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Telestream brings you ScreenFlow, a Mac-only screen recording software that doubles as a powerful video editor. The installation comes as a .dmg file meaning that it can not be installed on any Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC. The latest version of the software is ScreenFlow 8 which has come with a ton of new features which we will look at in this review among other features that it offers.

ScreenFlow is very superior as besides recording the screen, it can also record the iPhone and iPad screens when they are connected. ScreenFlow is able to record at amazingly high-quality levels even with the ability to handle retina displays. The simple and instinctive user interface it comes with is easy for any first time user to work with without much hassle. A ton of video editing features are availed to the user including the ability to use multi-channel audio, transitions, animations and motion graphics, and media management tools ( nesting clips, implementing markers, multi-track editing while still being able to use local files).

ScreenFlow features a caption editor that allows you to add, edit and burn in captions to serve as subtitles in the final videos. Not forgetting the ability to create animated GIFs and PNGs from any video project of your choice. When you have everything ready in terms of editing, ScreenFlow provides several preset output options including ProRes and MP4. Once you have saved the final video, ScreenFlow will make work easier by aiding you in direct publishing of the video to your favorite platform like Youtube.

What’s New?

  • Implementation of Templates

If you are dealing with videos that take the same format, it may be tedious having to work on each video afresh each time. ScreenFlow has made work quicker and easier with the Templates feature. This feature allows you to arrange all the components of your recording including video and audio sources so that when you are done with screen recording, everything will be set on the timeline ready for final rendering.

  • New Annotations

ScreenFlow already allows you to include video and text annotations on your video when it comes to the editing process. But now it is even better as you are no longer limited to just those two. Freehand annotations feature has been added where you can make annotations directly with your hand on the canvas. This means you are not limited on the kind of annotations you would like to have in your recording be it shapes or lines.

  • Active Monitor Framing

active monitor

In case of instances where you may be working with more than one monitor, previously you would not know the screen being recorded but now a red frame indicates the screen being recorded. You no longer have to rely on monitor numbers to know which monitor is recording.

  • Thumbnails on the Tracks

video clip

It is tedious when you need to know the media you have included in your video when doing final editing on the timeline. You have to preview the media manually on the timeline to identify it but with ScreenFlow 8, thumbnails are now visible for the included media. At a glance, you are able to know which media you are about to edit.

  • Media Library

ScreenFlow 8 now comes with a huge built-in Stock Media Library with hundreds of thousands of royalty-free tracks, images, audio clips, transitions and motion backgrounds for that extra fancy touch to your recording. However, this is not all for free as you have to part with $60 every year to continue enjoying what the media library has to offer. Using them is pretty simple as you just have to drag and drop them to wherever you want on the timeline.

  • The Timeline is now Detachable


Previously, the timeline and the canvas could not be separated. ScreenFlow 8 has the ability to have the two being separate items bringing a lot of conveniences. How do you achieve this? Editing becomes efficient as you can have the timeline on one screen while the canvas lives in another monitor. You will be able to access all features without being limited like when you have to use a single monitor.

  • Implement Styles on the Go

This applies especially when dealing with the camera. For instance, there may be a specific region where you always like your camera to appear with specific effects applied. ScreenFlow now gives you now have the ability of saving these settings as “Styles” and use them any time you need them without having to set them afresh. Better yet, you can combine this feature with the new templates for an even streamlined flow of your work.

  • More Framerates

Previously, you only had to choose either 30fps or 60fps on the timeline but ScreenFlow 8 has added more frame rates. The new frame rates include 24, 25 and 50fps. This comes in handy if you preferred to have an even lower frame rate than even 30fps depending on your output options.

  • Narration on the Go

While editing on the timeline, ScreenFlow allows you to record narration and add it directly to any point of your video. You do not need to go through the trouble and time costing way of having to create a recording with the normal method from scratch. With ScreenFlow, you will be able to add a voice-over without having to leave the timeline at all.

  • Instagram Project and Presets


If you are working on projects to be shared on Instagram, ScreenFlow comes with all necessary dimensions and export settings specific matching Instagram requirements. The output will be ready for sharing once you have transferred to your phone.

  • Scheduled Youtube Publishing

When using the Youtube platform, you can schedule a specific time in the future when you need to have the video automatically published. ScreenFlow empowers you with this feature so that you can head to other tasks as it will perform this automatically for you. Better yet, ScreenFlow will help you choose the thumbnail you want to use.

I must say that ScreenFlow has tons of features that can not be exhausted completely in this single post. All the features can be explored to their extent with you installing ScreenFlow and getting to know what more it has to offer. I must say Mac users have a really powerful screencasting software as much as it may come at a cost of $129 for the full version. Go for it and you will not be disappointed.

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