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For those of us who have come across Autodesk or AutoCAD, you can relate to Print2CAD as it is the PDFin tool for both of these programs. Print 2CAD is a standalone software that will aid you in the transformation of 2D or 3D PDF files into the DWG equivalent. You do not just get the native conversion as you also get the chance to work with the built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool besides the options to convert raster to vector.

With the OCR, converting scanned or image-based PDF files including corner detection is just like a walk in the park. On top of that, the recognition of texts in the PDF file can be done natively, as raster or as lines. Apart from the PDF to DWG conversion, other conversion modes are also supported including DWG to PDF, PDF to image formats, images to DWG among others. Regarding the user interface, it is both simple and intuitive on top of being multilingual in a way that it can be localized to any of the supported languages. At no extra cost, you are also opened up to batch conversion which comes in handy especially when you want to process multiple files simultaneously.

You will be able to realize an efficient process that is not at all time-consuming when compared to doing it one file after another. You are also provided with a PDF viewer that will help you confirm that you are working on the right files and at the same time a DWG postprocessor and viewer to evaluate the output with. To learn how to convert PDF to DWG with Print2CAD, jump right into the next section.

How to Convert PDF to DWG with Print2CAD

A PDF file is most of the time not editable unless specialized software is called to the task. Here is a case where we need to have an editable drawing file and we cannot just jump to any PDF converter program out there. CAD applications work on 2D or 3D files and for that, tools like Print2CAD are perfect for the job.

An editable drawing will only come from software that is able to decode all the parameters from a file of another format like PDF in our case. Print2CAD has been crafted with the user in mind to make sure that the process is flawless as much as possible in order to get the desired output. In this article, you have a comprehensive guide below that you can follow to help you kick the ball out of the park. It is now time to learn the process.

Step 1: Install and Launch

This may seem like an obvious step but it is very important for first time users who may have just stumbled on this tool. Having said that, simply navigate to the Print2CAD official website, download the installation package and launch. The interface below will meet your eyes.

luanch print2cad

The latest version of Print2CAD delivers both a converter and a publisher as can be seen from the delivered interface. Just make sure you pick the converter option by clicking the referenced button below as that is what guides this tutorial.

start converter

Step 2: Choose PDF Files to Convert

The option to drag and drop files is not supported by this program and that means you have to resort to the native way of adding files. To do that, click on the “Choose Files” button shown below to add PDF files one after the other.

select files

Step 3: Pick the Appropriate Conversion Mode and Target Format

Nothing complex here. Make sure to select the radio button in the area marked with Label 1 which is the one that allows us to convert PDF to DWG at the end of the day. On top of that, ensure that you pick the right version of DWF format to output from the drop-down menu indicated with Label 2. As you can observe, the versions cut across way back to the earliest versions of the DWG file format.


Step 4: Define the Output Directory

By default, Print2CAD will offer to save the output in the source directory as can be observed in the area marked with Label 1 below. At the same time, you have the freedom to pick your own directory by picking the alternative second option and then hitting the “Target Directory” button under Label 2 in order for you to pick your folder of choice. Most of us will prefer to specify our own directories in order to facilitate an easy retrieval process later on.


Step 5: Start the Conversion

By now, everything has been set and only one action is remaining to complete the process. Simply click on the “Start” button shown below to commence the process to convert PDF to DWG.


A popup with details regarding how the conversion is proceeding will be shown as indicated below with a summary of the various components being processed. Just be patient for this process to be completed before you can do anything else.


If this process continues successfully without any mishaps, the following interface will be presented to you. Label 1 shows the main popup with information that the conversion has been completed together with the summary details of the converted file including the size of the filename and the location. To open the converted file, click on the button shown by Label 2. Print2CAD happens to come with a DWG viewer and hence the file will be opened for you in just a matter of moments.


Getting to view the converted file means that the process to convert PDF to DWG was a success. Ultimately, you have been guided through the whole process to actually realize the kind of output that is compatible with CAD applications. Print2CAD has proven to not only be feature-laden but also very efficient when it comes to the output delivery without breaking not even a single sweat.

Even when the drag-and-drop feature is not supported, this does not prevent this program from providing the batch conversion capability which is pretty much coveted by many users. Lots of customizations are provided and unless you have really got to learn what each of them helps you achieve, do not adjust anything blindly lest you compromise the output. All-in-all, this piece of software is very reliable and will not take you through an instance of disappointment especualltý when you put this tutorial into good use. Grab the guide and get started with Print2CAD right away.

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