ShareX Full Review and Alternatives

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When you are not ready to settle just for the basics, ShareX screen recording software is the real deal. At the click of a button, you will be able to capture the screen whichever part you need and then share without any limitations. It lives to its name by letting you upload text, images, videos, among other file types to a ton of supported destinations – over 80 of them to be specific.

Available for download from the website, ShareX is a free and open source screen recorder and snapshot software that brings lots of features and customizations. Talking about customization, you can tinker with various settings like how the cursor is displayed, transparent windows, the amount of delay, the shape of the selected area to capture, just to mention a few. This is on top of offering some editing features like annotations, effects, watermarks, that you can implement before sharing the output file.

ShareX also boasts of a built-in OCR feature that is the perfect tool when you need to extract text from a captured screenshot. You can grab the latest version of this software from the Microsoft Store for free and if you are a developer, head over to Github for sources and contribute what you can to make this productivity tool even better.

ShareX – Free Download

Product NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
ShareXWindows 7/8/8.1/10Full VersionFree Download
TalkHelper Screen RecorderWindows 7/8/8.1/10 Full VersionFree Download

Pros & Cons of ShareX


      • A ton of sharing options – COnsidering that over 80 destinations are supported, this fact does not need to be explained more.
      • Scrolling capture – This is definitely a plus since not many tools can offer screen recording on a scrolling page.
      • OCR – As mentioned, this is useful when you need to extract text from captured images and avoid the need to retype content.
      • Snapshot taking – On top of screen recording capabilities, taking screenshots is another very important feature you get to enjoy.


      • Fiddly to set up – Getting around this recording tool can be painstaking unless you take time to familiarize yourself with the interface and general working.
      • Unfriendly user interface – This is what contributes to ShareX being intimidating no matter the level of expertise with previous tools.

How to Use ShareX

Versatile Screen Capture Options in ShareX


It is prudent to mention the capture options that are at your disposal the moment you decide to use this program. ShareX lets you record the full screen, a window, a specific monitor in case of multiple monitor setup, a selected area, and the last area.

On top of this, you have video screen recording, screen capture in GIF format, scrolling capture, webpage capture, text capture using OCR, and even an auto-capture mode that goes a long way to ease the process for you. What can you not screenshot or screen record when you have all these modes to work with?

Let us not forget to mention that there are hotkeys to make the work extra efficient. Even more, once you have recorded what you need, there are editing tools to tweak the final output further before sharing.

Screenshot Taking in ShareX

This is what has been given priority when it comes to capturing. ShareX lets you take;

      • Fullscreen screenshots – Basically are snapshots covering the whole Windows PC screen.
      • Window screenshots – Here you take screenshots of applications you have opened on your PC. For instance, ShareX will take a screenshot of a music player running or an image viewer software and leave out everything else. ShareX is able to distinguish a specific program from the rest of what is displayable on the screen.
      • Monitor screenshots – This comes in handy when you are using multiple screens that contain different content displayed. ShareX enables you to screenshot a specific display. You can screenshot an external display without including content on the main screen.
      • Region screenshots – As a user, you predetermine a specific area to screenshot by dragging the mouse to select it and immediately ShareX takes a snapshot displaying it as a preview on the main window. The region to snapshot can either be light or transparent with an option also to use the last region.

Other Notable Features in ShareX?


Scrolling Capture

When you have content that spans more than the screen can display, you are forced to scroll to view the rest of the content. What if you have to screenshot this as a single file to share? ShareX has the capability of taking a single snapshot of scrollable content. As you scroll, ShareX will be able to output a single file when the scrolling ends.

Webpage Capture

ShareX helps you accomplish this by providing a window where you input the URL you want to capture. Once the webpage has fully loaded, ShareX is then able to take a screenshot of the displayed content.

Text Capture

Text capture is a unique feature provided in ShareX. Basically, how this works is that you take a screenshot of some text (for instance text that you feel tedious to write and cannot be copied) and ShareX then uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is able to extract the text from the screenshot. You can then copy the resulting text to wherever you needed to use it.

Auto Capture

Auto capture requires you to pre-set a region to record together with the repeat time. You may choose to capture the whole screen for instance and set an interval time of 40 seconds. Even when you will not be around to monitor the process, ShareX will carry out the task as per the given instructions. When you come back, the output will be ready for you to use.

A Ton of Output Sharing Destinations

Once the recordings or screenshots are made in ShareX, a list of sharing desinations are available for you as below:

    • Dropbox
    • OneDrive
    • Google Drive
    • Amazon S3
    • Google Cloud Storage
    • Azure Storage
    • Imgur
    • Email

File History Management

ShareX provides a file history management option in case you need to view previous files with just a click of a button. You also get a wide collection of platform destinations where you can share videos and screenshots. Better yet, you are provided with per-destination settings for ultimate control. ShareX supports more than 80 destinations including Imgur, Pastebin, Dropbox,, Twitter among others.

What Tools Are Available

ShareX brings a lot of tools to play with. Some of these tools will do functions that are even beyond what is expected from a screen recording software. Below we look at some of these tools. Once you install ShareX, you will be able to explore the whole lot of them.

    • Image editor and effects – These tools will enable you to edit your screenshots and also add various effects to the same images to make them even better.
    • Image combiner – As the name suggests, ShareX will help much when you need to have more than one image to be put together as one single image.
    • Image and video thumbnailer – With this ShareX tool, you will be able to pre-set images that appear on the face of image or video icon even before you actually open the file.
    • Hash checker – This tool functions to check the integrity of files by detecting modifications or any kind of changes that alter how the file was initially. With this feature, ShareX will help you determine the originality of your videos and snapshots.


Overall, ShareX is here to make the screen and screenshot capture and sharing tasks are mind-boggling like before. It has everything that constitutes a superb tool and has not stopped getting better and better with each latest version that is released. Remember, you can always configure it to fit into your screen capture and editing needs.

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