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PDFMate is a comprehensive and professional tool that delivers several tools including a PDF converter and merger, an eBook converter, and a dedicated Microsoft Word to PDF converter. It has been identified to deliver high-quality output by keeping the original document format and layout intact.

And instead of bombarding you with all tools in the same interface, each tool is presented separately so as to give you heaven of a time navigating and locating various features concomitant to that specific tool. I have to point out that PDFMate PDF Converter is the hot-sell and is available on both Windows and Mac.

PDFMate keeps a very good balance, feature-wise, between the tools it provides at your disposal to give you a simple but still powerful process to deliver the kind of output you need. This review will dissect each of the programs offered to get you acquainted with what makes each tick. But before that, let us have an overall look at some of the PDFMate pros and cons;

Pros & Cons of PDFMate

  • Features a built-in OCR tool
  • Offers eBook conversion options
  • Allows for batch processing
  • Offers document encryption options
  • High-quality output with format and layout retention
  • Allows for PDF merging and splitting
  • The free versions are pretty limited

How to Use PDFMate

Key Features in PDFMate

Whether you are looking for a PDF to JPG tool, an EPUB to PDF converter, a PDF merger, and the list goes on, PDFMate has some of the most sought-after features. We will take a distinctive approach here by looking at each tool separately so that you can know what features to expect from each. Without further ado, here are the various tools you get from PDFMate;

PDF Converter


PDFMate PDF Converter Professional is the ideal program for all office tasks that require you to create, convert, edit, merge, and split PDFs. it has been designed to bring great levels of efficiency to the workflow.

To be specific, you can convert PDFs to popular formats like Microsoft Word, plain text, EPUB, Image, SWF, and HTML. Even more, you can decide the kind of layout to output (1IN1,2IN1,4IN1), orientation, and the page size too (A5, A3, A4, etc).

With the help of the incorporated OCR (Optical Character Recognition), extracting text and images from scanned or image-based PDFs is just like a walk in the park. There are two modes for the OCR; efficiency-priority to deliver output fast without minding the quality and the quality-priority mode that ensures quality output no matter how long the process takes.

Still, you have the chance to merge and split PDFs without any limitations. Security of your PDFs is also guaranteed as you can set passwords to restrict opening and permissions like copying, printing, or editing. Not forgetting extra options like the ability to;

  • Extract images from PDFs in either normal or high resolution.
  • Extract PDF pages as images and save them in Word format.
  • Set opening and permission passwords to converted Microsoft Word files.
  • Choosing whether to ignore or keep hyperlinks and images in output HTML or EPUB files.

All these features supersede, in a big way, what some similar apps have to offer. The comprehensiveness here is one of a kind and as such, your workflow will always enjoy speed and quality output at all times.

eBook Converter


PDFMate understands the need for eBooks and therefore presents a reliable tool to help convert to and from eBook format. Specifically, you can convert eBooks from Kindle, Kobo, Adobe, and Nook to other formats like EPUB, Mobi, Text, AZW3, KFX, and PDF. Here is a comprehensive list of the supported formats;


Apart from conversion, you are opened up to extra features like quality retention, batch processing, the ability to edit metadata (eBook author, date, publisher, and more).

With output compatibility for more than 200 devices, you are sure to read eBooks on any eReader, tablet, smartphone, among others. For convenience, this nifty tool is capable of automatically detecting and scanning eBooks from a connected device.

PDF to Word Converter


Just as the name suggests, this is a tool dedicated to solely converting PDFs into the Microsoft Word format equivalent. The tool carries a pretty simple and straightforward interface that suits even novice users meeting this program for the first time. What makes this tool special is that PDFMate incorporates amazing features and options that gear you towards an editable document. You get to enjoy;

  • Format and layout retention.
  • Convert all pages, a page range, or specific pages.
  • Offers a thumbnail page preview mode to facilitate easy page selection.
  • Accurate extraction of original tables from PDFs.
  • A built-in advanced OCR that helps extract text from scanned PDFs.
  • Support for both DOC and DOCX formats.
  • Batch PDF conversion that saves time and effort.

Free PDF Merger


PDFMate Free PDF Merger allows you to combine multiple PDFs into a single document that is much easier to manage, both in information handling and sharing.

Unlike other tools, PDFMate takes a more intensive approach to PDF merging. This is by letting you define various output parameters like the layout (A4, A5, A3, etc), no of pages (1IN1, 2IN1, 4IN1), the orientation (Auto, vertical, or horizontal), delete unwanted pages, and rearrange pages.

Besides, you have the chance to encrypt the output with passwords to restrict access and determine the allowed permissions (editing, copying, printing). Not forgetting that you can opt to merge all pages, specific pages, or even a page range of choice. As a bonus, Free PDF Merger goes past PDF joining to also let you convert images into PDF format, and split PDFs.


PDFMate presents you with a free trial period for each of three tools, though of course with limitations. The good thing is that the limitations can be eliminated by grabbing the premium version of the tool you need.

The PDF converter and ebook converter are available in a lifetime license making them popular among users; the PDF to Word converter calls for a monthly subscription. Here is the pricing info.


Billing Plan


eBook Converter Professional

Lifetime License


PDF to Word Converter

Monthly (Auto-Renew)


PDF Converter Professional

Lifetime License



PDFMate is a decent PDF software carrying a plethora of tools that come in handy for a comprehensive PDF management process. You get a native PDF converter, ePub converter, PDF merger, and a dedicated PDF to Word converter software at your disposal. Of course, the task at hand will determine the tool to use but the most amazing thing is that you get very remarkable results from any of the PDFMate tools. Pick one that suits you and get a smooth sail.

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