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TechSmith Corporation has never disappointed even for once in the kind of software that they deliver. This time around, they have presented Snagit which has been recognized as an award-winning screencasting software that comes with advanced image editing tools and doubling as a screen recorder. Snagit will enable you to create customizable screenshots and screen records without much hassle.

In this era where screencasts have become very popular and very much-needed, Snagit is here to make sure you keep up with the changes in the screen recording field by giving you all the necessary tools. There are many screen recorders out there and each will try its best to give features that rival competitors. Snagit has not been left behind as it comes with a ton of features that will make you dump any other screencasting software you may have thought to be the best.

It is early for me to make a verdict for you even before you have gone through this Snagit review. At the end of this review, you will either agree or differ with me when I say that this software is very much superior in what it does. We will go into details on the features to get a good grip on all the goodies it comes with. Let us get started.

What’s New?

At the time of writing this review article, Snagit 2019 is already here with us and has seen the addition of new nifty features that make it even more fun when working with screencasts.

These new features incorporated include;

  • Simplification Tool – With this tool, Snagit snapshots will not just be snapshots but will be in the form of simplified graphics for better presentation.
  • Image Concatenation – If you have more than one image that you need to be together as a single entity, Snagit lets you combine these single images into one for an even better way of organization.
  • Stamp Library – Snagit now comes with almost 2,000 pre-made stamps in its built-in library for you to use as you may wish or when need be. These come in the form of stickers mostly used with screenshots.
  • Favorites – When working with Snagit, you may come to have a set of tools that you love and use most. For convenience, Snagit will allow you to group these tool in one place so that you can access them all in one place without much hassle.

Besides these new features, Snagit has an extra of the following features and tools.

Screen and Webcam Capture


Screen recording is the core function of any app that calls itself a screen recorder. Snagit empowers you with an option to record the whole Mac OS X screen, a specific region, an application window, and even a scrolling screen.

The scrolling capture option enables you to screenshot vertical and horizontal scrolls of any scrollable content whether web content or even long message conversations. Besides that, you can personalize video recordings by capturing footage from the webcam with an option to toggle between the screen and webcam on the go. In addition, you have the option of showing the mouse cursor in the recording.

take screenshot

Grab Text On the Go

Better yet, Snagit amazingly lets you extract text from a screen record or a file on your Mac OS X hence eliminating the need of having to retype the text in the destination where you need it. I must say this is a really unique feature that I have not come across in my past review articles.

Capture iOS Screen

In addition to this, Snagit lets you record your iOS screen in a few button clicks after which you can copy the file to your Mac for editing and final sharing. This is another feature that I have not come across in other similar apps.

Audio Capture


Audio forms an important part of a video especially if it enhances the informativeness of a video. For that matter, Snagit is able to include audio from either audio capture devices connected to the Mac like a microphone or better still the system audio like for the case of a game-play.

When you have finished recording, the output file can be saved as an MP4 file or create a GIF with the available tools from Snagit.

Editing Tools

An array of editing tools comes with Snagit. These tools enable you to produce content that fits your needs as much as possible. This software is very rich in editing tools especially when it comes to annotations whether built-in or even custom-made. Besides annotations, you also get;

  • Tools to outline steps or workflows using letters and numbers that auto increment. This can be very helpful when dealing with a tutorial.
  • Stamps as we had seen earlier that bring stickers to be used on snapshots to ensure they are as informative as possible.
  • Automate movement of objects in your screen record on top of being able to delete text, rearrange various buttons or even tinkering with other elements in your snapshots.
  • A magic wand tool is available to enable you to select areas of interest based on color after which you can either remove the color or replace with something else as you see fit.
  • We have already seen that Snagit is able to grab text when it comes to capturing. In editing, this app is able to identify text so that you are able to edit the font, size, color and even completely replacing the text with another. All this happens with compromising with the design of the image.
  • Trim and cut recorded videos to remove any unwanted parts and decide how long the recording should be.


To enhance fast and convenient sharing of your work, Snagit boasts of tons of integration with popular services. The full list on integrated software services includes Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Dropbox,, Camtasia, Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and TechSmith Relay. These integrations will let you work without having to leave the application especially when it comes to reaching your target audience.

There you have it. Snagit will let you capture what you need, be able to edit on the go and be ready to share within no time. You will also be able to manage your previous recordings with the provided history management feature. At the end of the day, you are empowered with tons of features to enable you to get the most out of screencasting activities. Try Snagit today.

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