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“pdf2htmlEX renders PDF files in HTML, utilizing modern Web technologies, aims to provide an accuracy rendering while keeping optimized for Web display” as described on the official website. pdf2htmlEX will basically help you convert PDF files into HTML files in an easy and efficient way. PDF to HTML conversion process should no longer be a complicated process when you have this tool at your disposal free of any charges.

As a PDF to HTML converter, pdf2htmlEX delivers handy features to help you bring out just the kind of output you expect. This review article will go through the features coming with this software so that you get a complete picture of its superiority. Fasten your seatbelt as we take off to explore the pdf2htmlEX space.

Support For Modern Web Technologies

At the beginning of this pdf2htmlEX review, we have information that this tool is able to utilize modern web technologies to make sure content is delivered in the most appropriate and professional way. The web technologies supported by this PDF to HTML tool include HTML5, modern CSS, and JavaScript. With these features, you are guaranteed to deliver content to the target audience or for personal purposes in the best way possible.

Fallback Mode

This is a very special and unique feature that comes with pdf2htmlEX PDF to HTML converter. As we all know HTML pages that make use of Javascript for correct viewing tend to be overly large compared to pages that don’t.

To maintain small files while still not compromising on the layout, pdf2htmlEX is able to convert PDF files to HTML without the need to include JavaScript. You will be able to comfortably convert PDF to HTML without worrying about JavaScript on the viewer’s side.

Preserve Formatting

pdf2htmlEX will maintain the original text, format, and style as much as possible to avoid distorting content making it have an abnormal flow of arrangement. Just like the content in the original input PDF file, the same formatting will be maintained in the final output HTML file hence ridding you the hassle of having to make extra edits. pdf2htmlEX is here to help you avoid all that tedious process of redoing everything.

Handle Complex Content

I have to give a thumbs up to pdf2htmlEX due to its powerful ability to handle complex content in an efficient way. This review has confirmed that pdf2htmlEX is able to handle PDF content that we can term as difficult including embedded fonts, complicated figures, mathematical formulas and multicolumn documents to represent it correctly and as it was in the resulting HTML file.

This is a guarantee that pdf2htmlEX will convert PDF to HTML regardless of the kind of content in the document ridding you the need to look for external tools and software to do that for you.

Proof Mode

Once you have converted your PDF to HTML, you may want to double check whether everything has been converted as expected. This can be a tedious and time-consuming process if you have to do it manually. Luckily, pdf2htmlEX has a proof mode that easily compares the output HTML file to the original input PDF file. Within a short time, you are able to compare the two files and determine whether all has been done correctly.

Besides the above features, you will be able to explore annotation processing, text visibility correction, bitmap embedding, zoom tool, and also ways to recognize and hide covered text in your documents.

pdf2htmlEX gives you all these PDF to HTML conversion features for free so do not get stranded when you need to perform this task. Make your PDF files reach a wider audience and in a more convenient readable way by converting them into HTML documents using pdf2htmlEX.

What is your opinion about this tool after going through this pdf2htmlEX review article? Let us know in the comment section.

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