How To Record Skype Calls On Windows – A Step By Step Guide

how to record a Skype conversation

[Updated 2018/10/25] At some point, you must have wished you could record Skype calls on your Windows PC to store that conversation with family or formal chat with a mentor. You don’t have to look further, this article will guide you through how to achieve that in a step-by-step way. First thing first, you need to have a Skype call recorder like TalkHelper.

Recording your Skype audio/video sessions is a very easy step. Matter-of-fact, it is as easy as following the steps that I will outline below.

Download And Install TalkHelper

download the TalkHelper

Launch TalkHelper And Connect To Skype

To launch the TalkHelper app, go to your “Download” folder and double-click on the TalkHelper icon displayed there. A setup wizard will pop up to guide you through the installation and setup process. Simply click on the “Next” button to proceed. After this process is completed, double click on the TalkHelper icon on your desktop to launch the software.launch TalkHelper

If Skype for desktop (or Skype for business) is already running, TalkHelper will connect to Skype automatically, and your Skype ID will shows on the left corner of TalkHelper main window, see the sample screenshot:

If you use unsupported Skype versions – Skype Classic v7.41 or Skype UWP version (Skype app from app store), please refer to this article to fix it.

Make And Record Calls On Skype

By default, TalkHelper automatically initiates the recording of your Skype sessions and document them in a chronological order. Documents recorded with TalkHelper are filed in the order of dates and contact information so you can retrieve them easily.

  • Recording An Audio Call

To record an audio session of your Skype conversations, you just need to place the call on your Skype, and TalkHelper automatically starts the recording. For a test audio recording, you can call Skype Echo Test service. During the recording session, TalkHelper gives you the freedom to Pause or Stop the recording as you wish.

pause and stop recording

  • Recording A Video Call

Unlike audio recording which is automatically enabled once a Skype call is established, video call recording function needs to be activated MANUALLY by clicking the “Video Record” button on the toolbar AFTER audio recording starts, see as following:


After you end the call, TalkHelper instantly generates the video file and save it in the dashboard for quick retrieval at any time. To playback your Skype video sessions, double click on the video file and it will be played through your default Windows media player.

playback recording

  • Recording A Group Call

You can also store data from group calls that you make on Skype for Windows. With the aid of TalkHelper, storing your Skype group call sessions is as easy as placing the call. Once you place the call, TalkHelper proceeds to record the conference call and save it in the designated folder.

group video call

Pause, Resume And Stop Recording

With TalkHelper, you have the freedom to pause, resume and stop the recording of your Skype calls. This feature creates a sleek User Experience that makes you take absolute control of all your Skype sessions.

Play And Share A Recording

To retrieve your recordings for playback purpose on TalkHelper, select the call in the “Call Recording” list, click the “Play” button and TalkHelper will utilize your default Windows media player to play the selected recorded file.

You can also share the recorded file with other people. This can be dis achieved by clicking the “Open Folder” button, then locate the particular file, copy to Dropbox or email directly to your contact’s email address.

Configuration Of TalkHelper

Using TalkHelper, there are some custom settings that are pre-loaded at download. Those are the default settings that came with the app at installation. However, you can alter or reset these based on your choice or storing preference.

  • Automatic Or Manual Recording

You can choose to have all your Skype conversations automatically recorded every time you make or receive a call. You may also opt for the manual recording option. Selecting the manual option, you will need to activate the “Record” button each time you make a Skype call.

To set this up, click on the “Tool” Option in the taskbar “Tool” -> “Option” -> “Call Record

There, you will see the recording options that are available. Select / Unselect as you prefer.

  • Stereo Or Mono Recording For Audio Call

Based on your audio output preference, you can either choose to have your Skype audio conversations outputted in Stereo or Mono mode.

By default, TalkHelper has been routed to record in Mono mode. To opt for Stereo mode, simply select the “Save Audio In Stereo Mode.

To perform that settings, Click on the “Tool” option on the Taskbar “Tool” -> “Option” -> “Call Record” -> “Audio

stereo or mono recording

  • Selecting Folder Location For Recordings

TalkHelper is designed with the ability to store all your recorded information in a specific folder that is created at installation. However, if you need to change the folder options to suit your preference, you can do that.

Just follow these steps “Tool” -> “Option” -> “Call Record” -> “Save Audio Recording” -> “Replace” then select the preferred location.

check recording folder

Tips For Conducting A High-Quality Recording On Skype

To get high-quality output from your Skype call recordings, there are a few things that must be checked. This part of the article treats those options.

  • Run Check and Test Audio Devices

The audio settings coordinates you have in place can largely affect the output of your Skype recordings. To run a test, go to “Calls” -> “Audio Settings

test audio setting

  • Check and Test Webcam

For an improved quality of your Skype video recording, much is dependent on your webcam settings. Getting this right will significantly improve the visual quality of your recordings.

To do this go to “Calls” -> “Video” -> “Video Settings“. Then tune to preferred settings.

modify webcam

  • Run Quality Test on Internet Connection Speed

Fluctuating or poor internet connection can significantly impact your Skype recording. That is why it is important that you ensure you have a good connection when recording your Skype sessions.

These are things to look out for:

  1. Ensure you end any programs using the internet connection at the moment.
  2. Ensure that you have a good quality connection signal.
  3. Also, look out for the connection quality indicator on the top of the Skype call page.

test internet connection

With these guide, you are sure to have a wonderful time using the TalkHelper call recorder.

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  1. I just downloaded your software (Trial Version) and I installed the older version of Skype as you instructed ( I have the following problems:

    1. Skype crashes when using your software about 50% of the time

    2. I made a test call using the Skype feature and my voice recording was extremely slow, the Skype Lady voice was fragmented and would be clear and unclear. In a nutshell the recording is terrible. I am using a special Sennheiser Skype Headset which is capable of excellent audio on a Windows 7 Pro OS System. When doing the Skype Lady Test the Audio and my Voice are perfect.

    Your suggestions. I hope you will respond faster than Supertintin that I bought about a year ago and now you can’t send them an e-mail can’t download software – seems they are gone. After paying for software from a company that is now totally unreliable we shall see if you pass the test.


    1. Hi Mark,

      Thank you for contacting us.
      Please provide the following information:
      1). Skype version do you use? Click Skype menu “help””about” to check.
      2). Please send me the debug log generated by TalkHelper, send me the log files by following the instruction below:
      3). Send me crash report files which are located under “crashreport” folder with the same parent folder as debug log folder.
      4). Send me the recording files with issue if possible.
      Please contact me directly via email at:

    1. TalkHelper supports side by side video recording if you use the newest Skype v8.13 which has the side by side mode in Skype video call, make sure you switch that mode when you want TalkHelper to record your Skype video in side by side.

    1. Yes, TalkHelper records video which is exactly same as you see during a Skype video call, you can use Skype 8.x and switch the video mode to side by side when you record calls with TalkHelper, and if you want to save audio in separate channels, just enable the stereo recording mode in TalkHelper

  2. Hello, I would like to record my interviews on Skype. In the past, I’ve used a mix minus but my poor (10 Mbps) internet connection (location related) can’t handle it. I always request no video to save on bandwidth. I would like to save the file in the WAV format so I can edit and master later. Is this possible?

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