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ScreenCam Screen Recorder is one of the best lightweight and very featureful Android app for your screencasting activities. The app is also open source meaning that anyone can contribute to the app project to make it even better than it is. For those of us who hate seeing intrusive ads when using apps, ScreenCam Screen Recorder is ad-free and free to download from the Google Play Store. If your device is running at least Android Lollipop 5.0, you will be up and running with this app within no time. Better yet, root privilege is not a requirement at all to run this app.

The features that a screen recorder avails to a user are the ones that determine how good an app is in regard to the goal at hand. You must be wondering what features ScreenCam Screen Recorder has to offer even before you head to download. This review article is here to help you get information on what to expect when you decide to rock this screencasting app for the Android OS. Sit back and relax as we take you on a journey to discover ScreenCam.

Screen Recording Control

Screen Recording Control

ScreenCam will only enable you to record a video of your screen in a very direct way in a very simple and instinctive way. On top of being able to record, some pre-recording control options are available for you to tinker with. It is always in everyone’s interest to have the best video output quality and ScreenCam does not fall short here.

How does this app manage this? The quality of a video is determined y several factors which ScreenCam does take into account. You will be able to select your preferred resolution as either 720p (HD) or 1080p (FHD), determine the frame rate ranging from 25-60fps, select your preferred bitrate between 1 and 40Mbps and also the orientation to go with. When you combine these factors in the right way, you can be assured of the best screen record quality.

When you require to include audio together with the video recording, ScreenCam lets you capture this from several sources including the mic and internal audio. You are free to set the record audio option to none in case you do not want any audio mixed with your screencast. The audio capture would come in handy if you need to include narration or when capturing gameplay audio.

record audio

ScreenCam also allows you to show touches when recording. The touches go a long way to ensure the viewer is able to follow easily on where clicks are made on the screen. It saves the viewer the trouble of having to struggle while determining where exactly to click or look at. At the end of the day, the screen record is made as informative as possible.

In the case where you need to include footage from the camera, ScreenCam provides a camera overlay once activated from where you can switch between the front and back camera. The camera is important when you need to include yourself in the video as a form of personalization or even when you need to include external footage as you make the main screen record.

Record Target App

A very special feature comes with ScreenCam. This feature is none other but the ability to record a specific app that you as the user selects. Once you enable the option in settings, ScreenCam will start the app by default while recording. This is a very good feature when you do not want to record any other apps apart from the one that you choose. Explore this feature to learn more about how it works.

Saving Options

Eventually, at the end of your screen record, you have to save it for later access and sharing. ScreenCam gives you several options to tinker with when it comes to saving screencasts. One major feature is that you are able to determine the location where to save your videos. This means that you are not limited to the size of screencast you can make as you can even save to the SD card.

To avoid confusion when accessing the records,.you are empowered with an option to set the file name format from the given list of presets. These presets are a combination of date and time so you just have to choose one that you feel augers best with you. In addition to that, you get to set a custom prefix name for your recording names so that you are able to easily distinguish screencasts from other files.

Experimental Features

This ScreenCam review will also look at the experimental features that have not yet been furnished to full functionality. It means that they may work ok or not depending on various factors. One of the features is the option to save videos as GIF animations. GIFs are best when the recording is not very long.

Moreover, when it comes to sharing, GIFs are small in size hence conveniently shareable. The other feature entails starting and stopping recordings. ScreenCam gives a shake gesture to start and stop recording which saves on time and makes these processes less tedious.

What’s More?

More features

ScreenCam is moving with current trends by including an option to theme the app. You choose among white, light, dark and black themes for the general look of the whole app. For those of us who like having devices rooted, a ScreenCam Magisk module is available that enables internal call recording. By default, the internal call recording is not possible but with root privileges and the necessary module, this limitation is removed all thanks to ScreenCam.

On top of that, for easy access and control, ScreenCam has a way to enable a floating icon as an overlay on the screen. The overlay can be customized in terms of size to make sure it does not hide what you want to record. Recording becomes simplified with the incorporation of such a shortcut.

ScreenCam is definitely a powerful screencasting app for the Android OS that you can go for when you need to record your device screen. Try it today!

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