PDFMate PDF Converter

[Updated 11/15] PDFMate PDF Converter is a very compact and simple to use application that pride itself in delivering top-notch results. Standing out about this software is the fact that it can give you the same result as most other software in it league that cost more, that’s why PDFMate is selected in the list of best PDF Converter for Windows OS, I will share more reasons in this review as well.

More so, it is prided as having the ability to convert a PDF document to another PDF in case you need to edit or correct the initial one. It also comes with basic security features such as password protection and watermarks.


In other news, the general outlook of this converter is such that takes on a ‘not-so-fascinating’ display. At first glance, this made me dislike the app because of it lack of cool aesthetic overview. This is a very subjective take about the converter but I think it is worth mentioning all the same.

However, the interface is quite easy-to-use because all the buttons/tab to use for what are clearly marked and visible from the home page.

Product NameSupported OSPriceDownload Link
TalkHelper PDF ConverterWindows 7/8/8.1/10$29.95Free Download
PDFMate PDF Converter Windows 7/8/10$39.95Free Download

A General Overview Of PDFMate

upper part of PDFmate

From the taskbar of this converter software, it is very clear what the app can deliver for you and I particularly find it cool and intuitive. Right there on the home page, you can see the “Add PDF” option that allows you to upload PDF files to be converted or edited as suit your need.

Right beside that is the “Add Folder” option. Here, you can upload your file from a folder and get to work on the files as a group. This is straight up multiple conversion. I find this feature very handy to help save time and get more efficient work done.

Further to that is the “Create PDF” button that allows you to make PDF files from selected list of file type depending on the version of this converter that you are using at the moment.

Just a little to the right and you see the “Settings” option where you are able to customize everything to suit what you want. Without a doubt, this software meets the mark of a standard app for low-to-medium scale use.

So, the lower part of the app (as shown in the screenshot above) shows a step-by-step process of getting conversion done on this app. You can see the button indicating to add PDF right there and the lists of file types that can be converted into.

When using the free version, I noticed that I was prompted after each conversion to go and purchase the premium version. But the tricky thing about this is that when the conversion is completed, there is nothing to indicate that the process has been done.

For the first two conversion, I didn’t know that it has been completed and I had to hit the “Convert” button multiple times.


The idea of prompting users to upgrade to the pro version is a good initiative, but it may just come in handy to do so in a more subtle way. Also, I feel there is need for PDFMate to work on getting a clear signal in place to indicate that the conversion process is complete. This will help to stall multiple conversion being carried out by unsuspecting users.

The list of file types that can be converted into is displayed at the lower part of the app. Here, you can clearly select what you want to convert to per time.

As is obvious, the options are rather small: ePub, text, PNG, HTML, SWF, PDF and DOC. Converters like DeskPDF studio sure give more options for file types that can be converted, but ultimately, to compare them will be totally gross because of the difference in price.

Now, let’s go to the pricing. At USD$39.95, PDFMate is well poised to deliver for a small-to-medium scale user who needs to do some quick converting jobs. For me, I think that the price of this app is slightly justified given the fact that it offers just as much as the big names out there. The only setback is the limit in types to be converted into and the not-so-sophisticated outlook.

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