SmallPDF is a desktop application that did arise from a web application whose functions include but are not limited to compressing pdf files, merging and also splitting pdf documents, editing and signing pdf and converting pdf files to various formats such as Excel and Word among others.

There is a growing need for programs that make working with pdf easy and hassle-free as well as the process of converting for the purposes of either business or personal use and as such, smallPDF positions itself as among the best pdf to word conversion app. This is because it is beautifully designed with the icons as well as all the tools readily available and accessible on the homepage once it is launched. This makes it possible to as well as easy to not only upload the files required but to also work on them as one desires.

Product NameSupported OSPriceDownload Link
SmallPDFWindows 7/8/10$399.00Free Download
TalkHelper PDF ConverterWindows 7/8/8.1/10$29.95Free Download

How To Use SmallPDF

Furthermore, downloading smallPDF is an easy task due to its small size as well as quick installation. It is poised to solve your pdf problems in one location for a small fee, of course. However, there is a trial version for a few days with exclusive access to all tools that shows one what to expect by purchasing the pro version of the program.


Launching smallPDF after installation brings one to a homepage where one can drag and drop their pdf files or choose from the local computer directory. One is not limited to a single file because there are options for selecting more than one files which shows that batch processing of files with the program is an easy task. However, the selection of multiple files opens up new windows rather than queueing them in one window. It is also important to note that the new windows do not reduce the processing time or speed for either conversion or any other action one wishes to take such as extracting pages or splitting files.


Uploading a file is followed by a display column on the right side of smallPDF which includes all the tools starting with the one used in compressing and ending with the one used for merging pdf documents. Compressing pdf files using this application is not only easy but is also a quick and efficient process giving rise to quality documents. One selects the compress tool on the right and depending on the file size selected, a couple of minutes are taken to compress. The quality of the document, however, is not affected and this makes smallPDF one of the best software for compressing files.

Additionally, one can convert their pdf files to four different formats using the desktop application of smallPDF. These formats are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and JPG. Some documents require to be presented at either business meetings or institutional meetings and the most popular format for presentations has always been PowerPoint. SmallPDF converts pdf files to editable PowerPoint presentation and this gives rise to a quality document that one can edit for presentation at any event. Furthermore, one can also convert pdf files of lists such as clientele and their phone numbers from pdf to Excel in quick and easy steps. Additionally, company reports can be converted to Excel just as easily while maintaining the integrity of the data as well as producing excellent and editable Excel documents. SmallPDF also makes it possible to convert pdf files to editable Word documents and this is achieved by clicking on the convert to Word icon once a document has been uploaded. This makes it ideal for office use where documents require to be edited either to add or remove information.

SmallPDF also allows for the rotation of pdf files to make them more readable on any device. Additionally, one can split pdf files using the software. This is important when a file is too large and the information required by another person is contained in a few pages. As such, sending the whole file is unnecessary and this necessitates the splitting of files to ensure recipients get only the correct information.


Merging pdf documents is also easy with the software since one just selects the merge option and this allows one to choose other files with which they want to merge.The beauty of this is that the pages are not only displayed but there is also an option for editing the files such as deleting some, rotating some, adding more files and more. There is no limit to the number of files one can merge and hence this shows that using the application is not only easy but also hassle-free. Other than splitting pdf documents to give rise to a few distinct documents with their quality preserved, one also has the option of extracting pages from files.


This feature enables one to extract only the information that is pertinent or needed from the whole document and thereby helping compile huge information into sizeable chunks through the extracted pages. This helped me a lot when corresponding with colleagues discussing the business report received because any issue on a particular page of the report was the one that got sent rather than the whole report.


Whereas the trial version lasts only a couple of days, the smallPDF pro version is not costly at all and has the benefits of not having advertisements. All the tools available are not only easy to use but are also easily accessible from the simple yet elegant design of the program. This makes it one of the best programs that allow not only the compression of pdf files but also serves to convert them as well as edit them through rotating, splitting a file or merging files and extracting pages as well. I would recommend this to any professional because it is very useful in the marketplace as well as to students because of the value it brings with the outlined tools. The only downside is that it lacks optical character recognition (OCR) and hence cannot work with scanned pdf files well.

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