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Have you been searching for a fast and free screencasting software for your Mac OS X? Look no further as you have found exactly what you need. Recordit is an absolutely free screen recorder that is pretty fast in how it works without taking a toll on your Mac OS X resources, especially for the RAM and CPU. This tool gives you no lag at all when you need to make that quick tutorial, a game-play, a presentation or even if it is just a showcase of your screen.

Getting started with Recordit is very simple and straightforward. This software comes in a minimalistic form so you do not have to deal with huge installation files. The setup process takes a very short time to enable you to get to your first screen recording job quickly. Once you have installed Recordit, it will live in the Mac OS X menu bar until you exit it. You are able to access it conveniently when you need to start recording, stop recording and also tinker with the various preferences that it comes with.

Talking about being fast, Recordit only allows you a maximum of 5 minutes to capture what you need. That means you have to compact all your content to fit in that period or else you have to divide your recordings into a series of sessions. This limitation goes a long way to ensure that Recordit remains conveniently fast since the recording does not result in a large file size hence quick upload and later sharing. This Recordit review article will go to an extra mile of getting to find out in detail what other features come with this software. Let us get started with the review without further ado.

Record, Upload, and Share!

record and share

In just three simple steps, you will have your screencast reach the targeted audience within no time.

  • Record Recordit will let you select an area of interest to record by dragging the mouse then hit the record button to begin. You will only be able to make screencasts only and no snapshots at all. Recordit allows you to save the file in video format or better yet convert the footage to size and bandwidth-friendly GIFs. When dealing with GIFs, you have to keep in mind that you are limited to only 180 frames which is more than enough for a GIF file. That means you have to set the right fps when deciding on the length of your GIF.


  • Upload and Share – Once you have the recording ready, Recordit automatically starts uploading the file immediately you hit the stop recording button. With a good internet connection, the file is uploaded fast and a preview opened on the browser for you to review the recording. Moreover, a shareable link is generated for you to share to your destination of choice. It is at this point too that you are able to convert the video file to a GIF. Using a link is much more convenient than when you have to keep uploading the original file to each destination. Besides, Recordit comes with Twitter integration for even easier and more convenient sharing.

Hotkeys Implementation

Who does not love shortcuts when working carrying out processes with various software? Application shortcuts in the form of hotkeys come in handy when you need to work fast to save time. Recordit has not been left behind when it comes to this too. It saves you the trouble of having to interact with menus and options when it comes to tasks.

Better yet, Recordit makes the hotkeys customizable to avoid any conflicts that may arise by setting a hotkey that is being utilized by other software.


Recordit comes with a very special hotkey option. It is special in that you can use the same hotkey to select an area to record, start a recording, and still use the same to end the recording. All this happens without having to go to the menu bar to do all that with the mouse. These tasks follow each other one after the other with each press.

Management of Screencasts


By chance, you may upload a screencast containing sensitive information or even want to delete a previous recording that may have come out with a mistake hence requiring a re-record. Since all recordings are uploaded to the cloud services offered with Recordit, being able to manage these screencasts is a very important feature and it has been given to you free of charge. At the click of a button, you are able to retrieve previous recordings and manage them as you see fit. You can lock the videos or even delete them completely depending on your preference with each specific file.


To make sure you are deleting the right file, a warning popup is shown containing the file name and whether to delete or cancel as the process is irreversible. It is worth noting that, when you decide to delete the video, the corresponding GIF files generated from the video are also deleted. You can comfortably go ahead with deleting if you have confirmed you are working with the right file.

Free Version vs Pro Version

The free version of Recordit has enough features to get you started with a shareable recording. On the other hand, as much as there is a free variant of Recordit, this review also recognizes the availability of a pro variant that gives you some extra features. With the Recordit Pro, you will be able to scale up the frame rate of your screencasts up to 12 frames per second and better still be able to craft private recordings that you protect with passwords. At the end of the day, you are the one to decide whether these extra features are worth a one-off payment of $29.

That is pretty much of what Recordit comes with in terms of features. This review has been able to give you a clear picture on what to expect once you decide to rock this software on your Mac OS X. I wrap up this Recordit review by saying that this is definitely  a go-to app when you need that quick, short and shareable screencast.

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