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Quickcast for Mac

QuickCast is an absolutely free and open source screencasting tool for the Mac OS X platform. This app is minimalistic in nature, very lightweight and consequently very easy to use. QuickCast being open source means that you can obtain the source code easily and be able to improve on it if you are a developer.

Having said that, it is worth noting that QuickCast brings you polished features at your fingertips for that quick recording. Other screen recorders will require you to part with money to access features but QuickCast avails every features it comes with to you at no cost at all. In this article, we will review what to expect from this app.

3-Minute Screen Recording

QuickCast does not screencast to very great lengths of time as the maximum you can get is just 3 minutes. This software can be very useful if you just need a one time, quick screencast without the need to go through much hassle getting a fully-fledged screen recorder. Definitely, a fully featured screen recorder will cost you not only time to set up but also demand more resources on your Mac OS X.

QuickCast is just a click away with easy and minimal steps to set up and you will be done with your recording project within no time. Expect no complications at all with QuickCast as it is straight to the goal at hand. However, if you need to record more than the 3 minutes that QuickCast can handle, you will either split your recording into 3-minute sessions or you will be required to use another screencasting software.

Save as Animated GIFs

Better yet, if your recording does not go past 10 seconds, QuickCast comes with a nifty feature whereby you can save the output as an animated GIF file. The animated GIF will save on storage space and is even easy and fast when it comes to sharing as it is conveniently small in size.

There is a very big difference in size when you compared a full-blown video and an animated gif from the same video. You do not have to worry about storage space when working with GIF files. And better still, you will not have much compromisation on the quality. Details will be visible and legible without struggling for the viewer.

Getting Started Quickly with QuickCast

Different from other similar software, QuickCast is more of a status bar application. Once you have downloaded it from the App Store and then have a successful installation, QuickCast will at all times live in your Mac’s status bar. Anytime you need to do a quick recording, an icon will be available on the status and with just one click, you will be ready to do either a quick or advanced recording.

In the instance where you opt to do a quick record, you are given 5 seconds countdown time before the recording actually starts. The 5 seconds can be very useful if you were not really ready yet to start the recording. You can quickly make final changes to what you need to capture lest you are caught off guard. It is also a good feature to alert you when the recording has started.

When making your recording, you should keep an eye on the QuickCast icon on the toolbar as it will always indicate how much time you have left to record. It is very likely to be caught up by time if your screencast becomes a bit lengthy. However, this should not give you a headache as you can do another recording but being time conscious with the re-record.

It would be much more tedious doing a re-record of a 30-minute video in case you make a mistake than when you are dealing with just 3-minute footage. All thanks to QuickCast.

Screencast Personalization

Besides that, QuickCast also lets you personalize your screencast by including yourself in the recording. You can easily add an introduction of what will be accomplished in the video.

To achieve this, you just need to turn on Mac’s webcam and you will be up and running for your intro. Depending on the screen real estate, you will be able to keep recording yourself as you narrate what you are doing on the screen. A personalized video gives a viewer much more confidence as he or she is able to see who actually made the video on top of being able to follow how the maker is going about certain processes.

Saving and Sharing

Once you are through with the recording, QuickCast will automatically ask you whether to publish and share the video on the QuickCast cloud services after it is successfully saved locally on your Mac OS X. But before you can use these services, you are required to have an internet connection and have an account too.

Publishing on the QuickCast server is advisable as you will then have a unique URL accompanied by an embed code. The resulting URL is easily shareable to friends and other social platforms where you want to reach your audience.

As for the embed code, if you have a website where you share content, you can make a post on the topic related to the video and include the code to display the video automatically. The reader will be able to go through the post and get extra information from the embedded video.


Some extra features also come with QuickCast that can not be left out in this review. One of them being that you are able to navigate to your latest screencasts from the menu once you click the icon on the toolbar.

In case an upload did not go through successfully, you are able to do a re-upload at the click of a button. On the other hand, you are also able to sign in and check for updates manually.


It is evident in this review that QuickCast is the fastest and best go-to screen recorder software for the shortest screencasting jobs. It guarantees you a good quality recording while at the same time being mindful of the time taken.

QuickCast will make your 3 minutes worthwhile with the output that you get at the end. Give this wonderful software a home on your Mac and you will not be disappointed. It may not be feature-laden but the little it comes with is fulfilling.

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