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The Mac OSx platform has not been left out in regard to screen recording applications. Screencastify is one of these applications that can help you record screen content on the Mac OSx. Interestingly, Screencastify comes in the form of a browser extension and specifically the Chrome browser. Consequently, it means that you do not have to install large setups to start using this software. Just open up your Chrome browser, install the extension and you will be ready for your first recording. Screencastify has proven to be the best screencasting software in this category.

The freedom of screen recording that comes with Screencastify is amazing considering it is an extension. With this software, you will be able to record the full screen, a specific running app, the current browser you are working with and even the webcam. Let us look at what each mode of recording had to offer.

Browser Tab Recording

Just like the title says, Screencastify lets you record the current and active tab on the Chrome browser. This can be useful like for instance when you need to guide the viewer on how to register on a certain website or even how to download a file. At the end of the day, you will have a very informative tutorial on what you need to put across.

On top of being able to record the tab, Screencastify lets you include audio and also the webcam if need be. Better yet if you have more than one of these devices connected to your Mac, Screencastify lets you choose the device to use if you do not want to use the default microphone or the FaceTime webcam. The webcam footage will be embedded in the area you are recording automatically for a picture-in-picture experience. Audio from the microphone or any other audio capture device you may have connected to your Mac will be captured in case you need to add narrations to the recording.

Desktop Recording

This mode is very superior as it can record the whole Mac screen or just a specific application that you are running. Depending on the kind of recording you are making, Screencastify allows you to include audio from the microphone or an external audio audio capture device. The microphone will enable you to capture audio in real-time as the video records.

This means that Screencastify does not limit you to just using the inbuilt mic on your Mac. For those of us who like having a personalized touch to our videos, picture-in-picture mode is available for you to embed the webcam in your recording. This comes in handy when you have to include your own narration for instance when you need to walk a viewer through a certain process. In very simple steps Screencastify will have you up and running with your screencasting project with just a few clicks.

Webcam Recording

Depending on your needs and goals, you may need to record yourself like for instance when you need to give a talk on a certain topic of interest. However, you may not have someone around you to record you but Screencastify will have you covered as you can utilize the Mac OSx webcam to do exactly that. Basically, this mode records just the webcam and nothing else.

No much hassle when you need to include the audio as the microphone can be activated to make sure what you say is captured. With this, adding narration to the webcam footage becomes a walk in the park.

What’s More?

On top of these recording modes, Screencastify lets you tweak the screencasts even more with various annotation tools. One of these annotation tools is that you can emphasize certain areas with the mouse by applying focus on the cursor so the viewer is able to easily identify where the cursor is on the screen. On the other hand, Screencastify provides a drawing tool that can help when you need to highlight certain areas during the recording by underlining or circling.

The viewer will be able to understand better when these tools are put into good use. Not forgetting the crop and trim feature that will empower you with a tool to cut out unwanted parts of your recording by cropping and limit the length of the video by trimming it to the required length. At the end of the day, Screencastify gives you ample tools to let you spice up the recordings with that extra touch.

Saving and Sharing

Once you have the recording ready, Screencastify can save your output in various ways as we will see below;

  • Screencastify can save the output locally on your Mac OSx as an MP4 file that you can then share or upload to your preferred platform.
  • If you considering the size of the output, you can export the video as an animated GIF whose size is small and quick to share.
  • Screencastify comes with Youtube integration meaning you can upload the output to your Youtube channel without having to leave the application hence enhanced convenience. Once uploaded, a shareable link will be available for you.
  • Just like sharing on Youtube, Screencastify will also let you automatically save the recording to Google Drive cloud where they can be accessed at any time. A link will be available to share to friends.


Let me point out that Screencastify can work offline when you are recording. No need to worry if you don’t have an internet connection. However, it is worth noting that if you have to save your work on Youtube or Gdrive, you must have an internet connection as these services require it. And not just when saving and sharing, the browser tab recording will need internet if what you want to record can only be accessed online.


To end this Screencastify review, we look at the plans that come with this software. The first plan is the Lite package that is free but with limitations (You can only record for 10 minutes, limited to 50 videos in a month and inclusion of a watermark in all recordings). The other plan is the Premium package ($24 annually) that removes all limitations in the Lite package and gives access to even more features.

Does Screencastify fit as your go-to screencasting software for your Mac OSx with the features that it has to offer?

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