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Have you ever wondered how Linux distro reviews are made? Or even how videos of people using Ubuntu and other Linux distributions are possible? This is possible due to the availability of screen capture applications like SimpleScreenRecorder. It is one of the best screen recorder apps for Linux which is absolutely free, open source and comes with a graphical user interface best suited for Ubuntu desktops. With support for Ubuntu and many other distros, it is very feature-laden as we will find out in this review article. You can obtain it very simply from the software center or by running a few terminal commands.

But even before you can get started with SimpleScreenRecorder, it is prudent to get a good grip on what features you are to expect lest you install and get disappointed. Without further ado, we get started with the review.

Getting Started

SimpleScreenRecorder approaches screencasting activities in a different way compared to other apps. This app takes you through all possible options that it comes with to make sure that you have total control in regard to the kind of output you need. These options are availed to you the moment you launch this application. Which options are these? Read on.

Profile Management

profile manage

In the instance you have used SimpleScreenRecorder before, you can implement the settings you had set for the previous project in case you saved them as a profile. You can have multiple profiles carrying different settings depending on the goal at hand. You will be able to save new profiles, create new ones and even delete the ones you feel are not useful anymore.

Rich Screen Capture and Live Streaming

This is the core function of this screencasting tool. It enables you to record the entire screen with an option to select a specific screen in case you have more than one connected to your Linux computer. If not that you can capture content from all the screen at the same time culminating to one single output.

SimpleScreenRecorder is also capable of recording a specific area on the screen, an application window, follow cursor mode and an option to record OpenGL applications directly (like Fraps for Windows) though an experimental feature. With follow cursor mode, you are able to record the region around the cursor as you move it around performing actions.

Depending on the recording mode you choose, you will be able to select a preferred resolution to work with and a frame rate to accompany it. The video can also be scaled to fit the resolution you feel is most appropriate for the final output. If the need arises, you can also choose to record the cursor to make sure the viewer is able to follow easily and get informed even better. Another experimental feature is the capability of live streaming content of choice.

Audio Recording

SimpleScreenRecorder empowers you with an option to capture audio together with the main video. After you have opted to include the audio, you just need to choose the backend and source options to use in case you have more than one of each included.

Better yet, you can refresh at any point if you do not see a device in the options which you know is connected to the Linux system. For instance, it can be a device you have just connected like a headset. The synchronization of audio and video and audio achieved with this software surpasses other similar functioning apps.

Output File Management

Obviously, your screencasts must be saved somewhere in your computer after the recording process is over. SimpleScreenRecorder lets you choose where to save the recorded video and better yet, give a specific and unique name to the recording for convenient access. At the same time, you are able to decide whether to separate files per segment and the default container to use for the video like MP4.

Video and Audio Codecs

video and audio codec

To make the most out of your recordings, the best combination of audio and video codecs is required. Therefore, SimpleScreenRecorder gives you the freedom of selecting your preferred combination of these two to work with. For the video, you will be able to choose the codec to implement, decide on the level of constant rate factor or use the preset ones and whether to allow frame skipping or not.

On the other hand, for audio, you are just required to select the codec to use and set the bitrate to go with it. For instance, as a combination of these two, you can choose H.264 as the video codec and couple it with MP3 as the audio codec.

Hotkey and Notifications

SimpleScreenRecorder provides the user with a recording hotkey to conveniently start and stop recordings at any time. It gets better. You are able to customize the hotkey to your preferred combination of keys to avoid conflict with other hotkeys you may have set for other applications. In addition to the hotkey, sound notifications can be enabled to alert you when you have started the screen capture process and when it comes to an end.

Live Preview

live preview

Who would not want to have a live preview of what is being recorded? SimpleScreenRecorder comes with this handy feature whereby, you are able to have a view of how the output is looking like live as it happens in order to make necessary adjustments if need be. However, this feature can be very resource hungry, with very high CPU spikes, especially when using high frame rates.

To avoid this, a customizable preview frame rate option is provided so that you can still have the preview while not compromising on CPU usage. It is advisable to set a low frame rate for the best experience.

Video Information

SimpleScreenRecorder gives detailed statistics of your recording as you capture. You will be able to see the characteristics of your screencast in one place including total run time, FPS in, FPS out, resolutions in, resolution out, file name, file size, and even the bitrate. This is possible without the need to leave the software to access the same information using external software.

There you have it. From this SimpleScreenRecorder review, do you find this tool powerful enough as a Linux screen recorder? I feel that this app is definitely very good in what it offers with a guarantee of getting the best screencast if you set your options correctly. The simple and intuitive interface will guide you to the ultimate screen record that satisfies you.

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