

Snagit – Free Download

Product NameSupported OSVersionDownload Link
SnagitWindows & MacFree TrialFree Download
TalkHelper Screen RecorderWindows Full VersionFree Download

Pros & Cons of Snagit


  • Multiplatform – This program can either be run on the Mac or Windows platform without any limitations.
  • Flexible and powerful – Snagit boasts of simplicity and at the same time showcases its power by delivering very high-quality output every session.
  • Integrated GIF maker – This is ideal when you need to bring down the recorded screen video size by converting it into the bandwidth-friendly GIF format.
  • Scroll capture – If the content you want to capture spans past the viewable screen area either vertically or horizontally, this program is capable of this as you scroll the page and therefore eliminate the need to take multiple screenshots.
  • OCR functionality – Snagit features an Optical Character Recognition feature that comes in handy to extract text from a captured snapshot.


  • Expensive – Compared to other similar tools, Snagit tends to be a bit pricey

How to Use Snagit

Key Features in Snagit 

As mentioned previously, Snagit is majorly a screenshot tool although a user still gets the chance to realize the screen recorder side. In this section, we look at the features at a deeper level to have a better understanding of what to expect once you rock this TechSmith software. On one hand, we will look at the screen capture side and on the other hand, get a closer look at the screen recorder options.

1). Sophisticated Screen Capture


This is the most outstanding trait of this program considering that a ton of features are concomitant to it as we are about to find out. Ranging from built-in templates, video creation from screenshots, and direct sharing options, Snagit is without a doubt a force to reckon with when it regards screen capture.

All-in-One capture

Snagit provides you with a plethora of ways that you can implement to grab snapshots on the desktop screen depending on how the content of interest is presented. For full-screen content, one is empowered with the option to grab the entire screen as an image. At the same time, a user can just click and drag the mouse cursor to define a region of capture. Better yet, it lets you also screenshot a specific application window without including any other content on the screen.

Scrolling screen capture


Snagit defies the odds and goes past taking screenshots of just static content. How does it do this? This program has the capability of recording scrollable content either horizontally or vertically without any hassle or missing any content. For horizontal scrolling, it is best referred to as panoramic screen capture. In either of these modes, infinite scrolling is supported be it for long chars, webpages, or any content that spans past the viewable area on the screen. This program makes this process overly easy to accommodate novice users.

Text extraction


When compared to the Windows 10 Snipping Tool, Snagit is way above as it has something extra under the hood. While the Snipping Tool captures a text area as just a static image, our tool of interest here goes the extra mile to implement the built-in OCR to extract the text for you into an editable format. This means that you no longer have to retype content that is grabbed as screenshots by Snagit. All you have is a simple and quick copy-paste process.

Capture drop-down menus


This is a feature that many apps out there may not fulfill as expected but Snagit tackles it with the ultimate convenience. If you are working on a guide or demo that includes menus including side and drop-down menus, this software can capture all that for you and as a result, the target audience will not miss out on any part of the process.

What’s more?

Snagit does not just offer you ways of taking snapshots but also goes the extra mile to bring you nifty tools and options to refine the screenshots to make them pass the intended information better. All these are available the moment the taken screenshot is automatically opened in the Snagit editor window. These include;

  • Annotations – With the provided markup tools, screenshots can have a touch of professionalism added including a variety of styles like arrows, labels, shapes, lines, among others that can be used to show areas of focus.
  • Text replacement – Amazingly, this program uses OCR to help you recognize, edit (change color, font, and size), and even replace a specific text on the screenshot.
  • Step tool – Snagit offers a series of letters or numbers that automatically increase to help you document steps in a process or a workflow.
  • Personalization – This screen capture tool comes with stickers specially designed for snapshots and comes in handy to help you get just the output that identifies with you.
  • Smart move – Snagit makes the objects in a screenshot movable in a way that allows for button rearrangement, text deletion, and the editing of various elements in the captured screenshot.

Snagit does not stop there as it has even more in store for you like image borders and effects that make the output not seem just like any ordinary snapshots but ones that have a professional touch to them. The output can be saved locally or automatically exported to the integrated cloud services, not forgetting that it is also possible to sync the output between the mobile app and the desktop software via the Wi-Fi syncing feature that eliminates the need for USB cables.

2). Lightweight Screen Recorder

On top of the screen capture features, Snagit also opens you up to some extra screen recording options that come in handy when passing information using a screenshot is not adequate. Unlike Camtasia Studio, this program brings in a simple and stripped down screen recorder that still delivers some quite satisfactory output. Here is a rundown of the various features available in this category.

Screen recording


Snagit lets you record the entire screen real-estate, a user-specified region, an application window, or even a scrolling screen depending on the kind of content you are looking forward to capturing. This can be a tutorial, a web page, a process among other kinds of content and this tool has got you covered in both efficiency and ease of use. This process is quick and the final video is saved in the MP4 format and better yet, it is possible to convert the MP4 files into animated GIFs that take up less space especially for how-to guides.

Webcam recording

Apart from the screen, grabbing footage from the webcam is supported too. Here, a user can opt to record the webcam together with the main screen and switch between the two as the need arises. Snagit also lets you achieve personalization of the content through this feature.

Audio recording

Snagit comes in handy when it is necessary to capture audio together with the video to facilitate better comprehension. To be specific, audio can be recorded from the system audio or the microphone like for the case of narration or voiceover. This way, the video is less boring and more informative.

Perfect GIF tool


In the instance where the recorded screen video is short, it is advisable to turn into a GIF and Snagit has the right tools to help you realize just that. It offers a quick way to turn the MP4 recording into an animated GIF within moments ready for sharing in a document, website, or even a chat. On top of that, it opens you up to custom options to help you refine the GIF even further if the default options are not enough.

iOS screen recording

Just as the name suggests, Snagit helps you capture the screen of connected iOS devices like an iPhone/iPad in a matter of a few clicks on the mouse. In fact, the output will be ready for sharing or editing almost immediately and this feature just shows how powerful this program can get.

Video trimmer


After obtaining the required video clip, it may contain unwanted parts that have to be removed. Worry not since this tool has a video trimming feature right for the job. Sections that are not needed can be cut away from the start, middle, or end part of the original video – bringing in a slight video editing experience.


Snagit is still persistent and consistent in its reign as the best go-to screen capture utility software of choice on both Windows and Mac. It is powerful, versatile, and wards off most of the competition pretty easily. It will take screenshots, record screen videos, make a video from snapshots, and provide some editing options that help a ton in your quest to create custom guides, demos, tutorials, and on-demand quick videos with the ultimate ease and convenience.

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