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ScreenStudio is a free, open source and GPL-licensed screen recording app for the Linux platform. It supports most of the available Linux distributions including the popular Ubuntu, Linux Mint and more. Open source applications get a chance to have many contributions from different developers and end up being better and better with time.

This is exactly what has been happening with ScreenStudio as evidenced by the many features that it has as up to now. This app has JRE8 and FFmpeg as the main dependencies so make sure your desktop/laptop has them installed lest you miss out on the awesome features carried by ScreenStudio.

Our greatest interest in this article is to have a deep review of what this wonderful app has to offer. It’s installation and getting started is pretty straightforward and you will be up and running already with your first screen recording within no time. What features make ScreenStudio tick? Is it a worthy rival for other similar functioning apps for the Linux platform? Have these questions and others that you may have by the time you are done reading this ScreenStudio review article. Without dilly-dallying, let us get started.

Wide Range of Sources

Wide Range of Sources

ScreenStudio is able to capture content from several supported options including the desktop screen, the webcam, custom frames, images, labels and custom FFmpeg sources too. This app is able to detect screens connected to the Linux computer together with their accompanying resolutions leaving the other part to select the screen you need content from.

You are also able to capture footage from connected webcams on Linux desktops or even utilize built-in webcams like for the case of laptops. You will also able to add customized frames, images and labels to your capture enabling you to capture every information that needs to be disseminated to the target audience.

Live Streaming

This is a special and unique feature that is brought to you free by ScreenStudio. With it, you will be able to share content as it happens directly using your favorite platform be it YouTube, Twitch, HitBox or even Ustream. It gets even better, ScreenStudio empowers you with the capability of screencasting live over UDP. At the end of the day, that gameplay, live TV show, or any other content will be delivered to your target audience conveniently without much hassle.

Audio Control

At one point or the other, you may need to include audio together with the screen recording. ScreenStudio lets you capture either the microphone or the internal Linux system input. You can enable/disable any of these sources as you find fit depending on what you are capturing. Better yet, you can set the audio delay level to ensure that there is complete and accurate sync of your video recording and audio

Set Video and Audio Bitrate

The quality of captured audio and video really determines to what level a viewer will enjoy watching the output. For that matter, ScreenStudio gives you control on the video and audio bitrate to ensure that you set the best combination for the ultimate quality.

You will be able to set the video bitrate as a custom value or instead implement one of the included presets ranging from very slow to ultra fast. The most common bitrates for audio are also included in a dropdown and the highest will result in the best audio quality.

Insert Thumbnails

This is a similar feature to that of a watermark for the ScreenStudio app. However, this one can only be utilized in text form. Just type your text, set the font color, the background color and the font style you prefer. A live preview of the thumbnail is provided to enable you to see how exactly what you have typed will look like and if need be, tweak further to meet your requirements.

Output Format, Frame Rate, and Target

Output Format

Regarding output, ScreenStudio comes with rich options to tinker with and when done in the right way, will give you the recording of your mind.  The output format touches on the resolution you need your output to be in and whether or not to maintain aspect ratio. You can customize the value to any of your choices or choose to maintain the original resolution of your screen.

Just like the resolution, the frame rate is customizable to a preferred value. An interesting feature here is a button to guess the FPS that will automatically select the most appropriate frame rate for you to work with, in case you do not know what number to go for. In regard to target, it simply refers to the output file formats that ScreenStudio supports.

It is good to note that, this app supports a wide range of formats including TS, MP4, FLV, MOV, GIF, TIMELAPSE, BROADCAST among others. The list includes even supported platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch which means the output is made to match the target platform requirements.

Extra Options

Extra Options

In extra options, you get to set the video saving folder and an option to manage the GUI. You can choose to hide, minimize or leave the main window visible as you record. The danger of leaving the main interface visible is that it may intrude on areas that you need to capture. Luckily, you have another option whereby, the interface is automatically minimized to tray when the screen recording process starts.

It is still in the extra options that you get to select a background audio track for your screen recording. The track will play along with the actual screen capture process making the video even less boring to just watch. In addition, play with the layout of the interface as you may see fit and comfortable for you.

Indeed, open source apps get to enjoy lots of improvements and added features as evidenced by what ScreenStudio has to offer as a fully-fledged screen capture software for the Linux platform. Not many apps come close to the kind of features seen in this review article. So, do not hesitate to get started with ScreenStudio for all your screencasting activities on Ubuntu and any other supported distro that you may be running.

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