SmartPixel Screen Recorder Pro Review & Free Download Full Review and Alternatives

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SmartPixel not only serves as the best Windows-based screen recording tool but also a video editing software. In addition to this, you can grab snapshots in any of these modes at the click of a button. SmartPixel will let you record any part of your Windows PC screen and also the webcam when need be after which you are provided with a ton of video editing tools to polish the video even more.

When recording the screen, you can choose to capture a specific area, the full screen or even implement picture-in-picture (PIP) mode. PIP mode will enable you to include the webcam and audio when recording the screen.

SmartPixel screen recorder is considerate of the computer resources and ensures it usage the least amount of resources available. When we talk about computer resources here, we are referring to the CPU and disk usage which SmartPixel makes sure are utilized at very low levels. If you really mind about conserving these resources, SmartPixel should be a go-to screencast software for your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC.

In this SmartPixel review, we look at the major operating modes and the features that come with each to get a better understanding of what can be achieved. These modes are the first thing that appears on your screen when you launch the program so that you can appropriately choose what you want to work with. What modes are we talking about? They are; producer, recorder and webcam mode.

SmartPixel Screen Recorder Pro – Free Download

Product NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
SmartPixel Screen Recorder ProWindows 7/8/10Free TrialFree Download
TalkHelper Screen RecorderWindows 7/8/8.1/10 Full VersionFree Download

SmartPixel Features

Recorder Mode

This mode lets you record the screen as a specific region, the full screen or implement PIP feature. Depending on which option you go for, a description will appear on the screen indicating what you have activated and some extra information.

For instance, when you decide to use full-screen recording, you are advised to shift to area mode in case of performance issues. When you activate PIP mode, a webcam overlay will appear on the recording windows in case you need to have a personalized touch to the video.

Webcam/Camera Mode

SmartPixel empowers you with the option of capturing footage from your webcam. You can make a lot of additions to your recording in this mode including;

      • Music – Choose music locally from your PC or better still search from the online platform provided by SmartPixel. This is useful when you need to include music as you record the webcam.
      • Beautification – To make the footage even better, SmartPixel provides a range of beauty tools that include color settings, lighting management, frames and slimming.
      • Effects – These are extra features to tweak the footage even further. Implement pendants, scenes and local images in your recording without much hassle.
      • Screen – As you record the webcam, you may need to show an image or video on the screen before continuing and this is where this feature comes in. You can import an image or video and include it in the recording.

Camera Mode

You also get the PIP feature in this mode too but in this case, the background is a static image and a beauty frame with various shapes is included for the webcam overlay. A snapshot button is just a click away too in this mode.SmartPixel also lets you add lyrics, accompaniment and audio to the webcam recording and adjustable volumes levels for each.

Producer Mode

SmartPixel brings you this mode which serves more as a video editing zone. You can use a local video or record a new one in case you do not have one available. Each video you work on can be saved as a project on its own and revisit it later if you need to work on another one. You can save multiple projects and access them any time you need to perform editing by simply importing them.

You can import screens in terms of video or images, online or local music and online or imported audio all of which can appear in your project even if they were not in the original recording. In addition, SmartPixel enables you to clip, merge and split videos in your project.

When it comes to effects, SmartPixel includes a ton of them which include text effects, pop-ups, filters, video scenes, borders, lighting adjustment, pendants and images. Moreso, you can cut, add subtitles, add audio, dub, and adjust speed of the video. Better yet, before you can finalize and be ready for final output, you get a chance to preview what to expect and correct any mistakes or even make necessary adjustments.

How Much Control Do You Get With SmartPixel?

SmartPixel gives you lots of freedom on what you can tinker with when doing your recording tasks. Customizable options mean that you can tweak the screen recording software to give you exactly what you prefer.

      • Video Recording – When dealing with video, SmartPixel will let you customize the resolution, frame rates (low, medium, high and custom) and brightness.
      • Audio Recording – SmartPixel has great control when it comes to audio. Several audio effects are available for use including studio, hall, KTV, theater, concert or even apply no effect at all. In addition, you can play with the tone and voice priority to fit exactly how you want the audio to come out.
      • Microphone – You can choose to have the microphone recorded too or not and in case you choose to, apply mic enhance option to capture much better than when in normal mode.
      • Output – When you are done recording and editing, SmartPixel provides a wide range of formats to save your video in including FLV, AVI, MP4, WMV and more.
      • Hotkeys – SmartPixel provides several keyboard shortcuts which you can still customize to use your preferred keys in case you do not like the default ones. Hotkeys will let you accomplish certain tasks faster. What’s more? You can opt to have hotkey sounds enabled to indicate when you use them.
      • Mouse – Nothing much here but just the option to show or hide the mouse cursor when recording.

To conclude this SmartPixel review, I have to point out some extras. SmartPixel comes with an optional mini mode that makes it take very little space on the screen compared to other software. Not forgetting the feature of being able to mark exciting moments when recording hence catch the attention of the viewer even more.

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