PrettyMay Call Recorder for Skype

PrettyMay Call Recorder is another free and amazing Skype add-on that you use to record Skype conversations. It can perform all the basic functions without the need to upgrade. As one of best Skype call recorder on Windows, PrettyMay offers the best in terms of recording Skype calls on Windows and conference calls. PretttMay saves your recordings in MP3 and WAV formats to enable you to play them using any player on your PC or smartphone. The downside is that you can only record a maximum of 15 minutes per conversation. However, if you upgrade to the paid version, you can record for more minutes in each conversation.

Apart from recording Skype conversation, this tool can as well answer your Skype messages, reply automatically to your messages, and alert you about incoming calls and voicemails in your email or by SMS to your smartphone. Additionally, this software comes with the “Music Share” which you can use to playback your recordings in both MP3 and WAV formats. PrettyMay has got many features that will guarantee you the best Skype recording sessions.

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How to Use PrettyMay Call Recorder

Once you have downloaded Skype to your Windows PC, you can then download PrettyMay which is available as a stand-alone software. You will get a 30 day trial and you can record for a maximum of 15 minutes, a thing that puts one off when using it. Check out this tutorial:


After launching PrettyMay, you will automatically connect to skype and it’s automatically ready to record any conversation. You can click the name or the contact by placing a call. After connecting, a pop up will appear. When asked if you want to start recording, click “Yes” asap. The tool will continue recording unless you halt the call.

record with prettymay


When you place a call, the Call Recorder will start recording immediately. You can halt or pause when you want to skip some voices during the recording. Beneath the software, you can see the duration of your recording just in case you are using a trial tool.

record duration

After you finish recording, you can save your recording with a name tag for easy tracking in future.


You will notice that all the details of the recordings are displayed on the interface of the PrettyMay. Contact, Time and Duration are all saved by default. To start or stop Skype conversation, you can just click the contact name.

recording list


If you wish to retrieve your recordings, you can just click on recording and click play at the bottom of the tool. You can forward or rewind if you wish. Later you can export the recording to your preferred folder for storing.

Recording Clips:

Configure PrettyMay

To use this tool to the maximum, you will need to configure it for better working relationship. Navigation on this tool is a bit tricky but you only need to go to “Tools” at the right top corner.

To find the options menu, move next to the icon next to the minimize button. You can customize your recordings the way you like. Also, you can configure all your settings the best way possible.

settings of prettymay

On the option menu. There are settings like enabling and disabling calls, sending messages, adjust the volume and format, choose where to save your recordings, and many other options.

options of prettymay

On the same, there is an option of “Add/Modify Memo” option. If you wish to edit or add any information, you can access it for help when reviewing recordings.

At times, you would like either an automatic recording or just a manual recording set-up. Automatic means that you can just place a call on Skype and the tool will automatically record everything without any authorization. Manual set-up means that you have to authorize the tool yourself before recording anything. To set up the two options, you will need to navigate to “Options”, and tick one of the options marked below. Click “Apply” and everything is set.

prompt to record

With that done and said, PrettyMay is a good Skype recorder for short recordings, but if you need one for long recordings, I would advise you to go for the Talkhelper Skype recorder for unlimited use.

Advantages of using PrettyMay

  • The application can record both audio and video Skype calls.
  • PrettyMay is an answering machine which can answer your calls and also respond to your texts automatically when you are away.
  • With the application you can share the recordings with other external devices like smartphones.
  • It is a multilingual application with an impressive feature, and you can switch to different languages available.
  • When recording, you can pause and stop for quality content. It ensures there are no mistakes ending up with the best content since you can cut off some segments of the conversation that maybe not exciting.
  • The tool is simple, lightweight and free application.

Disadvantages of using PrettyMay

  • Call recording duration is always limited to 15 minutes for each Skype conversation. It means after the give duration is over your recording will be disrupted and if you were recording for an agent conversation the content will be lost.
  • With the application, there is no control over audio and video quality.
  • For unlimited use, you will have to dig dip in your pocket to acquire one.


PrettyMay Call Recorder is a nice application for Window users to record their Skype calls. The Skype comes with modern features although with some limitations. I think that’s why TalkHelper software has remained to be the best option to all users. In all, PrettyMay is a nice Skype Software coming for a 30 days trial of a different experience.


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