Screencastify Full Review and Alternatives

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Screencastify is an all-encompassing screen recorder tool that also boasts of a built-in video editor and offers direct sharing options. With it, screencasting, video editing, and sharing become just like a walk in the park thanks to its great simplicity and ease of use.

It is available as a Chrome extension, installable with just a single click,  meaning that you get to avoid the cumbersome process of setting up complex screen capture software on your computer. To be specific, this utility app helps you capture the desktop screen, a web browser tab, and even the webcam as an overlay together with audio from the microphone or system.

It has great popularity among business professionals, sports lovers, UX designers, students, teachers, and individuals who are looking for a free screen recorder that is all-around and fits in almost any setting.

Screencastify Lite will supercharge your workflow by capturing high-quality screencast videos within moments, let you refine the footage by editing, be it trimming or cropping, and that’s not all, convenient sharing via Google Drive or YouTube is just a step away. The tool functions fully offline too and will only require the internet when sharing the output.

What are the pros and cons of this screencasting tool for Chrome?

Pros & Cons of Screencastify


      • Simple and instinctive – Working with this Chromebook app to record the screen is super easy thanks to a clean interface that makes every component conspicuous.
      • Direct sharing – Making the output available to the target audience is pretty convenient with the integration of services like YouTube Google Classroom, and Google Drive – all you need to share is a link.
      • No software installation or extra plugins required – Once you have set up the Chrome extension, you are set to begin screencasting right away.
      • Multiplatform – Chrome is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux which means Screencastify can be run on either of these platforms without restrictions.


      • Watermark – Be ready to have a large Screencastify logo overlay on the output video when working with the free version of this program.
      • Limited recording time – Unfortunately, this screen recorder only gives you a maximum 5-minute capture time per session.

How to Use Screencastify

Key Features in Screencastify

What makes this screencasting tool for Chrome tick? In a bid to help you communicate in new and creative ways, Screencastify delivers the following features.

Powerful Screen and Audio Capture

Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned screen video creator, Screencastify has pretty much all that you are looking for and will eliminate any confusion you may have experienced before. To capture webinars, gameplay, streaming video, meetings, presentations, or make video tutorials, vlogs, podcasts, reviews, or normal screencasts, here are the various modes you are opened up to;

      • Screen/Desktop recording – Capture footage of everything happening on the entire display. This kind of content can be a game, a PowerPoint presentation, among others.


      • Webcam capture – Record video footage using the webcam only. You can take advantage of this if you do not have a dedicated camera to record yourself like for instance when explaining something or a podcast.


      • Browser tab capture – If the content you wish to record is on a web browser tab, like a streaming video, this is the mode to use instead of capturing the entire screen. Tab recordings can be named with the title of the active tab to facilitate easier retrieval.


      • Picture-in-Picture mode – In this mode, Screencastify will not only capture the screen but will also let you embed webcam footage too especially for personalization purposes.
      • Audio capture – This program can record audio from the system and the microphone too for users looking to add narration to the screen recording. This tool optimizes the mic for audio capture to eliminate background noise.

All these modes are available for offline use (no internet required) and the output is crisp quality for the audio and full HD resolution (1080p) for the videos. Screencastify also offers hotkeys to start, pause, annotate and stop recording, to help you make the process even more efficient and convenient.

If need be, a user can limit the video resolution among 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, and 240p resolutions, choose the frame rate among 60, 30, 10, 5, and 1 FPS besides an auto stop recording option. With the included countdown feature, you will never be caught unawares by the start of the recording process.

Rich Annotation Tools


When working on educational videos like tutorials, walkthroughs, step recreation processes among others, it is important to capture and hold the attention of the audience so that they can focus on what is important. This screen recorder lets you do exactly that using the following features.

      • Mouse spotlight – Here, the mouse cursor is highlighted with a colored circle around it, and becomes easy to track its movement on the screen besides click effects.
      • Drawing pen – With this, you can always draw arrows, circles, or any kind of shapes on the screen to show the viewer where to focus like for instance where to click in the case of a tutorial.
      • Zoom tool – Instead of showing every content, Screencastify lets you focus on the specific area of attention by zooming in and out as necessary.

Basic Video Editing


Before sharing the captured footage, Screencastify recognizes the fact that it is necessary to refine the video. In that line, it delivers some nifty video editing options that you can implement.

      • Trim – In the instance, you need to get rid of some unwanted parts of the screencast or even shorten the length, this Chrome extension lets you trim at the beginning or end of the video without much hassle.
      • Split – This is useful to subdivide the screen recording into multiple parts to pave way for the addition of extras like external video clips imported from Google Drive or uploaded from the local computer.
      • Merge – It is possible to join more than one footage to form a single entity using Screencastify. With this, a user can import external clips or even merge recordings at splitting points
      • Crop – This is a handy feature that helps you reduce the resolution of the original clip to hide some parts or to make the video fit a specific target resolution (720p, 480p, 360p, or 240p).
      • Add text – Text can be added to the video to indicate the video title, label certain video parts, give credits, or any other text necessary to pass certain information to the audience. This can be helpful to teachers who need their students to understand the video even better by adding text to facilitate comprehension.

Easy Sharing

Screencastify sees you through the whole process and now that the screen capture, annotation, and editing processes are done, easy sharing is another feature to enjoy.

To specific, this screencasting tool will automatically save recordings on your Google Drive when you are online and generate a shareable link at the click of a button. Teachers can take advantage of this feature since there is an option to instantly share screencasts with students via Google Classroom.

On top of that, this screen recorder for Chromebook also lets you upload videos directly to YouTube not forgetting that a user can choose to save the videos locally on the hard disk and pave way for further actions later.

Better yet, the output video can be saved in the MP4 or GIF format while the audio is in the universal MP3 format. By getting to share the output in a flash, Screencastify helps you showcase your masterpieces with the ultimate convenience now that it has taken care of the heavy lifting for you.


Screencasting is way more affordable than other similar screen recorder tools especially when you consider that it is a free Chrome extension that only requires Chrome – a free browser. However, at $49/Year, you get rid of the 5-minute record limit, remove the watermark, enjoy unlimited video exports, and at $99/Year, you get privacy control options, unlimited active assignments, unlimited submissions. Google Classroom integration for teachers among other features.

The pricing is pretty sensible considering it is done once a year. Better yet, all administrators, teachers, students, and staff members at any educational institution are eligible for an education discount.

Real-life applications of Screencastify?

      • In education, Screencastify plays a pivotal role in facilitating the Common Sense organization, saving time, increasing the effectiveness of teachers besides being ideal for flipped classrooms, Google Classroom, Chromebooks, among others.
      • UX designers can capture facial reactions using the webcam, use screen recording to demonstrate bugs, besides capturing a detailed user experience.
      • Using this screen recorder. marketers get to screen capture how-tos, demos, and presentations better and hence coming up with brand content that is quite engaging and informative.
      • This tool also helps account managers enjoy faster communication without the need for multiple explanatory emails by creating short demo screencasts for clients.
      • In Corporate training, Screencastify Lite facilitates the practice of sales pitching besides uncovering opportunities and weaknesses by providing the necessary screen recording tools.
      • Screencastify also works for any individual to make every screencasting idea a reality no matter the level of experience.


Screencastify is definitely a powerful and overly comprehensive screen recorder tool that anyone can get a hang of. It is simple, light, straightforward, and ideal to capture video footage from the entire screen, the webcam, a web browser tab together with audio all at HD quality.

It will also deliver some basic video editing options for refinement purposes besides a ton of video sharing options that sum up the screencasting experience at a reasonable price. The screencasting process shouldn’t be any daunting anymore.

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